German Studies Review 39 (2016), 3

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German Studies Review 39 (2016), 3
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The GSA Fortieth Anniversary Issue

three times each year



German Studies Review
United States
Fritsche, Jana

German Studies Review (GSR) is the scholarly journal of the German Studies Association (GSA), the world’s largest academic association devoted to the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study of the German-speaking countries. Recent issues have covered topics from Alexander von Humboldt and postcolonial theory to Krupp housing estates in the Ruhr valley to the popularity of German gangsta rap. A peer-reviewed journal, GSR includes articles and book reviews on the history, literature, culture, and politics of the German-speaking areas of Europe encompassing primarily, but not exclusively, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Table of Contents

pp. 443–447
Andreas W. Daum, Sabine Hake, Brad Prager

The Association

Forty Years of the GSA, 1976–2016
pp. 449–469
Sara Lennox, Gerhard L. Weinberg

The Project of German Studies: Disciplinary Strategies and Intellectual Practices
pp. 471–492
Celia Applegate, Frank Trommler

The Disciplines

From National to Transnational German Studies: Some Historical Reflections, 1977–2017
pp. 493–503
Konrad H. Jarausch

The Role of Literature in the German Studies Association
pp. 505–516
Paul Michael Lützeler

Interdisciplinarity, German Studies, and the Humanities
pp. 517–527
Janet Ward

Researching Multilingually in German Studies: A Brief Retrospective
pp. 529–540
David Gramling

Film and Media Studies
pp. 541–551
Gerd Gemünden

Critical Theory and the German Studies Association
pp. 553–563
Lutz Koepnick

Feminist German Studies and the GSA
pp. 565–575
Hester Baer

Trajectories in the Study of National Socialism
pp. 577–588
Joseph W. Bendersky

New Paths, New Directions: Reflections on Forty Years of Holocaust Studies and the GSA
pp. 589–599
Waitman Wade Beorn

German Studies and Jewish Studies: Symbiosis of Two Fields
pp. 601–610
Leslie Morris

Readings and Misreadings?: The GDR and the GSA
pp. 611–620
Marc Silberman

Visions of the Other German-Speaking Lands: Austrian and Swiss Studies at the German Studies Association Conferences and in the German Studies Review
pp. 621–627
Gary B. Cohen

From Multidisciplinary to Transdisciplinary: On the History of German Studies Review, 1978–2015
pp. 629–643
Amanda Z. Randall

German Studies in Nordamerika: eine Außensicht
pp. 645–654
Ulrich Grothus

Personal Perspectives

The GSA and My Own Hot Autumn
pp. 655–656
Stephen Brockmann

The GSA—A Brief Bildungsroman
pp. 657–659
Suzanne L. Marchand

Listening at the GSA: Lessons Learned
pp. 661–663
Irene Kacandes

How to Found a Scholarly Organization and Give it Instant Prestige
pp. 665–667
Gerald R. Kleinfeld

Die Wurstmaschine; or, How Sausage Is Made
pp. 669–670
David E. Barclay

Entrepreneurial and Engaging: Reflecting on Forty Years of the GSA
pp. 671–672
Marion F. Deshmukh

The Necessity of the GSA
pp. 673–674
Jeffrey L. Sammons

Growing up with the GSA
pp. 675–677
Daniel Purdy

Student to Scholar: Coming of Age at the GSA
pp. 679–680
Suzanne Brown-Fleming

The Art Historical Haven within the GSA
pp. 681–683
Paul B. Jaskot

The GSA and Canada
pp. 685–686
James Retallack

Partners in Time: The GSA and the DEFA Film Library
pp. 687–689
Skyler J. Arndt-Briggs

A Publisher’s Perspective
pp. 691–693
Marion Berghahn

pp. 695–699

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