National Identities 8 (2006), 4

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National Identities 8 (2006), 4
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Special Issue: ‘Relocating, Remembering the Meaning and Significance of the Second World War in Post-Cold War Europe’

Abingdon 2005: Taylor & Francis
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National Identities
United Kingdom
Dr. Elfie Rembold

Die Sonderausgabe von National Identities hat folgenden Inhalt:


Foreword, p. 309
Gordon Marsden

Introduction, p. 313
Martin Evans, Monica Riera, Gavin Schaffer

Memories, Monuments, Histories: The Re-thinking of the Second World War since 1989. This article is based on a keynote address given to the ‘War and Memory Conference’, University of Sydney, 4 August 2006. p. 317
Martin Evans

The Second World War in the Memory Cultures of France and Germany, p. 349
Peter Carrier

The Politics of Memory: Flight and Expulsion of German Populations after the Second World War and German Collective Memory, p. 367
Rainer Schulze

How Should We Build? Architecture, History and the Post-Cold War Context in Germany, p. 383
Monica Riera

Re-Thinking the History of Blame: Britain and Minorities during the Second World War, p. 401
Gavin Schaffer

Memory, War and the Italians in Edinburgh: The Role of Communal Myth, p. 421
Wendy Ugolini

Municipalism, Regionalism, Nationalism: Hybrid Identity Formations and the Making of Modern Europe, p. 437

Book Reviews, p. 445

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