Journal of Roman Studies 90, 2000

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Journal of Roman Studies 90, 2000
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Journal of Roman Studies (JRS)
United Kingdom
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Hartmann, Udo


Robin Nisbet, xi-xi
Patricia Gilbert, xiii
Philip Sabin: The Face of Roman Battle, 1-17
Jeremy Tanner: Portraits, Power, and Patronage in the Late Roman Republic, 18-50
Llewelyn Morgan: The Autopsy of C. Asinius Pollio, 51-69
Roger Batty: Mela's Phoenician Geography, 70-94
Matthew Leigh: Lucan and the Libyan Tale, 95-109
Keith Bradley: Animalizing the Slave: the Truth of Fiction, 110-125
J. H. D'Arms: Memory, Money, and Status at Misenum: Three New Inscriptions from the Collegium of the Augustales, 126-144
Roger Beck: Ritual, Myth, Doctrine, and Initiation in the Mysteries of Mithras: New Evidence from a Cult Vessel, 145-180
Jas Elsner: The Itinerarium Burdigalense: Politics and Salvation in the Geography of Constantine's Empire, 181-195

Michael Reeve: Cuius in Usum? Recent and Future Editing, 196-206

(in alphabetical order)
Ahlschweig, K. S., Beobachtungen zur poetischen Technik und dichterischen Kunst des Claudius Claudianus, besonders in seinem Werk De Raptu Proserpinae (by C. Gruzelier), 251
Alcock, S. E. (Ed.), The Early Roman Empire in the East (by B. M. Levick), 231-232
Arafat, K., Pausanias' Greece: Ancient Artists and Roman Rulers (by H. Sidebottom), 232-233
Barker, G., D. Gilbertson, B. Jones and D. Mattingly, Farming the Desert. The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Archaeological Survey (by M. Fulford), 214-215
Barnes, T. D., Ammianus Marcellinus and the Representation of Reality (by M. Whitby), 251-252
Bartman, E., Portraits of Livia: Imaging the Imperial Woman in Augustan Rome (by J. Lenaghan), 230
Bartsch, S., Ideology in Cold Blood: a Reading of Lucan's Civil War (by R. W. Cowan), 243-244
Batsch, C., U. Egelhaaf-Gaiser and R. Stepper (Eds), Zwischen Krise und Alltag. Antike Religionen im Mittelmeerraum (by C. R. Phillips III), 256-257
Baudy, D., Römische Umgangsriten, eine ethologische Untersuchung der Funktion von Wiederholung für religiöses Verhalten (by W. Liebeschuetz), 209
Beard, M., J. North and S. Price, Religions of Rome (by J. Scheid), 207-208
Bergmann, M., Die Strahlen der Herrscher: theomorphes Herrscherbild und politische Symbolik im Hellenismus und in der römischen Kaiserzeit (by C. H. Hallett), 229
Bernstein, F., Ludi Publici. Untersuchungen zur Entstehung und Entwicklung der öffentlichen Spiele im republikanischen Rom (by P. Plass), 224-225
Bettelli, M., Roma, la città prima della città: i tempi di una nascita (by T. P. Wiseman), 210-212
Burden, M. (Ed.), A Woman Scorn'd: Responses to the Dido Myth (by L. Morgan), 240
Carandini, A., La Nascita di Roma: dèi, lari, eroi e uomini all'alba di una civiltà (by T. P. Wiseman), 210-212
Chauvot, A., Opinions romaines face aux barbares au IVe siècle ap. J.-C. (by G. Greatrex), 250
Connors, C. M., Petronius the Poet. Verse and Literary Tradition in the Satyricon (by A. Bitel), 245-246
Courtney, E., Archaic Latin Prose (by J. Clackson), 225
Creighton, J. D., and R. J. A. Wilson (Eds), Roman Germany: Studies in Cultural Interaction (by C. M. Wells), 233
Cunningham, M. B., and P. Allen (Eds), Preacher and Audience: Studies in Early Christian and Byzantine Homiletics (by A. Evers), 256
Erdkamp, P., Hunger and the Sword: Warfare and Food Supply in Roman Republican Wars (264-30 BC) (by J. Serrati), 222-224
Fabre-Serris, J., Mythologie et littérature à Rome: la reécriture des mythes aux Iers siècles avant et après J.-C. (by M. Fox), 236-7
Feldherr, A., Spectacle and Society in Livy's History (by J. T. Chlup), 237
Felton, D., Haunted Greece and Rome: Ghost Stories from Antiquity (by J. Davies), 219-220
Finkelpearl, E. D., Metamorphosis of Language in Apuleius: a Study of Allusion in the Novel (by A. Bitel), 245-246
Flach, D., Römische Geschichtsschreibung (by J. M. Alonso-Núñez), 216-17
Frézouls, E. (Ed.), Les Villes antiques de la France, III: Lyonnaise I. Autun-Chartres-Nevers (by S. T. Loseby), 247-8
Gardner, J. F., Family and Familia in Roman Law and Life (by B. Rawson), 215-216
Garland, L., Byzantine Empresses: Women and Power in Byzantium AD 527-1204 (by B. Hill), 255
