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The American Historical Review 122 (2017), 2
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Washington DC [u.a.] 2017: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
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Table of Contents


Fatal Differences: Suicide, Race, and Forced Labor in the Americas
Marc A. Hertzman

Governing the Living and the Dead: Mecca and the Emergence of the Saudi Biopolitical State
John M. Willis

Between "Rural Youth" and Empire: Social and Emotional Dynamics of Youth Mobilization in the Countryside of Colonial Taiwan under Japan's Total War
Sayaka Chatani

AHR Forum: Mapping the Republic of Letters


Historical Research in a Digital Age: Reflections from the Mapping the Republic of Letters Project
Dan Edelstein ; Paula Findlen; Giovanna Ceserani; Caroline Winterer; Nicole Coleman

British Travelers in Eighteenth-Century Italy: The Grand Tour and the Profession of Architecture
Giovanna Ceserani; Giorgio Caviglia; Nicole Coleman ; Thea De Armond; Sarah Murray …

Reading the Grand Tour at a Distance: Archives and Datasets in Digital History
Jason M. Kelly

Featured Reviews

Tonio Andrade. The Gunpowder Age: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History.
R. Bin Wong

James T. Kloppenberg. Toward Democracy: The Struggle for Self-Rule in European and American Thought.
James Livesey

Ann McGrath. Illicit Love: Interracial Sex and Marriage in the United States and Australia.
Lisa Ford

Karine V. Walther. Sacred Interests: The United States and the Islamic World, 1821–1921.
Jay Sexton

David Drake. Paris at War: 1939–1944; Robert Gildea. Fighters in the Shadows: A New History of the French Resistance; Olivier Wieviorka. The French Resistance.
Philip Nord

Fatma Müge Göçek. Denial of Violence: Ottoman Past, Turkish Present, and Collective Violence against the Armenians, 1789–2009; Ronald Grigor Suny. "They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else": A History of the Armenian Genocide.
Keith David Watenpaugh

Reviews of Books


Jeremy Black. Clio's Battles: Historiography in Practice.
Elizabeth A. Clark

Jeremy Black. Geopolitics and the Quest for Dominance.
Anthony D'Agostino

Harvey J. Graff. Undisciplining Knowledge: Interdisciplinarity in the Twentieth Century.
Michael Kimaid

Michael Kimaid. Modernity, Metatheory, and the Temporal-Spatial Divide: From Mythos to Techne.
Jonathan Gorman


Adrian Howkins. The Polar Regions: An Environmental History.
Ben Maddison

Lisa Ze Winters. The Mulatta Concubine: Terror, Intimacy, Freedom, and Desire in the Black Transatlantic.
April J. Mayes

Adele Perry. Colonial Relations: The Douglas-Connolly Family and the Nineteenth-Century Imperial World.
Phillip Buckner

Hasia R. Diner. Roads Taken: The Great Jewish Migrations to the New World and the Peddlers Who Forged the Way.
Adam Teller

Alison Bashford and Joyce E. Chaplin. The New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus: Rereading the Principle of Population.
Kate Fullagar

Douglas R. Burgess Jr. Engines of Empire: Steamships and the Victorian Imagination.
Jeffrey Auerbach

Sarah Abrevaya Stein. Extraterritorial Dreams: European Citizenship, Sephardi Jews, and the Ottoman Twentieth Century.
K. E. Fleming

Ned Bertz. Diaspora and Nation in the Indian Ocean: Transnational Histories of Race and Urban Space in Tanzania.
Gerard McCann

Lawrence Sondhaus. The Great War at Sea: A Naval History of the First World War.
Jan Rüger

Lisa A. Kirschenbaum. International Communism and the Spanish Civil War: Solidarity and Suspicion.
William Chase

Barbra Mann Wall. Into Africa: A Transnational History of Catholic Medical Missions and Social Change.
Kenneth J. Orosz

