The American Historical Review 123 (2018), 3

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The American Historical Review 123 (2018), 3
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Washington DC [u.a.] 2018: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
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Wolff, Sarah


In This Issue

In This Issue

From the Editor’s Desk

From the Editor’s Desk: All Apologies

History Unclassified

What Form Can History Take Today? New Voices in the AHR

Cities, Time, and the Backward Glance
Taymiya R. Zaman

AHR Reflections: 1968


The U.S. 1968: Third-Worldism, Feminisms, and Liberalism
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu

Black Liberation and 1968
Donna Murch

Did China Have a 1968?
Jeffrey Wasserstrom

The Fate of All of Us: African Counterrevolutions and the Ends of 1968
Jean Allman

The Slow Revolution: May 1968 in the Arab World
Yoav Di-Capua

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”: Mexico ’68 and the Winter of Revolutionary Discontent
Deborah Cohen; Lessie Frazier

Beneath the Troubles, the Cobblestones: Recovering the “Buried” Memory of Northern Ireland’s 1968
Chris Reynolds

Germany’s 1968 and Its Enemies
Quinn Slobodian

“Women’s 1968 Is Not Yet Over”: The Capture of Speech and the Gendering of 1968 in Europe
Maud Anne Bracke

Tactics of Refusal: Idioms of Protest and Political Subjectivities in Italy’s “1968 Years”
Nico Pizzolato

The Utopian Rationalism of the Prague Spring of 1968
Jiří Suk

1968 in Poland: The Rebellion on the Other Side of the Looking Glass
Marcin Zaremba

Canada’s “1968” and Historical Sensibilities
Bryan D. Palmer

AHR Forum: Vernacular Ways of Knowing

Introduction: Breaking the Law of the Preservation of Energy of Historians
Camilla Townsend

Bereft, Selfish, and Hungry: Greater Luhyia Concepts of the Poor in Precolonial East Africa
Rhiannon Stephens

Written into Submission: Reassessing Sovereignty through a Forgotten Eurasian Dynasty
James Pickett

The Waves of Heterotopia: Toward a Vernacular Intellectual History of the Indian Ocean
Nile Green

AHR Reappraisal

Crooked Lines of Relevance: Europe and the People without History, by Eric R. Wolf
Pekka Hämäläinen

Documentary History Reviews

Documentary History Reviews: Introductory Note

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952–1954, Iran, 1951–1954 (retrospective volume). Editor: James C. Van Hook.
Malcolm Byrne

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977–1980. Volume XV: Central America, 1977–1980. Editor: Nathaniel L. Smith.
Kirsten Weld

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977–1980. Volume XVI: Southern Africa. Editor: Myra F. Burton.
Nancy Mitchell

Featured Reviews

Paul Cronin, editor. A Time to Stir: Columbia ’68.
Jeremy Varon

Jonathan Israel. The Expanding Blaze: How the American Revolution Ignited the World, 1775–1848.
Janet Polasky

Corey Ross. Ecology and Power in the Age of Empire: Europe and the Transformation of the Tropical World.
Edward D. Melillo

Reviews of Books


James Belich, John Darwin, Margret Frenz, and Chris Wickham, editors. The Prospect of Global History.
Diego Olstein

Jeffrey Andrew Barash. Collective Memory and the Historical Past.
Mark Rifkin

Martin Jay. Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory.
Gerald Izenberg

Gavin Walker. The Sublime Perversion of Capital: Marxist Theory and the Politics of History in Modern Japan.
Christopher L. Hill

Bill Kissane. Nations Torn Asunder: The Challenge of Civil War.
Matthew Neufeld

Vicente L. Rafael. Motherless Tongues: The Insurgency of Language amid Wars of Translation.
Michael C. Hawkins

Francis Chateauraynaud and Yves Cohen, editors. Histoires pragmatiques.
Dinah Ribard


M. Cecilia Gaposchkin. Invisible Weapons: Liturgy and the Making of Crusade Ideology.
Andrew Jotischky

Ernesto Bassi. An Aqueous Territory: Sailor Geographies and New Granada’s Transimperial Greater Caribbean World.
Adrian Pearce

Armin Mattes. Citizens of a Common Intellectual Homeland: The Transatlantic Origins of American Democracy and Nationhood.
Maurizio Valsania

Fahad Ahmad Bishara. A Sea of Debt: Law and Economic Life in the Western Indian Ocean, 1780–1950.
Pedro Machado

