German Studies Review 41 (2018), 1

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German Studies Review 41 (2018), 1
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German Studies Review
United States
Wolff, Sarah


Volume 41, Issue 1, February 2018

Table of Contents


Metaphysical Mirroring: The Musical Structure of Society in Thomas Mann’s Doktor Faustus and Hermann Hesse’s Das Glasperlenspiel
pp. 1–17
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0000
Shelley Hay

Mistaken for Jews: Turkish PhD Students in Nazi Germany
pp. 19–39
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0001
Marc David Baer

The Challenge of Mütterliteratur: Gender, Generation, and the Genres of German Cultural Memory
pp. 41–59
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0002
Katra A. Byram

“Wild and Fearsome Hours”: The First Year of US Occupation of a Bavarian County, 1945–1946
pp. 61–79
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0003
Jason Johnson

Peter Schlemihl, the Chamisso Prize, and the Much Longer History of German Migration Narratives
pp. 81–98
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0004
Brent O. Peterson

Film Exchange beyond the Ban: Erich Mehl’s Partnership with the East German Film Studio DEFA (1954–1990)
pp. 99–122
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0005
Mariana Ivanova

Slumming with Cindy: Class, Precarity, and Performance in Cindy aus Marzahn’s Trash Comedy
pp. 123–142
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0006
Kathrin Bower

Review Essay

Ethnic Cleansing and Nationalization in the German-Polish and German-Czech Borderlands
pp. 143–152
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0007
Winson Chu


Frederick Barbarossa: The Prince and the Myth by John B. Freed (review)
pp. 153–154
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0008
Edward Roberts

Hometown Religion: Regimes of Coexistence in Early Modern Westphalia by David Luebke (review)
pp. 154–156
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0009
David Freeman

The Habsburg Empire: A New History by Pieter M. Judson (review)
pp. 156–158
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0010
Peter Thaler

Novel Affinities: Composing the Family in the German Novel, 1795–1830 by Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, and: Goethe’s Families of the Heart by Susan E. Gustafson (review)
pp. 158–162
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0011
Heidi Schlipphacke

Armed Ambiguity: Women Warriors in German Literature and Culture in the Age of Goethe by Julie Koser (review)
pp. 162–164
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0012
Elisabeth Krimmer

Recoding World Literature: Libraries, Print Culture, and Germany’s Pact with Books by B. Venkat Mani (review)
pp. 164–166
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0013
Alexander Beecroft

Mixed Feelings: Tropes of Love in German Jewish Culture by Katja Garloff (review)
pp. 166–168
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0014
Samuel J. Kessler

Prophecies of Language: The Confusion of Tongues in German Romanticism by Kristina Mendicino (review)
pp. 168–170
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0015
Yael Almog

Philanthropy, Civil Society, and the State in German History, 1815–1989 by Thomas Adam (review)
pp. 170–172
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0016
Blake I. Campbell

The Necessity of Music: Variations on a German Theme by Celia Applegate (review)
pp. 172–174
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0017
Jonathan Gentry

Vita Sexualis: Karl Ulrichs and the Origins of Sexual Science by Ralph M. Leck (review)
pp. 174–176
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0018
Laurie Marhoefer

The Nature of German Imperialism: Conservation and the Politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa by Bernhard Gissibl (review)
pp. 176–178
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0019
Andrew Denning

Violent Sensations: Sex, Crime, and Utopia in Vienna and Berlin, 1860–1914 by Scott Spector (review)
pp. 178–180
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0020
Kerry Wallach

European Elites and Ideas of Empire, 1917–1957 by Dina Gusejnova (review)
pp. 180–182
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0021
Willeke Sandler

Lemberg. Die vergessene Mitte Europas by Lutz Kleveman (review)
pp. 182–184
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0022
Samuel J. Kessler

Projektionen der Moral. Filmskandale in der Weimarer Republik by Kai Nowak (review)
pp. 184–187
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0023
Tobias Nagl

The Third Reich’s Intelligence Services: The Career of Walter Schellenberg by Katrin Paehler (review)
pp. 187–189
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0024
Alaric Searle

Arnošt Frischer and the Jewish Politics of Early Twentieth-Century Europe by Jan Láníček (review)
pp. 189–191
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0025
Samuel J. Kessler

Living with the Enemy: German Occupation, Collaboration and Justice in the Western Pyrenees, 1940–1948 by Sandra Ott (review)
pp. 191–192
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0026
Shannon L. Fogg

Art of Suppression: Confronting the Nazi Past in Histories of the Visual and Performing Arts by Pamela M. Potter (review)
pp. 193–195
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0027
Martha Sprigge

Bodies and Ruins: Imagining the Bombing of Germany, 1945 to the Present by David F. Crew (review)
pp. 195–197
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0028
Tony Joel

Berlin’s Black Market, 1939–1950 by Malte Zierenberg (review)
pp. 197–199
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0029
Mikkel Dack

The Writers’ State: Constructing East German Literature, 1945–1959 by Stephen Brockmann, and: Rereading East Germany: The Literature and Film of the GDR ed. by Karen Leeder (review)
pp. 199–203
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0030
Sylvia Fischer

Mothers, Comrades, and Outcasts in East German Women’s Films by Jennifer L. Creech (review)
pp. 203–205
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0031
Qinna Shen

Urban Memory and Visual Culture in Berlin: Framing the Asynchronous City, 1957–2012 by Simon Ward (review)
pp. 205–207
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0032
Sandra Jasper

Writing the Revolution: The Construction of “1968” in Germany by Ingo Cornils (review)
pp. 208–210
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0033
Sabine von Dirke

Guerilla Aesthetics: Art, Memory, and the West German Urban Guerilla by Kimberly Mair (review)
pp. 210–212
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0034
Vojin Saša Vukadinović

Better Active than Radioactive! Anti-Nuclear Protest in 1970s France and West Germany by Andrew S. Tompkins (review)
pp. 212–214
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0035
Stephen Milder

Amnesiopolis: Modernity, Space, and Memory in East Germany by Eli Rubin (review)
pp. 214–216
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0036
Katrina Nousek

The Autobiographical Turn in Germanophone Documentary and Experimental Film ed. by Robin Curtis and Angelica Fenner (review)
pp. 216–218
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0037
Christina Kraenzle

Beyond No Future: Cultures of German Punk ed. by Mirko M. Hall, Seth Howes, and Cyrus Shahan (review)
pp. 218–220
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0038
David Imhoof

Remapping Black Germany: New Perspectives on Afro-German History, Politics, and Culture ed. by Sara Lennox (review)
pp. 220–222
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0039
Tiffany N. Florvil

Tales of Berlin in American Literature up to the Twenty-First Century by Joshua Parker (review)
pp. 222–224
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0040
Waldemar Zacharasiewicz

Undeutsch. Die Konstruktion des Anderen in der postmigrantischen Gesellschaft by Fatima El-Tayeb (review)
pp. 225–227
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0041
Lynn Marie Kutch

PEGIDA—Rechtspopulismus zwischen Fremdenangst und “Wende”-Enttäuschung? Analysen im Überblick ed. by Karl-Siegbert Rehberg (review)
pp. 227–229
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0042
Patricia Anne Simpson

Narratives in the Making: Writing the East German Past in the Democratic Present by Anselma Gallinat (review)
pp. 229–231
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0043
Sean Eedy

pp. 233–234
DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2018.0044

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