Timothy Nunan. Humanitarian Invasion: Global Development in Cold War Afghanistan.
Abdulkader Sinno


Gagan D. S. Sood. India and the Islamic Heartlands: An Eighteenth-Century World of Circulation and Exchange.
Barbara D. Metcalf

Dingxin Zhao. The Confucian-Legalist State: A New Theory of Chinese History.
Peter K. Bol

Li Chen. Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes: Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics.
R. Kent Guy

Stephen R. Halsey. Quest for Power: European Imperialism and the Making of Chinese Statecraft.
Kirk W. Larsen

Shellen Xiao Wu. Empires of Coal: Fueling China's Entry into the Modern World Order, 1860–1920.
David A. Pietz

Wing Chung Ng. The Rise of Cantonese Opera.
Andreas Steen

Mark Thomas McNally. Like No Other: Exceptionalism and Nativism in Early Modern Japan.
Peter Nosco

Catherine L. Phipps. Empires on the Waterfront: Japan's Ports and Power, 1858–1899; Noell Wilson. Defensive Positions: The Politics of Maritime Security in Tokugawa Japan.
D. Colin Jaundrill

Wendy Matsumura. The Limits of Okinawa: Japanese Capitalism, Living Labor, and Theorizations of Community.
Christopher Gerteis

Samuel Hideo Yamashita. Daily Life in Wartime Japan, 1940–1945.
Brandon Palmer

Yoshiaki Yoshimi. Grassroots Fascism: The War Experience of the Japanese People.
Lee K. Pennington

Jessamyn R. Abel. The International Minimum: Creativity and Contradiction in Japan's Global Engagement, 1933–1964.
Jon Davidann

Canada and the United States

Paul B. Moyer. The Public Universal Friend: Jemima Wilkinson and Religious Enthusiasm in Revolutionary America.
Catherine Brekus

Paul A. Gilje. To Swear like a Sailor: Maritime Culture in America, 1750–1850.
Janet Sorensen

Kevin Butterfield. The Making of Tocqueville's America: Law and Association in the Early United States.
Richard R. John

Gregory D. Smithers. The Cherokee Diaspora: An Indigenous History of Migration, Resettlement, and Identity.
Susan M. Abram

Robert Lawrence Gunn. Ethnology and Empire: Languages, Literature, and the Making of the North American Borderlands.
James Joseph Buss

Joshua L. Reid. The Sea Is My Country: The Maritime World of the Makahs, an Indigenous Borderlands People.
Keith Thor Carlson

Corey M. Brooks. Liberty Power: Antislavery Third Parties and the Transformation of American Politics.
Leonard L. Richards

Jasmine Nichole Cobb. Picture Freedom: Remaking Black Visuality in the Early Nineteenth Century.
Terrie Dopp Aamodt

Barton A. Myers. Rebels against the Confederacy: North Carolina's Unionists.
Joseph M. Beilein, Jr.

Christopher Phillips. The Rivers Ran Backward: The Civil War and the Remaking of the American Middle Border.
Jonathan M. Atkins

Laura E. Free. Suffrage Reconstructed: Gender, Race, and Voting Rights in the Civil War Era.
Laughlin McDonald

Mark A. Lause. Free Spirits: Spiritualism, Republicanism, and Radicalism in the Civil War Era.
John Patrick Daly

Matthew Harper. The End of Days: African American Religion and Politics in the Age of Emancipation.
Edward J. Blum

Emily Suzanne Clark. A Luminous Brotherhood: Afro-Creole Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans.
Kodi Roberts

Robert J. Gordon. The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War.
Walter Friedman

Lisa M. F. Andersen. The Politics of Prohibition: American Governance and the Prohibition Party, 1869–1933.
Mark Lawrence Schrad

Mark Paul Richard. Not a Catholic Nation: The Ku Klux Klan Confronts New England in the 1920s.
Craig R. Prentiss

