Journal of Roman Studies 102 (2012)

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Journal of Roman Studies 102 (2012)
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Journal of Roman Studies (JRS)
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Hartmann, Udo


The Journal of Roman Studies 102 (2012)


SIMON PRICE, Religious Mobility in the Roman Empire, 1–19

MARY BEARD, Cicero’s ‘Response of the haruspices’ and the Voice of the Gods, 20–39

KATHERINE MCDONALD, The Testament of Vibius Adiranus, 40–55

ROY GIBSON, On the Nature of Ancient Letter Collections, 56–78

MICHAEL KULIKOWSKI, Coded Polemic in Ammianus Book 31 and the Date and Place of its Composition, 79–102

ROBERT CHENAULT, Statues of Senators in the Forum of Trajan and the Roman Forum in Late Antiquity, 103–132

ALAN CAMERON, Anician Myths, 133–171


ALISON E. COOLEY and BENET SALWAY, Roman Inscriptions 2006–2010, 172–286


RICHARD FLOWER, Visions of Constantine (T. D. Barnes, Constantine: Dynasty, Religion and Power in the Later Roman Empire; K. M. Girardet, Der Kaiser und sein Gott: Das Christentum im Denken und in der Religionspolitik Konstantins des Grossen; J. Harries, Imperial Rome AD 284 to 363: The New Empire; R. Van Dam, Remembering Constantine at the Milvian Bridge; P. Veyne and J. Lloyd, When our World Became Christian, 312–394), 287–305


AMBROSETTI, M., Q. Claudio Quadrigario Annali. Introduzione, edizione critica e commento (by John Briscoe), 374

AUGOUSTAKIS, A. (Ed.), Brill’s Companion to Silius Italicus (by Françoise Morzadec), 393

AVENARIUS, M., R. MEYER-PRITZL and C. MÖLLER (Eds), Ars Iuris. Festschrift für Okko Behrends zum 70. Geburtstag (by Dominic Rathbone), 359

BARNES, T. D., Early Christian Hagiography and Roman History (by Michael Stuart Williams), 406

BERGMANN, B., Der Kranz des Kaisers, Genese und Bedeutung einer römischen Insignie (by Olivier Hekster), 320

BLOOMER, W. M., The School of Rome. Latin Studies and the Origins of Liberal Education (by Teresa Morgan), 333

BOSCHUNG, D. and W. ECK (Eds), Die Tetrarchie: Ein neues Regierungssystem und seine mediale Präsentation (by Benet Salway), 410

BOSWORTH, R. J. B., Whispering City: Modern Rome and its Histories (by Jennifer Baird), 323

BOWES, K., Houses and Society in the Later Roman Empire (by Veronica Kalas), 334

BOWMAN, A. and A. WILSON (Eds), Quantifying the Roman Economy. Methods and Problems (by Peter Fibiger Bang), 346

BREED, B. W., C. DAMON and A. ROSSI (Eds), Citizens of Discord: Rome and its Civil Wars (by Ian Fielding), 370

BREITENSTEIN, N., Petronius, Satyrica 1–15. Text, Übersetzung, Kommentar (by Jan Kwapisz), 390

CAPOGROSSI COLOGNESI, L. and E. TASSI SCANDONE (Eds), La Lex de imperio Vespasiani e la Rome dei Flavi. Atti del convegno, 20–22 novembre 2008 (by Michael H. Crawford), 357

CARROLL, M. and J. REMPEL (Eds), Living through the Dead: Burial and Commemoration in the Classical World (by Mary Harlow), 330

COGITORE, I., Le doux nom de liberté: Histoire d’une idée politique dans la Rome antique (by Amy Russell), 317

CULPEPPER STROUP, S., Catullus, Cicero, and a Society of Patrons: The Generation of the Text (by G. C. Trimble), 378

DALL’AGLIO, P. L. and G. ROSADA (Eds), Sistemi centuriali e opere di assetto agrario tra età romana e primo medioevo. Atti del convegno, Borgoricco (Padova) – Lugo (Ravenna), 10–12 Settembre 2009 (Agri Centuriati. An International Journal of Landscape Archaeology 6–7) (by Saskia Roselaar), 350

DASEN, V. and T. SPÄTH (Eds), Children, Memory, and Family Identity in Roman Culture (by Christina A. Clark), 332

DE ANGELIS, F. (Ed.), Spaces of Justice in the Roman World (by Cynthia Bannon), 359

DYSON, S., Rome: A Living Portrait of an Ancient City (by Jerry Toner), 322

DZINO, D., Illyricum in Roman Politics, 229 BC–AD 68 (by Arthur Eckstein), 311

FAGAN, G. G., The Lure of the Arena: Social Psychology and the Crowd at the Roman Games (by Gregory S. Aldrete), 329

FELDHERR, A., Playing Gods: Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the Politics of Fiction (by Laura Jansen), 384

FELDHERR, A. (Ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Historians (by Liv Mariah Yarrow), 369

FÉVRIER, C., Supplicare deis. La supplication expiatoire à Rome (by John Bollan), 341

