The American Historical Review 124 (2019), 3

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The American Historical Review 124 (2019), 3
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Washington DC [u.a.] 2019: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
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Wolff, Sarah


In This Issue
In This Issue

From the Editor’s Desk
From the Editor’s Desk: Secrecy and Confidentiality border=


Communicable Disease: Information, Health, and Globalization in the Interwar Period
Heidi J. S. Tworek

The Global Authoritarian Moment and the Revolt against Empire
David Motadel

Colonial Coups and the War on Popular Sovereignty
Abdel Razzaq Takriti

AHR Exchange: Why Ruling Classes Fail


Rethinking the 1 Percent: The Failure of the Nobility in Old Regime France
Jonathan Dewald

Violence and the 1 Percent: The Fall of the Medieval Chinese Aristocracy in Comparison to the Fall of the French Nobility
Nicolas Tackett

The Nobility and the Long-Term Origins of the French Revolution
Timothy Tackett

The Nobility’s Demise: Institutions, Status, and the Role of the State
Gail Bossenga

Rethinking the 1 Percent: A Response
Jonathan Dewald

AHR Roundtable: Re-creating the “Bisbee Deportation” on Film

Benjamin H. Johnson

Reliving Hard History
Rebecca Orozco

Haunted by Trauma
Elliott Young

Specters of Bisbee ’17: Deportees and Outside Agitators
Kenyon Zimmer

Bisbee ’17: Performance through History
Desirée J. Garcia

Advising Bisbee ’17
Katherine Benton-Cohen

History Unclassified

Frantz Fanon and the CIA Man
Thomas Meaney

Not Quite Postcolonial Paris: Imperial Voices, a Kiwi Café, and Black Panther
Rachel Gillett

Historical Fiction Reviews

Historical Fiction Reviews: Introductory Note

Wiley Cash. The Last Ballad.
Beth English

Rachel Seiffert. A Boy in Winter.
Elana Jakel

Peter Kimani. Dance of the Jakaranda.
Sana Aiyar

Featured Reviews

Samuel K. Cohn Jr. Epidemics: Hate and Compassion from the Plague of Athens to AIDS.
Joseph P. Byrne

Odd Arne Westad. The Cold War: A World History.
Masuda Hajimu

Samuel Moyn. Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World.
Frederick Cooper

Sarah E. Igo. The Known Citizen: A History of Privacy in Modern America.
Josh Lauer

Katherine Benton-Cohen. Inventing the Immigration Problem: The Dillingham Commission and Its Legacy.
Vincent J. Cannato

Claire L. Shaw. Deaf in the USSR: Marginality, Community, and Soviet Identity, 1917–1991.
Lewis H. Siegelbaum

Serhii Plokhy. Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe.
Kate Brown

Omer Bartov. Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz; Barbara Engelking. Such a Beautiful Sunny Day . . . : Jews Seeking Refuge in the Polish Countryside, 1942–1945.
Havi Dreifuss

Reviews of Books


Jay Winter. War beyond Words: Languages of Remembrance from the Great War to the Present.
Lucy Noakes


Brian Fagan. Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization.
Kaori O’Connor

Molly A. Warsh. American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492–1700.
Helen Cowie

Jane Hooper. Feeding Globalization: Madagascar and the Provisioning Trade, 1600–1800.
Heather J. Hoag

Mónica Ricketts. Who Should Rule? Men of Arms, the Republic of Letters, and the Fall of the Spanish Empire.
James E. Sanders

Paul-André Rosental, editor. Silicosis: A World History.
Jill Murray

Jonathan M. Hess. Deborah and Her Sisters: How One Nineteenth-Century Melodrama and a Host of Celebrated Actresses Put Judaism on the World Stage.
Joel Berkowitz

Alessandro Stanziani. Labor on the Fringes of Empire: Voice, Exit and the Law.
Preben Kaarsholm

Verity McInnis. Women of Empire: Nineteenth-Century Army Officers’ Wives in India and the U.S. West.
Laurel Clark Shire

Kristine Alexander. Guiding Modern Girls: Girlhood, Empire, and Internationalism in the 1920s and 1930s.
Michelle J. Smith