Lionel Kimble Jr. A New Deal for Bronzeville: Housing, Employment, and Civil Rights in Black Chicago, 1935–1955.
Jeffrey Helgeson

Barbara Miller Lane. Houses for a New World: Builders and Buyers in American Suburbs, 1945–1965.
Dianne Harris

Aaron Cowan. A Nice Place to Visit: Tourism and Urban Revitalization in the Postwar Rustbelt.
Anthony J. Stanonis

Roger Horowitz. Kosher USA: How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food.
Shuly Rubin Schwartz

Michael N. Barnett. The Stars and the Stripes: A History of the Foreign Policies of American Jews.
Lila Corwin Berman

A. Naomi Paik. Rightlessness: Testimony and Redress in U.S. Prison Camps since World War II.
Cherstin M. Lyon

Geoffrey M. White. Memorializing Pearl Harbor: Unfinished Histories and the Work of Remembrance.
Nicolaus Mills

Timothy Barney. Mapping the Cold War: Cartography and the Framing of America's International Power.
Nicholas J. Cull

Gareth Davies and Julian E. Zelizer, editors. America at the Ballot Box: Elections and Political History; Margaret O'Mara. Pivotal Tuesdays: Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century.
Robert David Johnson

Mark Krasovic. The Newark Frontier: Community Action in the Great Society.
Kevin J. Mumford

Douglas M. Charles. Hoover's War on Gays: Exposing the FBI's "Sex Deviates" Program.
Raymond J. Batvinis

Timothy Stewart-Winter. Queer Clout: Chicago and the Rise of Gay Politics.
Christopher Lowen Agee

Mario Jimenez Sifuentez. Of Forests and Fields: Mexican Labor in the Pacific Northwest.
Don Mitchell

Darius V. Echeverría. Aztlán Arizona: Mexican American Educational Empowerment, 1968–1978.
David G. Gutiérrez

Risa Goluboff. Vagrant Nation: Police Power, Constitutional Change, and the Making of the 1960s.
Ken I. Kersch

Crystal R. Sanders. A Chance for Change: Head Start and Mississippi's Black Freedom Struggle.
John L. Rury

Micah W. Kubic. Freedom, Inc. and Black Political Empowerment.
Robert W. Widell, Jr.

Markku Ruotsila. Fighting Fundamentalist: Carl McIntire and the Politicization of American Fundamentalism.
Neil J. Young

Phillip Luke Sinitiere. Salvation with a Smile: Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, and American Christianity.
Tona Hangen

Nancy Mitchell. Jimmy Carter in Africa: Race and the Cold War.
Philip E. Muehlenbeck

Douglas Little. Us versus Them: The United States, Radical Islam, and the Rise of the Green Threat.
Nathan J. Citino

David N. Lucsko. Junkyards, Gearheads, and Rust: Salvaging the Automotive Past.
Kathleen Franz

Richard S. Newman. Love Canal: A Toxic History from Colonial Times to the Present.
David Stradling

Stephen Haycox. Battleground Alaska: Fighting Federal Power in America's Last Wilderness.
Brian Allen Drake

Caribbean and Latin America

Silvia Marina Arrom. Volunteering for a Cause: Gender, Faith, and Charity in Mexico from the Reform to the Revolution.
Sonya Lipsett-Rivera

María L. O. Muñoz. Stand Up and Fight: Participatory Indigenismo, Populism, and Mobilization in Mexico, 1970–1984.
John J. Dwyer

David Wheat. Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean, 1570–1640.
John Garrigus

Graham T. Nessler. An Islandwide Struggle for Freedom: Revolution, Emancipation, and Reenslavement in Hispaniola, 1789–1809.
David Geggus

Natasha Lightfoot. Troubling Freedom: Antigua and the Aftermath of British Emancipation.
James Dator

Ellen D. Tillman. Dollar Diplomacy by Force: Nation-Building and Resistance in the Dominican Republic.
Robert Kirkland

