The American Historical Review 126 (2021), 2

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The American Historical Review 126 (2021), 2

Washington DC [u.a.] 2021: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers



American Historical Review (AHR)
United States
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Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Walking While Indian, Walking While Black: Policing in a Colonial City
Sylvia Sellers-García

The Unexceptional State: Rethinking the State in the Nineteenth Century (France, United States)
Nicolas Barreyre; Claire Lemercier

Europe’s Forgotten Unfinished Revolution: Peasant Power, Social Mobilization, and Communism in the Southern Italian Countryside, 1943–45
Rosario Forlenza

“Toilet Paper Panic”: Uncertainty and Insecurity in Early 1970s Japan
Eiko Maruko Siniawer

The Empire Strikes Back from Within: Colonial Liberation and the Korean Minority Question at the Birth of Postwar Japan, 1945–47
Deokhyo Choi

“A Genius without Direction”: The Abortive Exile of Dugmore Boetie and the Fate of Southern African Refugees in a Decolonizing Africa
Benjamin N. Lawrance; Vusumuzi R. Kumalo

Grassroots Glasnost: Experimental Art, Participation, and Civic Life in 1980s East Berlin
Briana J. Smith


“The Vanished Power of the Usual Reign”: Jackson Lears, No Place of Grace, and the Struggle for Hegemony in History
Andrew Seal


Community-Engaged History: A Reflection on the 100th Anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre
Karlos K. Hill

On Silence and History
Lilia Topouzova

Darkness at Noon: On History, Narrative, and Domestic Violence
Joy Neumeyer

An Illumination of a Floating World
William Gallois


Robert Trent Vinson. Albert Luthuli.
Steve Davis

Paul Bjerk. Julius Nyerere.
Andrew Ivaska

Peter Karibe Mendy. Amílcar Cabral: A Nationalist and Pan-Africanist Revolutionary.
Aharon de Grassi

Allen Isaacman and Barbara Isaacman. Mozambique’s Samora Machel: A Life Cut Short.

Sue Onslow and Martin Plaut. Robert Mugabe.
Teresa Barnes

Adekeye Adebajo. Thabo Mbeki.
Colin Bundy

Pamela Scully. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Mary H. Moran


Colin Koopman. How We Became Our Data: A Genealogy of the Informational Person.
Hallam Stevens

Andrew A. Robichaud. Animal City: The Domestication of America.
Jessica Wang

Sarah Milov. The Cigarette: A Political History.
Barbara Hahn

Marixa Lasso. Erased: The Untold Story of the Panama Canal.
Catherine C. LeGrand

David Sorkin. Jewish Emancipation: A History across Five Centuries.
Marsha Rozenblit

Kirsten L. Ziomek. Lost Histories: Recovering the Lives of Japan’s Colonial Peoples.
Alice Y. Tseng

Emma Kuby. Political Survivors: The Resistance, the Cold War, and the Fight against Concentration Camps after 1945.
Rebecca Clifford

Allan J. Lichtman. Repeal the Second Amendment: The Case for a Safer America; Jennifer Tucker, Barton C. Hacker, and Margaret Vining, editors. A Right to Bear Arms? The Contested Role of History in Contemporary Debates on the Second Amendment.
Nathan R. Kozuskanich

Giuliana Chamedes. A Twentieth-Century Crusade: The Vatican’s Battle to Remake Christian Europe.
Michael E. O’Sullivan

Eren Tasar. Soviet and Muslim: The Institutionalization of Islam in Central Asia.
Jeff Eden

Eugene McCarraher. The Enchantments of Mammon: How Capitalism Became the Religion of Modernity.
Alexia M. Yates



Amin Samman. History in Financial Times.
Joel Isaac

Nolan Bennett. The Claims of Experience: Autobiography and American Democracy.
Myra C. Glenn


Rob Boddice. A History of Feelings.
Barbara H. Rosenwein

Matthew R. Bahar. Storm of the Sea: Indians and Empires in the Atlantic’s Age of Sail.
Jeffers Lennox

Amanda Nettelbeck. Indigenous Rights and Colonial Subjecthood: Protection and Reform in the Nineteenth-Century British Empire.
Richard Broome

Andrea E. Duffy. Nomad’s Land: Pastoralism and French Environmental Policy in the Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean World.
Peter S. Soppelsa

Hilary M. Carey. Empire of Hell: Religion and the Campaign to End Convict Transportation in the British Empire, 1788–1875.
Dorice Williams Elliott

Kevin Grant. Last Weapons: Hunger Strikes and Fasts in the British Empire, 1890–1948.
Antoinette Burton