Sally McKee. The Exile’s Song: Edmond Dédé and the Unfinished Revolutions of the Atlantic World.
Jon Sensbach

James Q. Whitman. Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law.
S. Jonathan Wiesen

Judith A. Bennett and Angela Wanhalla, editors. Mothers’ Darlings of the South Pacific: The Children of Indigenous Women and U.S. Servicemen, World War II.
Victoria L. Grieves

Randall M. Packard. A History of Global Health: Interventions into the Lives of Other Peoples.
Ian Read

Dagmar Herzog. Cold War Freud: Psychoanalysis in an Age of Catastrophes.
Peter Mandler


Bérénice Guyot -Réchard. Shadow States: India, China and the Himalayas, 1910–1962.
Tansen Sen

Ashley Eva Millar. A Singular Case: Debating China’s Political Economy in the European Enlightenment.
Michael Keevak

Yulian Wu. Luxurious Networks: Salt Merchants, Status, and Statecraft in Eighteenth-Century China.
Seunghyun Han

Maggie Clinton. Revolutionary Nativism: Fascism and Culture in China, 1925–1937.
Charles D. Musgrove

Xiaoping Cong. Marriage, Law, and Gender in Revolutionary China, 1940–1960.
Wang Zheng

Carter J. Eckert. Park Chung Hee and Modern Korea: The Roots of Militarism, 1866–1945.
Bruce Cumings

Lisa Yoneyama. Cold War Ruins: Transpacific Critique of American Justice and Japanese War Crimes.
Michael A. Barnhart

Sandra Wilson, Robert Cribb, Beatrice Trefalt, and Dean Aszkielowicz. Japanese War Criminals: The Politics of Justice after the Second World War.
Lee K. Pennington

Michael Lucken. The Japanese and the War: Expectation, Perception, and the Shaping of Memory.
Tom Havens

Thuy Linh Nguyen. Childbirth, Maternity, and Medical Pluralism in French Colonial Vietnam, 1880–1945.
Margaret Cook Andersen

Heather Streets-Salter. World War One in Southeast Asia: Colonialism and Anticolonialism in an Era of Global Conflict.
Mark W. McLeod

Canada and the United States

Erika Gasser. Vexed with Devils: Manhood and Witchcraft in Old and New England.
Lisa Wilson

Eli Lederhendler. American Jewry: A New History.
Lila Corwin Berman

Andrea L. Smalley. Wild by Nature: North American Animals Confront Colonization.
Anya Zilberstein

Jennifer Van Horn. The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America.
Rebecca Zurier

Kenneth E. Lewis. The Carolina Backcountry Venture: Tradition, Capital, and Circumstance in the Development of Camden and the Wateree Valley, 1740–1810.
Emma Hart

Joyce D. Goodfriend. Who Should Rule at Home? Confronting the Elite in British New York City.
Thomas J. Humphrey

Justin du Rivage. Revolution against Empire: Taxes, Politics, and the Origins of American Independence.
Carla J. Mulford

William Harrison Taylor. Unity in Christ and Country: American Presbyterians in the Revolutionary Era, 1758–1801.
James B. Bell

Eric Hinderaker. Boston’s Massacre.
Jacqueline Barbara Carr

Mitch Kachun. First Martyr of Liberty: Crispus Attucks in American Memory.
Beverly C. Tomek

Marie Jenkins Schwartz. Ties That Bound: Founding First Ladies and Slaves.
Jennifer Oast

Tom Cutterham. Gentlemen Revolutionaries: Power and Justice in the New American Republic.
Paul Douglas Newman

Maurizio Valsania. Jefferson’s Body: A Corporeal Biography.
Janet Moore Lindman

Nicholas Guyatt. Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation.
Sean P. Harvey

Richard D. Brown. Self-Evident Truths: Contesting Equal Rights from the Revolution to the Civil War.
Robert G. Parkinson

J. P. Clark. Preparing for War: The Emergence of the Modern U.S. Army, 1815–1917.
Graham Cross

Gregory Nobles. John James Audubon: The Nature of the American Woodsman.
Christoph Irmscher

Christina Snyder. Great Crossings: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in the Age of Jackson.
Tiya Miles

Robin C. Sager. Marital Cruelty in Antebellum America.
Rachel Hope Cleves

Brent M. Rogers. Unpopular Sovereignty: Mormons and the Federal Management of Early Utah Territory.
David Walker

Jonathan W. White. Midnight in America: Darkness, Sleep, and Dreams during the Civil War.
Jane E. Schultz

