Journal of Roman Studies 103 (2013)

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Journal of Roman Studies 103 (2013)
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Journal of Roman Studies (JRS)
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Hartmann, Udo




GREGORY ROWE, Reconsidering the Auctoritas of Augustus, 1–15

CHRISTOPHER HOWGEGO, The Monetization of Temperate Europe, 16–45

BRIAN KROSTENKO, The Poetics of Naevius’ ‘Epitaph’ and the History of Latin Poetry, 46–64

ALEXANDER KIRICHENKO, Virgil’s Augustan Temples: Image and Intertext in the Aeneid, 65–87

MARTIN DEVECKA, The Traffic in Glands, 88–95

CHRISTOPHER A. FARAONE, The Amuletic Design of the Mithraic Bull-Wounding Scene, 96–116


ALAN CAMERON, The Origin, Context and Function of Consular Diptychs, 174–207

MICHELE RENEE SALZMAN, Leo’s Liturgical Topography: Contestations for Space in Fifth-Century Rome, 208–232

M. H. CRAWFORD and F. BELTRÁN LLORIS, The Lex riui Hiberiensis, 233


T. P. WISEMAN, The Palatine, from Evander to Elagabalus (F. Coarelli, Palatium: il Palatino dalle origini all’impero; A. Carandini (ed., with P. Carafa), Atlante di Roma antica: biografia e ritratti della città. 2 vols: 1. Testi e immagini; 2. Tavole e indici), 234–268

(in alphabetical order)

ASSO, P., A Commentary on Lucan, De Bello Civili IV: Introduction, Edition and Translation (by Raymond Marks), 332

ASSO, P. (Ed.), Brill’s Companion to Lucan (by Emma Buckley), 331

BABUSIAUX, U., Papinians Quaestiones: Zur rhetorischen Methode eines spätklassischen Juristen (by Michael Peachin), 342

BARONOWSKI, D., Polybius and Roman Imperialism (by Brian McGing), 270

BELL, S. and T. RAMSBY (Eds), Free at Last! The Impact of Freed Slaves on the Roman Empire (by Theresa Urbainczyk), 287

BENEDETTI, B., M. GAIANI and F. REMONDINO (Eds), Modelli digitali 3d in archeologia: Il caso di Pompei (by Matthew Nicholls), 304

BÖTTCHER-EBERS, J., Der Bogen als visuelles Zeichen im römischen Stadtbild. Zum Bedeutungswandel eines Architekturelements in der späten Republik (by Monika Trümper), 300

BRODD, J. and J. L. REED (Eds), Rome and Religion: a Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue on the Imperial Cult (by Gabrielle Frija), 279

BURTON, P. J., Friendship and Empire. Roman Diplomacy and Imperialism in the Middle Republic (353–146 BC) (by Manuel Tröster), 269

CAMPBELL, J. B., Rivers and the Power of Ancient Rome (by Georgy Kantor), 288

CARRELLA, A., Marmora pompeiana nel Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (by Michael H. Crawford), 297

CASSIDY, B. (Ed.), The Life & Letters of Gavin Hamilton (1723–1798): Artist & Art Dealer in Eighteenth-Century Rome (by Elizabeth Moignard), 314

CASTON, R. R., The Elegiac Passion: Jealousy in Roman Love Elegy (by Paul Murgatroyd), 324

CESERANI, G., Italy’s Lost Greece. Magna Graecia and the Making of Modern Archaeology (by Edward Herring), 315

CORAZZA, D. (Ed.), [Maximi Victorini] Commentarium de ratione metrorum, con cinque trattati inediti sulla prosodia delle sillabi finali (by Paolo d’Alessandro), 344

COWAN, E. (Ed.), Velleius Paterculus: Making History (by Emil A. Kramer), 328

CRAWFORD, M. H. (ed.), W. M. BROADHEAD, J. P. T. CLACKSON, F. SANTANGELO, S. THOMPSON, M. WATMOUGH, E. BISSA and G. BODARD, Imagines Italicae: a Corpus of Italic Inscriptions (by Wolfgang de Melo), 316

CRISTOFOLI, R., Cicerone e l’ultima vittoria di Cesare: Analisi storica del XIV libro delle epistole ad Attico (by Carl Mazurek), 320

DE HAAN, N., Römische Privatbäder: Entwicklung, Verbreitung, Struktur, und sozialer Status (by Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow), 303

DE LIGT, L., Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers. Studies in the Demographic History of Roman Italy, 225 BC–AD 100 (by Saskia T. Roselaar), 285

DEN BOEFT, J., J. W. DRIJVERS, D. DEN HENGST and H. C. TEITLER, Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus XXVII (by Gavin Kelly), 351

DEN BOEFT, J., J. W. DRIJVERS, D. DEN HENGST and H. C. TEITLER, Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus XXVIII (by Gavin Kelly), 351

DIGESER, E., A Threat to Public Piety: Christians, Platonists and the Great Persecution (by John Dillon), 357

DILLON, J., The Justice of Constantine. Law, Communication and Control (by Jill Harries), 348

DONDIN-PAYRE, M. (Ed.), Les Noms de personnes dans l’empire romain: transformations, adaptation, evolution (by Sophia Zoumbaki), 310