FLOWER, H. I., Roman Republics (by John Rich), 306

FRONDA, M., Between Rome and Carthage: Southern Italy during the Second Punic War (by Rafael Scopacasa), 310

GAUGHAN, J. E., Murder was not a Crime: Homicide and Power in the Roman Republic (by Janet Kroll), 355

GEIST, S., Der gescheiterte Feldherr (Dux Ferox): Der besiegte römische Feldherr als literarische Figur bei römischen Niederlagen, dargestellt an ausgewählten schweren Niederlagen von der frühen Republik bis zu Augustus (by Jeremy Armstrong), 372

GILDENHARD, I., Creative Eloquence. The Construction of Reality in Cicero’s Speeches (by Henriette van der Blom), 375

GRUEN, E. S., Rethinking the Other in Antiquity (by Joseph Skinner), 307

GUERBER, É., Les Cités grecques dans l’empire romain: Les privilèges et les titres des cités de l’orient hellénophone d’Octave Auguste à Dioclétien (by Georgy Kantor), 325

HEUSCH, C., Die Macht der memoria: Die ,Noctes Atticae‘ des Aulus Gellius im Licht der Erinnerungskultur des 2. Jahrhunderts n. Chr. (by Leofranc Holford-Strevens), 398

HEYWORTH, S. and J. MORWOOD, A Commentary on Propertius, Book 3 (by Lee Fratantuono), 381

HOPE, V. and J. HUSKINSON (Eds), Memory and Mourning: Studies on Roman Death (by Mary Harlow), 330

INGLEHEART, J., A Commentary on Ovid, Tristia, Book 2 (by Genevieve Liveley), 387

JAKAB, É., Risikomanagement beim Weinkauf: Periculum und Praxis im Imperium Romanum (by Dominic Rathbone), 354

JANAN, M., Reflections in a Serpent’s Eye: Thebes in Ovid’s Metamorphoses (by Matthew Robinson), 385

JOHNSON, W. A. and H. PARKER, Ancient Literacies: The Culture of Reading in Greece and Rome (by Joseph Howley), 365

KATSARI, C., The Roman Monetary System: The Eastern Provinces from the First to the Third Century AD (by Fleur Kemmers), 351

KEAVENEY, A. and L. EARNSHAW-BROWN (Eds), The Italians on the Land: Changing Perspectives on Republican Italy Then and Now (by Alessandro Launaro), 349

KOON, S., Infantry Combat in Livy’s Battle Narratives (by James T. Chlup), 362

LACAM, J.-C., Variations rituelles: les pratiques religieuses en Italie centrale et méridionale au temps de la deuxième guerre punique (by Tesse D. Stek), 345

LIBERATI, A. M. and E. SILVERIO, Servizi segreti in Roma antica: Informazioni e sicurezza dagli initia urbis all’impero universale (by Rose Mary Sheldon), 360

LIEBESCHUETZ, J., Ambrose and John Chrysostom: Clerics between Desert and Empire (by Jaclyn Maxwell), 414

LITTLEWOOD, R. J., A Commentary on Silius Italicus’ Punica 7 (by Gesine Manuwald), 395

LONGFELLOW, B., Roman Imperialism and Civic Patronage: Form, Meaning and Ideology in Monumental Fountain Complexes (by Andreas J. M. Kropp), 326

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MENNEN, I., Power and Status in the Roman Empire, AD. 193–284 (by Alexander Skinner), 409

MILLER, J., Apollo, Augustus and the Poets (by Peter Heslin), 380

MORGAN, L., Musa Pedestris: Metre and Meaning in Roman Verse (by David Butterfield), 367

MORLEY, N., Antiquity and Modernity (by Daniel Tompkins), 364

NASRALLAH, L. S., Christian Responses to Roman Art and Architecture: The Second-century Church amid the Spaces of Empire (by Rebecca E. McGann), 404

NEWLANDS, C. (Ed.), Statius, Silvae. Book II (by Ruth E. Parkes), 392

ORLIN, E., Foreign Cults in Rome: Creating a Roman Empire (by Anna Clark), 342

OSGOOD, J., Claudius Caesar: Image and Power in the Early Roman Empire (by Myles Lavan), 319

PINA POLO, F., The Consul at Rome: The Civil Functions of the Consul in the Roman Republic (by Andrew Lintott), 309

PITASSI, M., Roman Warships (by Christopher J. Dart), 363

POLOSA, A., Museo archeologico nazionale della Sibaritide. Il medagliere (by Michael H. Crawford), 353

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RICHARDSON, J., The Language of Empire: Rome and the Idea of Empire from the Third Century B.C. to the Second Century A.D. (by Valentina Arena), 314

RIGGSBY, A. M., Roman Law and the Legal World of the Romans (by Ernest Metzger), 354

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ROCHE, P. (Ed.), Pliny’s Praise: The Panegyricus in the Roman World (by Eleni Manolaraki), 397

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WOYTEK, B., Die Reichsprägung des Kaisers Traianus (98–117) (by Karsten Dahmen), 352

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