Kevin Coleman. A Camera in the Garden of Eden: The Self-Forging of the Banana Republic.
Patricia Clare Rhoades

Ricardo D. Salvatore. Disciplinary Conquest: U.S. Scholars in South America, 1900–1945.
H. Reuben Neptune

Nancy P. Appelbaum. Mapping the Country of Regions: The Chorographic Commission of Nineteenth-Century Colombia.
Jane Rausch

Jane E. Mangan. Transatlantic Obligations: Creating the Bonds of Family in Conquest-Era Peru and Spain.
Alcira Dueñas

Zephyr L. Frank. Reading Rio de Janeiro: Literature and Society in the Nineteenth Century.
Andrew Grant Wood

Benjamin A. Cowan. Securing Sex: Morality and Repression in the Making of Cold War Brazil.
Richard Parker

Europe: Ancient and Medieval

Matthew J. Perry. Gender, Manumission, and the Roman Freedwoman.
Kyle Harper

Heidi Marx-Wolf. Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual Authority: Platonists, Priests, and Gnostics in the Third Century C.E.
Lloyd P. Gerson

Zubin Mistry. Abortion in the Early Middle Ages, c.500–900.
Sara Ritchey

Claudia Rapp. Brother-Making in Late Antiquity and Byzantium: Monks, Laymen, and Christian Ritual.
Shaun Tougher

E. M. Rose. The Murder of William of Norwich: The Origins of the Blood Libel in Medieval Europe.
Adrienne Williams Boyarin

Antoine Destemberg. L'honneur des universitaires au Moyen Âge: Étude d'imaginaire social.
Brigitte M. Bedos-Rezak

Julia I. Miller and Laurie Taylor-Mitchell. From Giotto to Botticelli: The Artistic Patronage of the Humiliati in Florence.
Sally M. Brasher

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Thomas W. Laqueur. The Work of the Dead: A Cultural History of Mortal Remains.
Annette Becker

Ian Kershaw. To Hell and Back: Europe, 1914–1949.
John Horne

Steven Gunn. Henry VII's New Men and the Making of Tudor England.
Barbara J. Harris

William M. Cavert. The Smoke of London: Energy and Environment in the Early Modern City.
Christine L. Corton

Mark G. Hanna. Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570–1740.
Peter T. Leeson

Sara Pennell. The Birth of the English Kitchen, 1600–1850.
Jane Whittle

Adrian Finucane. The Temptations of Trade: Britain, Spain, and the Struggle for Empire.
Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Paula E. Dumas. Proslavery Britain: Fighting for Slavery in an Era of Abolition.
Brycchan Carey

Kirsten McKenzie. Imperial Underworld: An Escaped Convict and the Transformation of the British Colonial Order.
James Epstein

Jill C. Bender. The 1857 Indian Uprising and the British Empire.
Elizabeth Kolsky

Marc W. Steinberg. England's Great Transformation: Law, Labor, and the Industrial Revolution.
Jamie L. Bronstein

Wendie Ellen Schneider. Engines of Truth: Producing Veracity in the Victorian Courtroom.
Susie L. Steinbach

Sarah Amato. Beastly Possessions: Animals in Victorian Consumer Culture.
John Plotz

James Nott. Going to the Palais: A Social and Cultural History of Dancing and Dance Halls in Britain, 1918–1960.
Peter Bailey

Kennetta Hammond Perry. London Is the Place for Me: Black Britons, Citizenship, and the Politics of Race.
Daniel Gorman

Caitriona Clear. Women's Voices in Ireland: Women's Magazines in the 1950s and 60s.
Clíona Murphy

E. Claire Cage. Unnatural Frenchmen: The Politics of Priestly Celibacy and Marriage, 1720–1815.
Roderick Phillips

Richard Taws. The Politics of the Provisional: Art and Ephemera in Revolutionary France.
Kenneth Margerison