Thomas F. Army Jr. Engineering Victory: How Technology Won the Civil War.
Robert G. Angevine

David Silkenat. Driven from Home: North Carolina’s Civil War Refugee Crisis.
Brooks D. Simpson

Lee A. Farrow. Seward’s Folly: A New Look at the Alaska Purchase.
Galen Roger Perras

Krister Dylan Knapp. William James: Psychical Research and the Challenge of Modernity.
Christopher G. White

Paula S. Fass. The End of American Childhood: A History of Parenting from Life on the Frontier to the Managed Child.
Amy Laura Hall

Nancy Raquel Mirabal. Suspect Freedoms: The Racial and Sexual Politics of Cubanidad in New York, 1823–1957.
Melanie Shell-Weiss

David E. Goldberg. The Retreats of Reconstruction: Race, Leisure, and the Politics of Segregation at the New Jersey Shore, 1865–1920.
Amy G. Richter

Hidetaka Hirota. Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy.
Robert S. Chang

Guenter B. Risse. Driven by Fear: Epidemics and Isolation in San Francisco’s House of Pestilence.
Michelle T. Moran

Christian Olaf Christiansen. Progressive Business: An Intellectual History of the Role of Business in American Society.
Robert Van Horn

Noam Maggor. Brahmin Capitalism: Frontiers of Wealth and Populism in America’s First Gilded Age.
Dan Bouk

Mehrsa Baradaran. The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap.
Robert E. Weems, Jr.

Sarah Haley. No Mercy Here: Gender, Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity.
Michelle Nickerson

Annette Louise Bickford. Southern Mercy: Empire and American Civilization in Juvenile Reform, 1890–1944.
Karin L. Zipf

Michael Kazin. War against War: The American Fight for Peace, 1914–1918.
Chad R. Fulwider

William G. Ross. World War I and the American Constitution.
Robert E. Hannigan

Keona K. Ervin. Gateway to Equality: Black Women and the Struggle for Economic Justice in St. Louis.
LaShawn Harris

James R. Barrett. History from the Bottom Up and the Inside Out: Ethnicity, Race, and Identity in Working-Class History.
Robert Cassanello

Dennis A. Doyle. Psychiatry and Racial Liberalism in Harlem, 1936–1968; Gabriel N. Mendes. Under the Strain of Color: Harlem’s Lafargue Clinic and the Promise of an Antiracist Psychiatry.
Martin Halliwell

Dayna L. Barnes. Architects of Occupation: American Experts and the Planning for Postwar Japan.
Jessica Elkind

James C. Enns. Saving Germany: North American Protestants and Christian Mission to West Germany, 1945–1974.
Mark Silk

Alison Isenberg. Designing San Francisco: Art, Land, and Urban Renewal in the City by the Bay.
Ocean Howell

Anke Ortlepp. Jim Crow Terminals: The Desegregation of American Airports.
William E. O’Brien

Howard Jones. My Lai: Vietnam, 1968, and the Descent into Darkness.
Kevin M. Boylan

David L. Parsons. Dangerous Grounds: Antiwar Coffeehouses and Military Dissent in the Vietnam Era.
Michael Stewart Foley

Jessica M. Frazier. Women’s Antiwar Diplomacy during the Vietnam War Era.
Allison Varzally

Tom Adam Davies. Mainstreaming Black Power.
Michael Woodsworth

Valerie Neal. Spaceflight in the Shuttle Era and Beyond: Redefining Humanity’s Purpose in Space.
Steven J. Dick

María Cristina García. The Refugee Challenge in Post–Cold War America.
S. Deborah Kang

Caribbean and Latin America

Bianca Premo. The Enlightenment on Trial: Ordinary Litigants and Colonialism in the Spanish Empire.
Michelle A. McKinley

Brian R. Hamnett. The End of Iberian Rule on the American Continent, 1770–1830.
Timothy E. Anna

Stefan Rinke. Latin America and the First World War.
Phillip Dehne

Carla Gardina Pestana. The English Conquest of Jamaica: Oliver Cromwell’s Bid for Empire.
L. H. Roper

Pablo F. Gómez. The Experiential Caribbean: Creating Knowledge and Healing in the Early Modern Atlantic.
Jennifer L. Lambe

Daniel B. Rood. The Reinvention of Atlantic Slavery: Technology, Labor, Race, and Capitalism in the Greater Caribbean.
James Alexander Dun

Elizabeth S. Manley. The Paradox of Paternalism: Women and the Politics of Authoritarianism in the Dominican Republic.
Eric Paul Roorda