Or Rosenboim. The Emergence of Globalism: Visions of World Order in Britain and the United States, 1939–1950.
Talbot Imlay

A. James McAdams. Vanguard of the Revolution: The Global Idea of the Communist Party.
Catherine Epstein


Song-Chuan Chen. Merchants of War and Peace: British Knowledge of China in the Making of the Opium War.
Timothy B. Weston

Thomas S. Mullaney, The Chinese Typewriter: A History.
Nick Cullather

Elizabeth McGuire. Red at Heart: How Chinese Communists Fell in Love with the Russian Revolution.
Rebecca E. Karl

Ning Wang. Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness: Political Exile and Re-education in Mao’s China.
Hung-yok Ip

Myungji Yang. From Miracle to Mirage: The Making and Unmaking of the Korean Middle Class, 1960–2015.
Dennis McNamara

Pierre Asselin. Vietnam’s American War: A History.
Stein Tønnesson


Benjamin Wilkie. The Scots in Australia, 1788–1938.
Tanja Bueltmann


Andrew Stuhl. Unfreezing the Arctic: Science, Colonialism, and the Transformation of Inuit Lands.
Janice Cavell

John R. Bockstoce. White Fox and Icy Seas in the Western Arctic: The Fur Trade, Transportation, and Change in the Early Twentieth Century.
Adrian Howkins

Cecilia Morgan. Travellers through Empire: Indigenous Voyages from Early Canada.
Jane Carey

Christabelle Sethna and Steve Hewitt. Just Watch Us: RCMP Surveillance of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Cold War Canada.
Julie Guard

Sharon Block. Colonial Complexions: Race and Bodies in Eighteenth-Century America.
Nora Doyle

Gina M. Martino. Women at War in the Borderlands of the Early American Northeast.
Monica C. Witkowski

Cameron B. Strang. Frontiers of Science: Imperialism and Natural Knowledge in the Gulf South Borderlands, 1500–1850.
Ralph Bauer

Wendy Warren. New England Bound: Slavery and Colonization in Early America.
Justin Roberts

Richard Lyman Bushman. The American Farmer in the Eighteenth Century: A Social and Cultural History.
J. M. Opal

Rob Harper. Unsettling the West: Violence and State Building in the Ohio Valley.
Stephen Warren

Jeanne E. Abrams. First Ladies of the Republic: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the Creation of an Iconic American Role.
Sheila Skemp

Jimmy L. Bryan Jr. The American Elsewhere: Adventure and Manliness in the Age of Expansion.
Tim Fulford

Benjamin E. Park. American Nationalisms: Imagining the Union in the Age of Revolutions, 1783–1833.
David Waldstreicher

Donald K. Grayson. Sex and Death on the Western Emigrant Trail: The Biology of Three American Tragedies.
Anne Hyde

R. J. M. Blackett. The Captive’s Quest for Freedom: Fugitive Slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the Politics of Slavery.
James D. Schmidt

Anne C. Bailey. The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History.
Joseph P. Reidy

Hugh Dubrulle. Ambivalent Nation: How Britain Imagined the American Civil War.
Brent E. Kinser

Andrew F. Lang. In the Wake of War: Military Occupation, Emancipation, and Civil War America.
Joseph M. Beilein, Jr.

Cynthia Nicoletti. Secession on Trial: The Treason Prosecution of Jefferson Davis.
Michael Vorenberg

Rebecca E. Zietlow. The Forgotten Emancipator: James Mitchell Ashley and the Ideological Origins of Reconstruction.
Justin Behrend

Daniel B. Thorp. Facing Freedom: An African American Community in Virginia from Reconstruction to Jim Crow.
Kenneth C. Barnes

Jessica Ziparo. This Grand Experiment: When Women Entered the Federal Workforce in Civil War–Era Washington, D.C.
Lisa Krissoff Boehm

Sara Egge. Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870–1920.
Faye E. Dudden

Erika Pérez. Colonial Intimacies: Interethnic Kinship, Sexuality, and Marriage in Southern California, 1769–1885.
Amy M. Porter