Emmet Kennedy. Abbé Sicard's Deaf Education: Empowering the Mute, 1785–1820.
Karen E. Carter

Caroline Campbell. Political Belief in France, 1927–1945: Gender, Empire, and Fascism in the Croix de Feu and Parti Social Français.
Margaret H. Darrow

Dorothea Bohnekamp. De Weimar à Vichy: Les Juifs d'Allemagne en république, 1918–1940/44.
Seth Armus

Dominique Janicaud. Heidegger in France.
Tom Rockmore

Pierre Birnbaum. Léon Blum: Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist.
Shulamit Volkov

Daniella Doron. Jewish Youth and Identity in Postwar France: Rebuilding Family and Nation.
Renée Poznanski

Jean-Philippe Dedieu. La parole immigrée: Les migrants africains dans l'espace public en France (1960–1995).
Félix Germain

Claire Juddede Larivière. La révolte des boules de neige: Murano face à Venise, 1511.
Edward Muir

Diego Carnevale. L'affare dei morti: Mercato funerario, politica e gestione della sepoltura a Napoli (secoli XVII–XIX).
Gabriel Guarino

Daniel Jütte. The Age of Secrecy: Jews, Christians, and the Economy of Secrets, 1400–1800.
William Eamon

Karen Hagemann. Revisiting Prussia's Wars against Napoleon: History, Culture and Memory.
Mary Lindemann

Stephen G. Gross. Export Empire: German Soft Power in Southeastern Europe, 1890–1945.
Jonas Scherner

Despina Stratigakos. Hitler at Home.
Gavriel D. Rosenfeld

Kerstinvon Lingen. Allen Dulles, the OSS, and Nazi War Criminals: The Dynamics of Selective Prosecution.
Hilary Earl

Deborah Pearl. Creating a Culture of Revolution: Workers and the Revolutionary Movement in Late Imperial Russia.
Derek Offord

Rebecca Mitchell. Nietzsche's Orphans: Music, Metaphysics, and the Twilight of the Russian Empire.
Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal

Alfred J. Rieber. Stalin and the Struggle for Supremacy in Eurasia.
David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye

Robert Dale. Demobilized Veterans in Late Stalinist Leningrad: Soldiers to Civilians.
Donald Filtzer

Christine Varga-Harris. Stories of House and Home: Soviet Apartment Life during the Khrushchev Years.
Lisa A. Kirschenbaum

Middle East and Northern Africa

Nadia Maria El-Cheikh. Women, Islam, and Abbasid Identity.
Denise A. Spellberg

Miri Shefer-Mossensohn. Science among the Ottomans: The Cultural Creation and Exchange of Knowledge.
Birsen Bulmuş

Kevin W. Martin. Syria's Democratic Years: Citizens, Experts, and Media in the 1950s.
Sherene Seikaly

Joel Beinin. Workers and Thieves: Labor Movements and Popular Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt; David De Vries. Strike Action and Nation Building: Labor Unrest in Palestine/Israel, 1899–1951.
Mériam N. Belli

Jennifer Johnson. The Battle for Algeria: Sovereignty, Health Care, and Humanitarianism.
Amelia H. Lyons

Sub-Saharan Africa

Anna Greenwood and Harshad Topiwala. Indian Doctors in Kenya, 1895–1940: The Forgotten History.
Donna A. Patterson

Sarah Van Beurden. Authentically African: Arts and the Transnational Politics of Congolese Culture.
Jean-Luc Vellut

Jeanne Marie Penvenne. Women, Migration, and the Cashew Economy in Southern Mozambique, 1945–1975.
Jane L. Parpart

Mhoze Chikowero. African Music, Power and Being in Colonial Zimbabwe.
James Burns

Allison K. Shutt. Manners Make a Nation: Racial Etiquette in Southern Rhodesia, 1910–1963.
Corrie Decker

Luise White. Unpopular Sovereignty: Rhodesian Independence and African Decolonization.
Norma Kriger

Graham Dominy. Last Outpost on the Zulu Frontiers: Fort Napier and the British Imperial Garrison.
Stephen M. Miller

Anne-Maria Makhulu. Making Freedom: Apartheid, Squatter Politics, and the Struggle for Home.
Richard Tomlinson

Collected Essays


Jürgen Kocka and Marcelvander Linden, editors. Capitalism: The Reemergence of a Historical Concept.


Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak and Jeffrey F. Hamburger, editors. Sign and Design: Script as Image in Cross-Cultural Perspective (300–1600 CE).

Eckart Conze, Martin Klimke, and Jeremy Varon, editors. Nuclear Threats, Nuclear Fear, and the Cold War of the 1980s.

Anne-Marie Kilday and David Nash, editors. Law, Crime and Deviance since 1700: Micro-Studies in the History of Crime.

Martin Klimke, Reinhild Kreis, and Christian F. Ostermann, editors. Trust, but Verify: The Politics of Uncertainty and the Transformation of the Cold War Order, 1969–1991.

Christian Wiese and Cornelia Wilhelm, editors. American Jewry: Transcending the European Experience?

Canada and the United States

Michael Nelson, Barbara A. Perry, and Russell L. Riley, editors. 42: Inside the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

Bevan Sewell and Maria Ryan, editors. Foreign Policy at the Periphery: The Shifting Margins of US International Relations since World War II.

Andrew L. Slap and Frank Towers, editors. Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era.

Patrick Spero and Michael Zuckerman, editors. The American Revolution Reborn.

David K. Wiggins and Ryan A. Swanson, editors. Separate Games: African American Sport behind the Walls of Segregation.

Europe: Ancient and Medieval

J. P. Bowen and A. T. Brown, editors. Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society: Revisiting Tawney and Postan.

Adrian Jobson, editor. Baronial Reform and Revolution in England, 1258–1267.

Brooke Shilling and Paul Stephenson, editors. Fountains and Water Culture in Byzantium.

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Simon Avery and Katherine M. Graham, editors. Sex, Time and Place: Queer Histories of London, c. 1850 to the Present.

Christoph Becker-Schaum, Philipp Gassert, Martin Klimke, Wilfried Mausbach, and Marianne Zepp, editors. The Nuclear Crisis: The Arms Race, Cold War Anxiety, and the German Peace Movement of the 1980s.

Jason Coy, Jared Poley, and Alexander Schunka, editors. Migrations in the German Lands, 1500–2000.

Barbara B. Diefendorf, editor. Social Relations, Politics, and Power in Early Modern France: Robert Descimon and the Historian's Craft.

Geoff Eley, Jennifer L. Jenkins, and Tracie Matysik, editors. German Modernities from Wilhelm to Weimar: A Contest of Futures.

Claudio Fogu, Wulf Kansteiner, and Todd Presner, editors. Probing the Ethics of Holocaust Culture.

Regina Fritz, Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe, and Jana Starek, editors. Alma Mater Antisemitica: Akademisches Milieu, Juden und Antisemitismus an den Universitäten Europas zwischen 1918 und 1939.

Jay Howard Geller and Leslie Morris, editors. Three-Way Street: Jews, Germans, and the Transnational.

Andreas Hedwig, Christoph Kampmann, and Karl Murk, editors. Bündnisse und Friedensschlüsse in Hessen: Aspekte friedenssichernder und friedensstiftender Politik der Landgrafschaft Hessen im Mittelalter und in der Neuzeit.

Avi Lifschitz, editor. Engaging with Rousseau: Reaction and Interpretation from the Eighteenth Century to the Present.

Anne-Marie Pathé and Fabien Théofilakis, editors. Wartime Captivity in the Twentieth Century: Archives, Stories, Memories.

Documents and Bibliographies

Documents and Bibliographies

Other Books Received

Other Books Received

Digital Primary Sources

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