Katherine Paugh. The Politics of Reproduction: Race, Medicine, and Fertility in the Age of Abolition; Sasha Turner. Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, Childrearing, and Slavery in Jamaica.
Juanita De Barros

Robert A. Karl. Forgotten Peace: Reform, Violence, and the Making of Contemporary Colombia.
James D. Henderson

Herbert S. Klein and Francisco Vidal Luna. Brazil, 1964–1985: The Military Regimes of Latin America in the Cold War.
Michael L. Conniff

Orlando Bentancor. The Matter of Empire: Metaphysics and Mining in Colonial Peru.
Daniel Nemser

Kevin A. Young. Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia.
Marc Becker

Stephen C. Cote. Oil and Nation: A History of Bolivia’s Petroleum Sector.
William W. Culver

Antje Schnoor. Gehorchen und Gestalten: Jesuiten zwischen Demokratie und Diktatur in Chile, 1962–1983.
Oliver Grasmück

Patrick Barr-Melej. Psychedelic Chile: Youth, Counterculture, and Politics on the Road to Socialism and Dictatorship.
Heidi Tinsman

Vania Markarian. Uruguay, 1968: Student Activism from Global Counterculture to Molotov Cocktails.
Anton Rosenthal

Europe: Ancient and Medieval

Emily A. Hemelrijk. Hidden Lives, Public Personae: Women and Civic Life in the Roman West.
Julie Langford

John B. Freed. Frederick Barbarossa: The Prince and the Myth.
John Eldevik

Levi Roach. Æthelred: The Unready.
A. E. Redgate

David Bates. William the Conqueror.
Craig M. Nakashian

Marcia Kupfer. Art and Optics in the Hereford Map: An English Mappa Mundi, c. 1300.
Alfred Hiatt

Martin Heale. The Abbots and Priors of Late Medieval and Reformation England.
Tim Cooper

Iain A. MacInnes. Scotland’s Second War of Independence, 1332–1357.
Michael Prestwich

Benjamin R. Gampel. Anti-Jewish Riots in the Crown of Aragon and the Royal Response, 1391–1392.
Paola Tartakoff

Joanna Carraway Vitiello. Public Justice and the Criminal Trial in Late Medieval Italy: Reggio Emilia in the Visconti Age.
Thomas Kuehn

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Joel Mokyr. A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy.
Henry C. Clark

Maria Ågren, editor. Making a Living, Making a Difference: Gender and Work in Early Modern European Society.
Deborah Simonton

Avner Offer and Gabriel Söderberg. The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn.
Harro Maas

Buchanan Sharp. Famine and Scarcity in Late Medieval and Early Modern England: The Regulation of Grain Marketing, 1256–1631.
Paul Slack

Martin Ingram. Carnal Knowledge: Regulating Sex in England, 1470–1600.
Cynthia B. Herrup

Peter Marshall. Heretics and Believers: A History of the English Reformation.
Stefania Tutino

Matthew Lockwood. The Conquest of Death: Violence and the Birth of the Modern English State.
Tim Hitchcock

G. H. Cocks. Visions of Sodom: Religion, Homoerotic Desire, and the End of the World in England, c. 1550–1850.
Anna Clark

Anne Stobart. Household Medicine in Seventeenth-Century England.
Lynn Botelho

Adrian Green. Building for England: John Cosin’s Architecture in Renaissance Durham and Cambridge.
Paul M. Hunneyball

John Walter. Covenanting Citizens: The Protestation Oath and Popular Political Culture in the English Revolution.
Ian Gentles

Teresa M. Bejan. Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration.
John Coffey

Rob Iliffe. Priest of Nature: The Religious Worlds of Isaac Newton.
William Gibson

David W. Gutzke and Michael John Law. The Roadhouse Comes to Britain: Drinking, Driving and Dancing, 1925–1955.
Sandra Trudgen Dawson

Philippe Desan. Montaigne: A Life.
Mack P. Holt

Carolyn Chappell Lougee. Facing the Revocation: Huguenot Families, Faith, and the King’s Will.
David Garrioch

Christopher J. Tozzi. Nationalizing France’s Army: Foreign, Black, and Jewish Troops in the French Military, 1715–1831.
Michael Rapport

Libby Murphy. The Art of Survival: France and the Great War Picaresque.
Martha Hanna

Rebecca P. Scales. Radio and the Politics of Sound in Interwar France, 1921–1939.
Sean Kennedy