John P. R. Eicher. Exiled Among Nations: German and Mennonite Mythologies in a Transnational Age.
Mark Jantzen

Ricky W. Law. Transnational Nazism: Ideology and Culture in German-Japanese Relations, 1919–1936.
Christian W. Spang

Sharon Marcus. The Drama of Celebrity.
Mary Lynn Stewart

Mario Keßler. Westemigranten: Deutsche Kommunisten zwischen USA-Exil und DDR.
Catherine Epstein

Gerald Horne. White Supremacy Confronted: U.S. Imperialism and Anti-Communism vs. the Liberation of Southern Africa, from Rhodes to Mandela.
Nicholas Grant


David M. Robinson. In the Shadow of the Mongol Empire: Ming China and Eurasia.
Edward L. Farmer

Charlotte Brooks. American Exodus: Second-Generation Chinese Americans in China, 1901–1949.
Guoqi Xu

Yan Xu. The Soldier Image and State-Building in Modern China, 1924–1945.
Edmund S. K. Fung

Joshua Hill. Voting as a Rite: A History of Elections in Modern China.
Jennifer Altehenger

Hsiao-t’i Li. Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern China.
Patricia Sieber

Evan N. Dawley. Becoming Taiwanese: Ethnogenesis in a Colonial City, 1880s–1950s.
Paul D. Barclay

Ann Marie L. Davis. Imagining Prostitution in Modern Japan, 1850–1913.
Christina Firpo

Jeremy A. Yellen. The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere: When Total Empire Met Total War.
Jessamyn R. Abel

Thongchai Winichakul. Moments of Silence: The Unforgetting of the October 6, 1976, Massacre in Bangkok.
Six Clemens

Vannessa Hearman. Unmarked Graves: Death and Survival in the Anti-Communist Violence in East Java, Indonesia.
John T. Sidel

Nandini Chatterjee. Negotiating Mughal Law: A Family of Landlords across Three Indian Empires.
Richard M. Eaton

Zoltán Biedermann. (Dis)connected Empires: Imperial Portugal, Sri Lankan Diplomacy, and the Making of a Habsburg Conquest in Asia.
Ananya Chakravarti

Canada and the United States

Jürgen Martschukat. American Fatherhood: A History.
Paula S. Fass

Alejandro de la Fuente and Ariela J. Gross. Becoming Free, Becoming Black: Race, Freedom, and Law in Cuba, Virginia, and Louisiana.
Loren Schweninger

Guillaume Teasdale. Fruits of Perseverance: The French Presence in the Detroit River Region, 1701–1815.
Lucy Eldersveld Murphy

James J. Gigantino II. William Livingston’s American Revolution.
Cynthia A. Kierner

Kimberly S. Alexander. Treasures Afoot: Shoe Stories from the Georgian Era.
Catherine E. Kelly

Tamara Venit Shelton. Herbs and Roots: A History of Chinese Doctors in the American Medical Marketplace.
Hilary A. Smith

Owen Whooley. On the Heels of Ignorance: Psychiatry and the Politics of Not Knowing.
James E. Moran

Jessica Wang. Mad Dogs and Other New Yorkers: Rabies, Medicine, and Society in an American Metropolis, 1840–1920.
Susan Craddock

William L. Andrews. Slavery and Class in the American South: A Generation of Slave Narrative Testimony, 1840–1865.
Frank J. Byrne

Brett Malcolm Grainger. Church in the Wild: Evangelicals in Antebellum America.
Robert Elder

Thavolia Glymph. The Women’s Fight: The Civil War's Battles for Home, Freedom, and Nation.
Caroline E. Janney

Sarah Handley-Cousins. Bodies in Blue: Disability in the Civil War North.
Larry M. Logue

Shannon Bontrager. Death at the Edges of Empire: Fallen Soldiers, Cultural Memory, and the Making of an American Nation, 1863–1921.
Thomas J. Brown

Ingrid Dineen-Wimberly. The Allure of Blackness among Mixed-Race Americans, 1862–1916.
Elizabeth M. Smith-Pryor

Dennis Patrick Halpin. A Brotherhood of Liberty: Black Reconstruction and Its Legacies in Baltimore, 1865–1920.
Justin Behrend

Jennifer Graber. The Gods of Indian Country: Religion and the Struggle for the American West.
Joel W. Martin

Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote. Crafting an Indigenous Nation: Kiowa Expressive Culture in the Progressive Era.
Bill Anthes

Thomas J. Lappas. In League against King Alcohol: Native American Women and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, 1874–1933.
Brianna Theobald

Heather P. Venable. How the Few Became the Proud: Crafting the Marine Corps Mystique, 1874–1918.
T. X. Hammes

