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National Identities 8 (2006) 1

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National Identities 8 (2006) 1
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Editors: Peter Catterall, Queen Mary, University of London, UK David Kaplan, Kent State University, USA Elfie Rembold, Universitaet Hannover, Hannover Christopher Vernon, University of Western Australia
Abingdon 2006: Taylor & Francis
4 issues per year
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ca 100 pages
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National Identities
United Kingdom
Dr. Elfie Rembold

Volume 8 Number 1/March 2006 of National Identities is now available on the journalsonline.tandf.co.uk web site at http://journalsonline.tandf.co.uk.


This issue contains:

Money and proto-national identities in the Greco-Roman cities of the first and second centuries AD, p. 1
Constantina Katsari

‘Back to our roots’ or self-confessed manipulation? The uses of the past in the Lega Nord's positing of Padania, p. 21
Daniele Albertazzi

Violent civic nationalism versus civil ethnic nationalism: Contrasting Indonesia and Malay(si)a, p. 41
Peter Kreuzer

Becoming Undone: Contesting Nationalisms in Contemporary Turkish Popular Cinema, p. 61
Gökçen Karanfil

English regionalism through the looking glass: perspectives on the English Question from the North-East and Cornwall, p. 77
Mark Sandford

Book Reviews, p. 95

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