Gillian M. Rodger. Just One of the Boys: Female-to-Male Cross-Dressing on the American Variety Stage.
Amanda Frisken

Marinella Lentis. Colonized through Art: American Indian Schools and Art Education, 1889–1915.
Lisa K. Neuman

Tara Kathleen Kelly. The Hunter Elite: Manly Sport, Hunting Narratives, and American Conservation, 1880–1925.
Monica Rico

Millington W. Bergeson-Lockwood. Race over Party: Black Politics and Partisanship in Late Nineteenth-Century Boston.
David N. Gellman

Ashley Baggett. Intimate Partner Violence in New Orleans: Gender, Race, and Reform, 1840–1900.
Loren Schweninger

David E. Nye. American Illuminations: Urban Lighting, 1800–1920.
Peter C. Baldwin

Lyn Ellen Bennett and Scott Abbott. The Perfect Fence: Untangling the Meanings of Barbed Wire.
John Bezís-Selfa

Beth Lew-Williams. The Chinese Must Go: Violence, Exclusion, and the Making of the Alien in America.
Diana L. Ahmad

Tara M. McCarthy. Respectability and Reform: Irish American Women’s Activism, 1880–1920.
David Brundage

William Kuby. Conjugal Misconduct: Defying Marriage Law in the Twentieth-Century United States.
Nancy F. Cott

Melanie S. Morrison. Murder on Shades Mountain: The Legal Lynching of Willie Peterson and the Struggle for Justice in Jim Crow Birmingham.
Renee Romano

Anders Walker. The Burning House: Jim Crow and the Making of Modern America.
Jennifer Ritterhouse

Dominic A. Pacyga. Slaughterhouse: Chicago’s Union Stock Yard and the World It Made.
Brian McCammack

Harold L. Platt. Sinking Chicago: Climate Change and the Remaking of a Flood-Prone Environment.
Joshua Salzmann

Andrew J. Diamond. Chicago on the Make: Power and Inequality in a Modern City.
D. Bradford Hunt

Daniel J. Vivian. A New Plantation World: Sporting Estates in the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1900–1940.
Jennifer W. Dickey

Molly Ladd-Taylor. Fixing the Poor: Eugenic Sterilization and Child Welfare in the Twentieth Century.
Catherine E. Rymph

Andrew J. Huebner. Love and Death in the Great War.
William A. Taylor

Sarah M. Griffith. The Fight for Asian American Civil Rights: Liberal Protestant Activism, 1900–1950.
Stephanie Hinnershitz

Andrew W. Kahrl. Free the Beaches: The Story of Ned Coll and the Battle for America’s Most Exclusive Shoreline.
N. D. B. Connolly

Michael K. Honey. To the Promised Land: Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice; Jason Sokol. The Heavens Might Crack: The Death and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Adam Fairclough

Christopher W. Schmidt. The Sit-Ins: Protest and Legal Change in the Civil Rights Era.
Melissa Milewski

Natasha Zaretsky. Radiation Nation: Three Mile Island and the Political Transformation of the 1970s.
Anthony Chaney

Mary Ziegler. Beyond Abortion: Roe v. Wade and the Battle for Privacy.
Simone M. Caron

Ashley D. Farmer. Remaking Black Power: How Black Women Transformed an Era.
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Christopher M. Tinson. Radical Intellect: “Liberator” Magazine and Black Activism in the 1960s.
Adam Ewing

Richard A. McKay. Patient Zero and the Making of the AIDS Epidemic.
Stephen Inrig

Sven Beckert and Christine Desan, editors. American Capitalism: New Histories.
Edward J. Balleisen

Sarah Imhoff. Masculinity and the Making of American Judaism.
Jonathan B. Krasner

Anna Zeide. Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry.
Laura J. Miller

Carrie Hyde. Civic Longing: The Speculative Origins of U.S. Citizenship.
Andrew Diemer

Daegan Miller. This Radical Land: A Natural History of American Dissent.
Conner Bailey


Joshua Simon. The Ideology of Creole Revolution: Imperialism and Independence in American and Latin American Political Thought.
Marcela Echeverri