Caroline Ford. Natural Interests: The Contest over Environment in Modern France.
Kieko Matteson

Valerie Deacon. The Extreme Right in the French Resistance: Members of the Cagoule and Corvignolles in the Second World War.
Daniel Lee

Minayo Nasiali. Native to the Republic: Empire, Social Citizenship, and Everyday Life in Marseille since 1945.
Keith Mann

Jeremy Cohen. A Historian in Exile: Solomon ibn Verga, Shevet Yehudah, and the Jewish-Christian Encounter.
Matthias B. Lehmann

Guya Accornero. The Revolution before the Revolution: Late Authoritarianism and Student Protest in Portugal.
Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses

Francesco Paolo de Ceglia. Il segreto di san Gennaro: Storia naturale di un miracolo napoletano.
David Gentilcore

Sergio Luzzatto. Primo Levi’s Resistance: Rebels and Collaborators in Occupied Italy.
Berel Lang

Ronald S. Calinger. Leonhard Euler: Mathematical Genius in the Enlightenment.
Douglas M. Jesseph

Robert C. Holub. Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem: Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism.
Alan Levenson

Ernst Langthaler. Schlachtfelder: Alltägliches Wirtschaften in der nationalsozialistischen Agrargesellschaft, 1938–1945.
Stefanie Fischer

Jeffrey Herf. Undeclared Wars with Israel: East Germany and the West German Far Left, 1967–1989.
Pertti Ahonen

Kristina Spohr. The Global Chancellor: Helmut Schmidt and the Reshaping of the International Order.
Wilfried Loth

John C. Swanson. Tangible Belonging: Negotiating Germanness in Twentieth-Century Hungary.
Ian D. Armour

András Fejérdy. Pressed by a Double Loyalty: Hungarian Attendance at the Second Vatican Council, 1959–1965.
Árpád von Klimó

James Lyon. Serbia and the Balkan Front, 1914: The Outbreak of the Great War.
Graydon A. Tunstall

Nancy Shields Kollmann. The Russian Empire, 1450–1801.
Janet Hartley

G. M. Hamburg. Russia’s Path toward Enlightenment: Faith, Politics, and Reason, 1500–1801.
Andrei Zorin

Vera Kaplan. Historians and Historical Societies in the Public Life of Imperial Russia.
Alexey Miller

Laura Engelstein. Russia in Flames: War, Revolution, Civil War, 1914–1921.
Joshua Sanborn

Nigel A. Raab. All Shook Up: The Shifting Soviet Response to Catastrophes, 1917–1991.
Andy Bruno

Golfo Alexopoulos. Illness and Inhumanity in Stalin’s Gulag.
Dan Healey

Chris Miller. The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy: Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the USSR.
William Taubman

Middle East and Northern Africa

H. Erdem Çıpa. The Making of Selim: Succession, Legitimacy, and Memory in the Early Modern Ottoman World.
Christine Isom-Verhaaren

John Chalcraft. Popular Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East.
Jonathan B. Isacoff

Johan Mathew. Margins of the Market: Trafficking and Capitalism across the Arabian Sea.
Ravi Arvind Palat

Will Hanley. Identifying with Nationality: Europeans, Ottomans, and Egyptians in Alexandria.
Hoda Yousef

François Georgeon. Le mois le plus long: Ramadan à Istanbul de l’Empire ottoman à la Turquie contemporaine.
Edhem Eldem

Hanan Hammad. Industrial Sexuality: Gender, Urbanization, and Social Transformation in Egypt.
Hibba Abugideiri

Guy Laron. The Six-Day War: The Breaking of the Middle East.
Craig Daigle

Sub-Saharan Africa

Vincent Hiribarren. A History of Borno: Trans-Saharan African Empire to Failing Nigerian State.
Toyin Falola

Ruth Ginio. The French Army and Its African Soldiers: The Years of Decolonization.
David Robinson

Kwame Essien. Brazilian-African Diaspora in Ghana: The Tabom, Slavery, Dissonance of Memory, Identity, and Locating Home.
Darién J. Davis

Lynn Schler. Nation on Board: Becoming Nigerian at Sea.
Chima J. Korieh

Richard J. Reid. A History of Modern Uganda.
Ronald R. Atkinson

Giacomo Macola. The Gun in Central Africa: A History of Technology and Politics.
Daniel R. Headrick

Collected Essays
Collected Essays

Documents and Bibliographies
Documents and Bibliographies

Other Books Received
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Digital Primary Sources
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