Journal of Roman Studies 95 (2005)

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Journal of Roman Studies 95 (2005)
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Journal of Roman Studies (JRS)
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Journal of Roman Studies 95, 2005


R. O. A. M. Lyne: Structure and Allusion in Horace's Book of Epodes, 1-19

John T. Ramsey: Mark Antony's Judiciary Reform and its Revival under the Triumvirs, 20-37

Henrik Mouritsen: Freedmen and Decurions: Epitaphs and Social History in Imperial Italy, 38-63

Walter Scheidel: Human Mobility in Roman Italy, II: The Slave Population, 64-79

Caroline Vout: Antinous, Archaeology and History, 80-96

Edward Champlin: Phaedrus the Fabulous, 97-123


J. J. Wilkes: The Roman Danube: An Archaeological Survey, 124-225


Denis Feeney: The Beginnings of a Literature in Latin (reviews W. Suerbaum (Ed.), Handbuch der lateinischen Literatur der Antike. Erster Band: die archaische Literatur. Von den Anfängen bis zu Sullas Tod. Die vorliterarische Periode und die Zeit von 240 bis 78 v. Chr.), 226-40

REVIEWS (in alphabetical order)

Allen Miller, P., Subjecting Verses. Latin Love Elegy and the Emergence of the Real (by E. Spentzou), 278-9

Allison, P. M., Pompeian Households: an Analysis of Material Culture (by R. Laurence), 316-17

Attema, P., G. Burgers, E. van Joolen, M. van Leusen and B. Mater (Eds), New Developments in Italian Landscape Archaeology: Theory and Methodology of Field Survey, Land Evaluation and Landscape Perception, Pottery Production and Distribution (by S. Kane), 322-3

Bianco, M. M., Ridiculi Senes: Plauto e i vecchi da commedia (by B. Dunsch), 281-2

Bonamici, M., Volterra: l'acropoli e il suo santuario: scavi 1987-1995 (by R. Roth), 313-15

Bowden, W., L. Lavan and C. Machado (Eds), Recent Research on the Late Antique Countryside (by N. Christie), 325-6

Boyle, A. J., Ovid and the Monuments: a Poet's Rome (by K. Galinsky), 288

Burns, T. S., Rome and the Barbarians, 100 B.C.-A.D. 400 (by J. E. Lendon), 257-9

Burrell, B., Neokoroi: Greek Cities and Roman Emperors (by J. König), 255-6

Byrne, S. G., Roman Citizens of Athens (by G. J. Oliver), 256-7

Cadili, L., Viamque adfectat Olympo: memoria ellenistica nelle 'Georgiche' di Virgilio (by M. Gale), 287

Cambi, F., Archeologia dei paesaggi antichi: fonti e diagnostica (by R. Witcher), 321-2

Campbell, B., War and Society in Imperial Rome, 31 BC-AD 284 (by K. Gilliver), 261-3

Campbell, G. L., Lucretius on Creation and Evolution: a Commentary on De Rerum Natura Book Five, Lines 772-1104 (by C. D. N. Costa), 283-4

Carey, S., Pliny's Catalogue of Culture: Art and Empire in the Natural History (by M. Beagon), 293-4

Chassignet, M., L'Annalistique romaine. Tome III. L'annalistique récente. L'autobiographie politique (fragments) (by A. G. Thein), 282-3

Christie, N. (Ed.), Landscapes of Change. Rural Evolutions in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (by R. Sweetman), 326-8

Churchill, L. J., P. R. Brown, and J. E. Jeffrey (Eds), Women Writing Latin: from Roman Antiquity to Early Modern Europe (by C. Rauer), 298-9

Cifarelli, F. M., Il tempio di Giunone Moneta sull'Acropoli di Segni. Storia topographia e decorazione architettonica (by V. Izzet), 312-13

Clarke, J. R., Art in the Lives of Ordinary Romans: Visual Representation and Non-elite Viewers in Italy, 100 B.C.-A.D. 315 (by P. Stewart), 302-3

Cooley, A. E., and M. G. L. Cooley, Pompeii: a Sourcebook (by J. Andrews), 315-16

Cooley, A. E., Pompeii (by J. Andrews), 315-16

Cosi, R., Le solidarietà politiche nella repubblica romana (by J. Thorne), 252-3

Cristofori, A., Non armavirumque. Le occupationi nell'epigrafia del Piceno (by J. Pearce), 309-10

Crouch, D. P., Geology and Settlement: Greco-Roman Patterns (by M. Anderson), 319-20