Megan Raby. American Tropics: The Caribbean Roots of Biodiversity Science.
Julia E. Rodriguez

Lillian Guerra. Heroes, Martyrs, and Political Messiahs in Revolutionary Cuba, 1946–1958.
Barry Carr

Michele McArdle Stephens. In the Lands of Fire and Sun: Resistance and Accommodation in the Huichol Sierra, 1723–1930.
Zachary Brittsan

Jeffrey M. Schulze. Are We Not Foreigners Here? Indigenous Nationalism in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.
Karl Jacoby

Edgardo Pérez Morales. No Limits to Their Sway: Cartagena’s Privateers and the Masterless Caribbean in the Age of Revolutions.
Cristóbal Aljovín de Losada

Myrna Ivonne Wallace Fuentes. Most Scandalous Woman: Magda Portal and the Dream of Revolution in Peru.
Susan C. Bourque

Cynthia E. Milton. Conflicted Memory: Military Cultural Interventions and the Human Rights Era in Peru.
Peter Klarén

Steven Hyland Jr. More Argentine Than You: Arabic-Speaking Immigrants in Argentina.
Eduardo Elena


Angelos Chaniotis. Age of Conquests: The Greek World from Alexander to Hadrian.
Sviatoslav Dmitriev

J. G. Manning. The Open Sea: The Economic Life of the Ancient Mediterranean World from the Iron Age to the Rise of Rome.
Darel Tai Engen

Catalina Balmaceda. Virtus Romana: Politics and Memory in the Roman Historians.
Charles E. Muntz

H. A. Drake. A Century of Miracles: Christians, Pagans, Jews, and the Supernatural, 312–410.
Douglas Boin

Ian Peter Grohse. Frontiers for Peace in the Medieval North: The Norwegian-Scottish Frontier, c. 1260–1470.
Bjørn Bandlien

Brian FitzGerald. Inspiration and Authority in the Middle Ages: Prophets and Their Critics from Scholasticism to Humanism.
Wendy Love Anderson

Barbara A. Hanawalt. Ceremony and Civility: Civic Culture in Late Medieval London.
Kate Kelsey Staples

Paula Perlman, editor. Ancient Greek Law in the 21st Century.
Andrew T. Alwine


Richard Ivan Jobs. Backpack Ambassadors: How Youth Travel Integrated Europe.
Patrick Young

Ingrid Sharp and Matthew Stibbe, editors. Women Activists between War and Peace: Europe, 1918–1923.
Allison Scardino Belzer

Edmund Russell. Greyhound Nation: A Coevolutionary History, 1200–1900.
Philip Howell

Jonathan Willis. The Reformation of the Decalogue: Religious Identity and the Ten Commandments in England, c.1485–1625.
Susan Wabuda

Steven Gunn. The English People at War in the Age of Henry VIII.
Mark Charles Fissel

W. B. Patterson. Thomas Fuller: Discovering England’s Religious Past.
Lori Anne Ferrell

Courtney Erin Thomas. If I Lose Mine Honour I Lose Myself: Honour among the Early Modern English Elite.
Fara Dabhoiwala

Ofir Haivry. John Selden and the Western Political Tradition.
Reid Barbour

Rupali Mishra. A Business of State: Commerce, Politics, and the Birth of the East India Company.
Margaret Makepeace

J. C. D. Clark. Thomas Paine: Britain, America, and France in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution.
Wim Klooster

Benjamin Dabby. Women as Public Moralists in Britain: From the Bluestockings to Virginia Woolf.
Claire Eustance

Michael Wintroub. The Voyage of Thought: Navigating Knowledge across the Sixteenth-Century World.
Christine R. Johnson

Peter Sahlins. 1668: The Year of the Animal in France.
Stéphane Van Damme

Michael P. Fitzsimmons. The Place of Words: The Académie Française and Its Dictionary during an Age of Revolution.
Paul Cohen

Laura Anne Kalba. Color in the Age of Impressionism: Commerce, Technology, and Art.
Patricia Mainardi

Andrew Orr. Women and the French Army during the World Wars, 1914–1940.
Thomas Cardoza

