Journal of Roman Studies 107 (2017)

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Journal of Roman Studies 107 (2017)
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The Journal of Roman Studies 107, 2017


Simon Day, The People's Rôle in Allocating Provincial Commands in the Middle Roman Republic, pp. 1-26

Lisa Pilar Eberle, Enora Le Quéré, Landed Traders, Trading Agriculturalists? Land in the Economy of the Italian Diaspora in the Greek East, pp. 27-59

Cynthia Bannon, Fresh Water in Roman Law: Rights and Policy, pp. 60-89

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Kirk Freudenburg, Seeing Marcellus in Aeneid 6, pp. 116-139

David Kovacs, Horace, Odes 4.1: a Contradiction Removed

Edmund Thomas, The Cult Statues of the Pantheon, pp. 146-212

Joseph A. Howley, Book-Burning and the Uses of Writing in Ancient Rome: Destructive Practice between Literature and Document, pp. 213-236

Pedro Mateos, Antonio Pizzo, Ángel Ventura, Arcus Divi Constantini: An Architectural Analysis and Chronological Proposal for the Arch of Janus in the Forum Boarium in Rome

Lieve van Hoof, Peter van Nuffelen, The Historiography of Crisis: Jordanes, Cassiodorus and Justinian in mid-sixth-century Constantinople, pp. 275-300

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