DYKES, A., Reading Sin in the World: the Hamartigenia of Prudentius and the Vocation of the Responsible Reader (by Roger Green), 360

EBBELER, J., Disciplining Christians: Correction and Community in Augustine’s Letters (by Robin Whelan), 361

ESPOSITO, D., Le Officine pittoriche di IV stile a Pompei: Dinamiche produttive ed economichesociali (by Michael H. Crawford), 297

GALLIA, A. B., Remembering the Roman Republic: Culture, Politics and History under the Principate (by Hannah Swithinbank), 275

GERING, J., Domitian, Dominus et Deus?: Herrschafts- und Machtstrukturen im römischen Reich zur Zeit des letzten Flaviers (by David Engels), 276

GIBSON, R. and R. MORELLO (Eds), Pliny the Elder: Themes and Contexts (by Matthew Roller), 336

GIEROW, M. STAUB, Pompejanische Kopien aus Dänemark (by Michael H. Crawford), 297

GILDENHARD, I., Paideia Romana: Cicero’s Tusculan Disputations (by Miriam Griffin), 321

GUZZO, P. and M. GUIDOBALDI, Nuove ricerche archeologiche nell’area Vesuviana (by Michael H. Crawford), 297

GUZZO, P. and V. SCARANO USSANI, Ex corpore lucrum facere. La prostituzione nell’antica Pompei (by Michael H. Crawford), 297

GWYNN, D. M., Athanasius of Alexandria: Bishop, Theologian, Ascetic, Father (by Michael Stuart Williams), 359

HAHN, J. (Ed.), Spätantiker Staat und religiöser Konflikt: Imperiale und lokale Verwaltung und die Gewalt gegen Heiligtümer (by Peter Van Nuffelen), 355

HALTENHOFF, A., A. HEIL and F.-H. MUTSCHLER, Römische Werte und römische Literatur im frühen Prinzipat (by Andrew Gallia), 329

HARPER, K., Slavery in the Late Roman World, AD 275–425 (by Peter Thonemann), 353

HERSCH, K., The Roman Wedding. Ritual and Meaning in Antiquity (by Claire Holleran), 309

HIRT, A. M., Imperial Mines and Quarries in the Roman World. Organizational Aspects 27 BC–AD 225 (by R. Bruce Hitchner), 289

HOLLERAN, C., Shopping in Ancient Rome: the Retail Trade in the Late Republic and the Principate (by Annalisa Marzano), 306

JAMES, P., Ovid’s Myth of Pygmalion on Screen — in Pursuit of the Perfect Woman (by Fiona Cox), 345

JONES, F., Virgil’s Garden: the Nature of Bucolic Space (by Timothy Saunders), 323

KEAY, S. and L. PAROLI (Eds), Portus and its Hinterland: Recent Archaeological Research (by Rosario Rovira Guardiola), 295

KLOTZ, F. and K. OIKONOMOPOULOU (Eds), The Philosopher’s Banquet: Plutarch’s Table Talk in the Intellectual Culture of the Roman Empire (by Delfim Leão), 337

KREBS, C., A Most Dangerous Book: Tacitus’ Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich (by Richard Warren), 346

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LOUIS, N., Commentaire historique et traduction du Divus Augustus de Suétone (by Tristan Power), 341

MACHOLD, C., Scribonius Largus und die antike Iatromagie: Der Einfluss übernatürlicher Heilkonzepte auf die Compositiones Medica-Mentorum (by Patricia Gaillard-Seux), 312

MANDERS, E., Coining Images of Power. Patterns in the Representation of Roman Emperors on Imperial Coinage, A.D. 193–284 (by David Biedermann), 281

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OCCHILUPO, S., La Necropoli Capuana: Per una definizione della prima fase tra l’età del bronzo finale e la prima età del ferro (by Michael H. Crawford), 292

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PEIRANO, I., The Rhetoric of the Roman Fake: Latin Pseudepigrapha in Context (by Scott McGill), 326

PELLING, C., Plutarch: Caesar (by W. Jeffrey Tatum), 339

PEPPARD, M., The Son of God in the Roman World. Divine Sonship in its Social and Political Context (by Hartmut Leppin), 280

PETTINGER, A., The Republic in Danger: Drusus Libo and the Succession of Tiberius (by Steven Rutledge), 274

PUTNAM, M. C. J., The Humanness of Heroes: Studies in the Conclusion of Virgil’s Aeneid (by Emily Pillinger), 325

RAJA, R., Urban Development and Regional Identity in the Eastern Roman Provinces, 50 BC–AD 250: Aphrodisias, Ephesos, Athens, Gerasa (by Eric Guerber), 299

RIVA, C., The Urbanisation of Etruria. Funerary Practices and Social Change, 700–600 BC (by Sinclair Bell), 290

RÜPKE, J., Religion in Republican Rome: Rationalization and Ritual Change (by Anna Clark), 278

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WOOLF, G., Tales of the Barbarians: Ethnography and Empire in the Roman West (by Kathryn Lomas), 284

YEGÜL, F., Bathing in the Roman World (by Amanda Kelly), 301

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