Stefanos Geroulanos. Transparency in Postwar France: A Critical History of the Present.
Sarah Shurts

Andrea Rizzi. Vernacular Translators in Quattrocento Italy: Scribal Culture, Authority, and Agency.
Jan Bloemendal

Gary Ferguson. Same-Sex Marriage in Renaissance Rome: Sexuality, Identity, and Community in Early Modern Europe.
Joanne M. Ferraro

Renée Raphael. Reading Galileo: Scribal Technologies and the “Two New Sciences.”
Michael Hunter

Flora Cassen. Marking the Jews in Renaissance Italy: Politics, Religion, and the Power of Symbols.
Bernard Dov Cooperman

Mark Hewitson. Absolute War: Violence and Mass Warfare in the German Lands, 1792–1820; Mark Hewitson. The People’s Wars: Histories of Violence in the German Lands, 1820–1888.
Jasper Heinzen

Jan Vermeiren. The First World War and German National Identity: The Dual Alliance at War.
John Deak

Mirna Zakić. Ethnic Germans and National Socialism in Yugoslavia in World War II.
Gerhard Wolf

Anselma Gallinat. Narratives in the Making: Writing the East German Past in the Democratic Present.
Catherine Plum

Mary Elizabeth Ailes. Courage and Grief: Women and Sweden’s Thirty Years’ War.
Maria Sjöberg

Aryo Makko. Ambassadors of Realpolitik: Sweden, the CSCE and the Cold War.
Patrick Salmon

Piotr H. Kosicki. Catholics on the Barricades: Poland, France, and “Revolution,” 1891–1956.
Carol E. Harrison

Selma Leydesdorff. Sasha Pechersky: Holocaust Hero, Sobibor Resistance Leader, and Hostage of History.
Anika Walke

Judith Szapor. Hungarian Women’s Activism in the Wake of the First World War: From Rights to Revanche.
Melissa Feinberg

Zsolt Nagy. Great Expectations and Interwar Realities: Hungarian Cultural Diplomacy, 1918–1941.
Gergely Romsics

Patrick Lally Michelson. Beyond the Monastery Walls: The Ascetic Revolution in Russian Orthodox Thought, 1814–1914.
Barbara Skinner

Larry E. Holmes. Stalin’s World War II Evacuations: Triumph and Troubles in Kirov.
Seth Bernstein


David Frankfurter. Christianizing Egypt: Syncretism and Local Worlds in Late Antiquity.
Andrew Crislip

Alan Mikhail. Under Osman’s Tree: The Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Environmental History.
Daniel A. Stolz

Michael Provence. The Last Ottoman Generation and the Making of the Modern Middle East.
Frederick Anscombe

Amit Bein. Kemalist Turkey and the Middle East: International Relations in the Interwar Period.
Hasan Kayali

Jacob Lassner. Medieval Jerusalem: Forging an Islamic City in Spaces Sacred to Christians and Jews.
Lev Weitz

Orit Bashkin. Impossible Exodus: Iraqi Jews in Israel.
Peter Wien

Sussan Siavoshi. Montazeri: The Life and Thought of Iran’s Revolutionary Ayatollah.
Camron Michael Amin

Michael Hope. Power, Politics, and Tradition in the Mongol Empire and the Īlkhānate of Iran.
Sara Nur Yıldız


John H. Hanson. The Ahmadiyya in the Gold Coast: Muslim Cosmopolitans in the British Empire.
Assan Sarr

Bianca Murillo. Market Encounters: Consumer Cultures in Twentieth-Century Ghana.
Edmund Abaka

Donald E. Crummey. Farming and Famine: Landscape Vulnerability in Northeast Ethiopia, 1889–1991.
Getnet Bekele

Zachary Kagan Guthrie. Bound for Work: Labor, Mobility, and Colonial Rule in Central Mozambique, 1940–1965.
Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

George Hamandishe Karekwaivanane. The Struggle over State Power in Zimbabwe: Law and Politics since 1950.
Allison K. Shutt

Reinhart Kößler and Henning Melber. Völkermord—und was dann? Die Politik deutsch-namibischer Vergangenheitsbearbeitung.
Christian A. Williams

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