Garnsey, P., Food and Society in Classical Antiquity (by D. J. Mattingly), 213-214
Hachlili, R., Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Diaspora (by D. Milson), 249
Harrison, S. J. (Ed.), Oxford Readings in the Roman Novel (by C. Panayotakis), 246-247
Henderson, J. W. G., Writing down Rome: Satire, Comedy and Other Offences in Latin Poetry (by D. Hooley), 218-219
Henderson, J., A Roman Life: Rutilius Gallicus on Paper and in Stone (by C. Damon), 244
Hershkowitz, D., Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica: Abbreviated Voyages in Silver Latin Epic (by E. Lao), 244-245
Hoff, M. C., and S. I. Rotroff (Eds), The Romanization of Athens. Proceedings of an International Conference Held at Lincoln, Nebraska (April 1996) (by B. M. Levick), 231-232
Hubbard, T. K., The Pipes of Pan: Intertextuality and Literary Filiation in the Pastoral Tradition from Theocritus to Milton (by M. C. J. Putnam), 237-238
Hutchinson, G. O., Cicero's Correspondence: a Literary Study (by J.-M. Claassen), 225-226
James, L. (Ed.), Women, Men and Eunuchs: Gender in Byzantium (by S. Ashbrook Harvey), 255-256
Kehoe, D. P., Investment, Profit and Tenancy: the Jurists and the Roman Agrarian Economy (by N. Morley), 233-234
Kind, R. de, Houses in Herculaneum: a New View on the Town Planning and the Building of Insulae III and IV (by Y. Hori), 248-249
Laser, G., Populo et Scaenae Serviendum Est: die Bedeutung der städtischen Masse in der späten römischen Republik (by A. J. E. Bell), 220-221
Lehmann, Y., Varron: théologien et philosophe romain (by J. Linderski), 227
Leigh, M., Spectacle and Engagement (by R. W. Cowan), 243-244
Lim, R., Public Disputation, Power and Social Order in Late Antiquity (by S. T. Loseby), 253-254
Mellor, R., The Roman Historians (by J. M. Alonso-Núñez) , 216-217
Mellor, R. (Ed.), The Historians of Ancient Rome (by J. M. Alonso-Núñez), 216-217
Metzger, E. (Ed.), A Companion to Justinian's Institutes (by J. Harries), 254
Millar, F., The Crowd in Rome in the Late Republic (by A. J. E. Bell), 220-221
Moatti, C., La raison de Rome: Naissance de l'esprit critique à la fin de la république (by M. Schofield), 227-228
Moatti, C. (Ed.), La Mémoire perdue: recherches sur l'administration romaine (by R. J. A. Talbert), 235
Morgan, L., Patterns of Redemption in Virgil's Georgics (by J. J. O'Hara), 238-239
Nicasie, M. J., Twilight of Empire. The Roman Army from the Reign of Diocletian until the Battle of Adrianople (by B. Campbell), 250-251
Onians, J., Classical Art and the Cultures of Greece and Rome (by R. Osborne), 210
Parker, H. C., Greek Gods in Italy in Ovid's Fasti: a Greater Greece (by C. E. Newlands), 241
Plass, P., The Game of Death in Ancient Rome: Arena Sport and Political Suicide (by M. Griffin), 235-236
Prinzen, H., Ennius im Urteil der Antike (by H. D. Jocelyn), 217-218
Putnam, M. C. J., Virgil's Epic Designs. Ekphrasis in the Aeneid (by P. Hardie), 239-240
Rosenberger, V., Gezähmte Götter. Das Prodigienwesen der römischen Republik (by J. Davies), 221
Roth, J. P., The Logistics of the Roman Army at War (264 BC-AD 235) (by D. B. Campbell), 224
Royo, M., Domus Imperatoriae: topographie, formation et imaginaire des palais impériaux du Palatin (by T. P. Wiseman), 230-231
Rutherford, I., Canons of Style in the Antonine Age: Idea Theory in its Literary Context (by T. Whitmarsh), 247
Schanbacher, D., Ratio Legis Falcidiae. Die Falzidische Rechnung bei Zusamentreffen mehrerer Erbschaften in einer Hand (by A. Lintott), 234
Schrijvers, P. H., Lucrèce et les sciences de la vie (by G. Campbell), 226-227
Stroumsa, G. G., Barbarian Philosophy. The Religious Revolution of Early Christianity (by C. R. Phillips III), 256-257
Stumpp, B. E., Prostitution in der römischen Antike (by R. Flemming), 219
Wheeler, S. M., A Discourse of Wonders: Audience and Performance in Ovid's Metamorphoses (by A. M. Keith), 242
Whitby, M. (Ed.), The Propaganda of Power: the Role of Panegyric in Late Antiquity (by B. Warmington), 252-253
Wildberger, J., Ovids Schule der 'elegischen' Liebe: Erotodidaxe und Psychagogie in der Ars Amatoria (by B. Weiden Boyd), 240-241
Wiseman, T. P., Roman Drama and Roman History (by E. Fantham), 212-213

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