Jane H. Hong. Opening the Gates to Asia: A Transpacific History of How America Repealed Asian Exclusion.
Yến Lê Espiritu

Maddalena Marinari. Unwanted: Italian and Jewish Mobilization against Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1882–1965.
Kunal M. Parker

Steven Conn. Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: The Sad History of American Business Schools.
Steven Sass

Clifford E. Trafzer. Fighting Invisible Enemies: Health and Medical Transitions among Southern California Indians.
Douglas K. Miller

Karen R. Jones. Calamity: The Many Lives of Calamity Jane.
Brenda Jackson-Abernathy

Rebecca Scofield. Outriders: Rodeo at the Fringes of the American West.
Renee M. Laegreid

Toni Gilpin. The Long Deep Grudge: A Story of Big Capital, Radical Labor, and Class War in the American Heartland.
Lisa Phillips

Paul D. Earl. The Rise and Fall of United Grain Growers: Cooperatives, Market Regulation, and Free Enterprise.
Kerry Badgley

Christina Wolbrecht and J. Kevin Corder. A Century of Votes for Women: American Elections since Suffrage.
Ellen DuBois

Tamara Gene Myers. Youth Squad: Policing Children in the Twentieth Century.
David S. Tanenhaus

Julian Gill-Peterson. Histories of the Transgender Child.
Susan K. Freeman

Leandra Ruth Zarnow. Battling Bella: The Protest Politics of Bella Abzug.
Stacy A. Cordery

Jonathan Rosenberg. Dangerous Melodies: Classical Music in America from the Great War through the Cold War.
Daniel Cavicchi

Tobias Higbie. Labor’s Mind: A History of Working-Class Intellectual Life.
Rosanne Currarino

Paula C. Austin. Coming of Age in Jim Crow DC: Navigating the Politics of Everyday Life.
Elizabeth A. Herbin-Triant

Traci Parker. Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement: Workers, Consumers, and Civil Rights from the 1930s to the 1980s.
Tracey Deutsch

Ansley L. Quiros. God with Us: Lived Theology and the Freedom Struggle in Americus, Georgia, 1942–1976.
Robert Hunt Ferguson

David Hamilton Golland. A Terrible Thing to Waste: Arthur Fletcher and the Conundrum of the Black Republican.
Danielle Wiggins

Brenna Wynn Greer. Represented: The Black Imagemakers Who Reimagined African American Citizenship.
Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff

Danielle Battisti. Whom We Shall Welcome: Italian Americans and Immigration Reform, 1945–1965.
Fraser Ottanelli

Joseph Darda. Empire of Defense: Race and the Cultural Politics of Permanent War.
Randolph B. Persaud

Roger L. Geiger. American Higher Education since World War II: A History.
Johann N. Neem

Shirley Jennifer Lim. Anna May Wong: Performing the Modern.
Mary Desjardins

Peniel E. Joseph. The Sword and the Shield: The Revolutionary Lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.
David Howard-Pitney

Garrett Felber. Those Who Know Don't Say: The Nation of Islam, the Black Freedom Movement, and the Carceral State.
Malachi D. Crawford

Alexander Vazansky. An Army in Crisis: Social Conflict and the U.S. Army in Germany, 1968–1975.
Timothy L. Schroer

Jason Baumann, editor. The Stonewall Reader.
Christina B. Hanhardt

Mario T. Garcia. Father Luis Olivares, a Biography: Faith, Politics, and the Origins of the Sanctuary Movement in Los Angeles.
Timothy Matovina

Lana Dee Povitz. Stirrings: How Activist New Yorkers Ignited a Movement for Food Justice.
Susan Levine

Clayton Howard. The Closet and the Cul-de-Sac: The Politics of Sexual Privacy in Northern California.
Heather Murray

Sarah M. A. Gualtieri. Arab Routes: Pathways to Syrian California.
Pamela E. Pennock

Matthew Frye Jacobson. The Historian’s Eye: Photography, History, and the American Present.
Ian Reifowitz

Caribbean and Latin America

Ryan Dominic Crewe. The Mexican Mission: Indigenous Reconstruction and Mendicant Enterprise in New Spain, 1521–1600.
Karen Melvin

Selwyn R. Cudjoe. The Slave Master of Trinidad: William Hardin Burnley and the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World.
Gelien Matthews

Henrice Altink. Public Secrets: Race and Colour in Colonial and Independent Jamaica.
Dalea Bean

Raanan Rein. Populism and Ethnicity: Peronism and the Jews of Argentina. Joel Horowitz