Daly, G., Cannae: the Experience of Battle in the Second Punic War (by J. W. Rich), 248-9

De Chaisemartin, N., Rome. Paysage urbain et idéologie. Des Scipions à Hadrien (by G. P. R. Métraux), 305-6

De Maria, S. (Ed.), Nuove ricerche e scavi nell'area della villa di Teoderico a Galeata (by N. Christie), 329

Dreyer, B., and H. Engelmann, Die Inschriften von Metropolis, T. 1, die Dekrete für Apollonios: städtische Politik unter den Attaliden und im Konflikt zwischen Aristonikos und Rom (by C. Eilers), 253-4

Dunbabin, K., The Roman Banquet. Images of Conviviality (by S. Hales), 299-300

Dyson, S. L., The Roman Countryside (by R. Witcher), 321-2

Edwards, C., and G. Woolf (Eds), Rome the Cosmopolis (by J. Paterson), 247-8

Fishwick, D., The Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Studies in the Ruler Cult of the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire: Provincial Cult; Part 1, Institution and Evolution, Part 2, the Provincial Priesthood, Part 3, the Provincial Centre (by I. Gradel), 260-1

Francovich, R., and R. Hodges, Villa to Village. The Transformation of the Roman Countryside in Italy c. 400-1000 (by R. Witcher), 321-2

Gillett, A., Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West, 411-533 (by M. Humphries), 273-4

Goldsworthy, A., Cannae (by J. W. Rich), 248-9

Gradel, I., Emperor Worship and Roman Religion (by K. K. Hersch), 259-60

Grünewald, T., Bandits in the Roman Empire: Myth and Reality (by P. de Souza), 269-70

Gualtieri, M., La Lucania romana. Cultura e società nella documentazione archeologica (by E. Isayev), 308-9

Haug, A., Die Stadt als Lebensraum. Eine kulturhistorische Analyse zum spätantiken Stadtleben in Norditalien (by J. Hillner), 323-4

Henderson, J., Hortvs: the Roman Book of Gardening (by D. Spencer), 275-8

Henderson, J., Morals and Villas in Seneca's Letters: Places to Dwell (by D. Spencer), 275-8

Holland, T., Rubicon. The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic (by G. Woolf), 244-5

Hoyos, D., Hannibal's Dynasty: Power and Politics in the Western Mediterranean, 247-183 B.C. (by J. Serrati), 249-51

Jacobsson, M., Aurelius Augustinus: De Musica Liber VI. A Critical Edition with a Translation and an Introduction (by D. Creese), 296-7

James, S., The Excavations at Dura-Europos Conducted by Yale University and the French Academy of Inscriptions and Letters 1928 to 1937. Final Report VII. The Arms and Armour and other Military Equipment (by D. B. Campbell), 267-8

Kosso, C., The Archaeology of Public Policy in Late Roman Greece (by W. Bowden), 328-9

Leader-Newby, R. E., Silver and Society in Late Antiquity: Functions and Meanings of Silver Plate in the Fourth to Seventh Centuries (by L. Grig), 304

Leigh, M., Comedy and the Rise of Rome (by E. S. Gruen), 280-1

Littlewood, C. A. J., Self-representation and Illusion in Senecan Tragedy (by E. Wilson), 290-1

Maraldi, L., Falerio (by R. Witcher), 315

May, J. M. (Ed.), Brill's Companion to Cicero: Oratory and Rhetoric (by C. E. W. Steel), 284-5

Meijer, F., Emperors Don't Die in Bed (by G. Woolf), 244-5

Morstein-Marx, R., Mass Oratory and Political Power in the Late Roman Republic (by H. Mouritsen), 251-2

Morwood, J. (Ed.), The Teaching of Classics (by T. Morgan), 241

Murphy, T., Pliny the Elder's Natural History. The Empire in the Encyclopaedia (by A. Doody), 292-3

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Pergola, P., R. Santangeli Valenzani and R. Volpe (Eds), Suburbium. Il suburbio di Roma dalla crisi del sistema delle ville a Gregorio Magno (by P. J. Goodman), 306-8

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Plumer, E., Augustine's Commentary on Galatians. Introduction, Text, Translation, and Notes (by T. Fuhrer), 295-6

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Schörner, G., Votive im römischen Griechenland (by M. Pretzler), 254-5

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Zanker, P., and B. C. Ewald, Mit Mythen Leben: die Bilderwelt der römischen Sarkophage (by J. Huskinson), 303-4

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