Europe: Ancient and Medieval

Paul A. Rahe. Sparta’s First Attic War: The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta, 478–446 B.C.
Timothy Donald Doran

Steele Brand. Killing for the Republic: Citizens Soldiers and the Roman Way of War.
Nathan Rosenstein

Joseph F. O’Callaghan. Alfonso X, the Justinian of His Age: Law and Justice in Thirteenth-Century Castile.
Simon R. Doubleday

Brett Whalen. The Two Powers: The Papacy, the Empire, and the Struggle for Sovereignty in the Thirteenth Century.
Anne E. Lester

Thomas W. Barton. Victory’s Shadow: Conquest and Governance in Medieval Catalonia.
Belen Vicens

Ronald G. Musto. Writing Southern Italy before the Renaissance: Trecento Historians of the Mezzogiorno.
Laura K. Morreale

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

James M. Vaughn. The Politics of Empire at the Accession of George III: The East India Company and the Crisis and Transformation of Britain’s Imperial State.
Tillman W. Nechtman

Steven King. Writing the Lives of the English Poor 1750s–1830s.
Tim Hitchcock

Susan E. Whyman. The Useful Knowledge of William Hutton: Culture and Industry in Eighteenth-Century Birmingham.
Jon Stobart

Brenda Assael. The London Restaurant, 1840–1914.
Christel Lane

Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange, and Neil Pemberton. The Invention of the Modern Dog: Breed and Blood in Victorian Britain.
Helen Cowie

Frances Houghton. The Veterans’ Tale: British Military Memoirs of the Second World War.
Martin Francis

Michael John Law. Not Like Home: American Visitors to Britain in the 1950s.
Sean Nixon

Guy Ortolano. Thatcher’s Progress: From Social Democracy to Market Liberalism through an English New Town.
Jeremy Nuttall

Guy Beiner. Forgetful Remembrance: Social Forgetting and Vernacular Historiography of a Rebellion in Ulster.
Mo Moulton

Stephen A. Lazer. State Formation in Early Modern Alsace, 1648–1789.
Julian Swann

Erin-Marie Legacey. Making Space for the Dead: Catacombs, Cemeteries, and the Reimagining of Paris, 1780–1830.
David G. Troyansky

Annette Chapman-Adisho. Patriot and Priest: Jean-Baptiste Volfius and the Constitutional Church in the Côte-d’Or.
Corinne Gressang

Norman Ingram. The War Guilt Problem and the Ligue des droits de l’homme, 1914–1944.
Mona L. Siegel

Robert Holland. The Warm South: How the Mediterranean Shaped the British Imagination.
Eitan Bar-Yosef

Ioanna Iordanou. Venice’s Secret Service: Organizing Intelligence in the Renaissance.
Katlyn Marie Carter

Pierre-Marie Delpu. Un autre Risorgimento: La formation du monde libéral dans le royaume des Deux-Siciles (1815–1856).
Antonino De Francesco

Susan Barton. Internment in Switzerland during the First World War.
Peter H. Hansen

Julia Hell. The Conquest of Ruins: The Third Reich and the Fall of Rome.
Bonnie Effros

Peter C. Caldwell. Democracy, Capitalism, and the Welfare State: Debating Social Order in Postwar West Germany, 1949–1989.
Joachim C. Häberlen

Anna Procyk. Giuseppe Mazzini’s Young Europe and the Birth of Modern Nationalism in the Slavic World.
Marta Verginella

Andrei Cusco. A Contested Borderland: Competing Russian and Romanian Visions of Bessarabia in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century.
Eric Lohr

Roger R. Reese. The Imperial Russian Army in Peace, War, and Revolution, 1856–1917. (Modern War Studies.)
Laurie Stoff

Joan Neuberger. This Thing of Darkness: Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible in Stalin’s Russia.
Joan Titus

Arkadi Zeltser. Unwelcome Memory: Holocaust Monuments in the Soviet Union.
Jelena Subotic

Middle East and Northern Africa

Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh. The Missing Pages: The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript from Genocide to Justice.
Sergio La Porta

Eric H. Cline. Digging Up Armageddon: The Search for the Lost City of Solomon.
Kathleen L. Sheppard

Dina Danon. The Jews of Ottoman Izmir: A Modern History.
Eyal Ginio

Ulrike Freitag. A History of Jeddah: The Gate to Mecca in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.
Fahad Ahmad Bishara

Sub-Saharan Africa

Nimi Wariboko. Ethics and Society in Nigeria: Identity, History, Political Theory.
Olutayo C. Adesina

Jacob Dlamini. The Terrorist Album: Apartheid’s Insurgents, Collaborators, and the Security Police.
Richard Pithouse

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