The American Historical Review 126 (2021), 4

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The American Historical Review 126 (2021), 4

Washington DC [u.a.] 2022: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers



American Historical Review (AHR)
United States
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Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Listening to Extinction: Early Conservation Radio Sounds and the Silences of Species
Alexandra Hui

“The Only Industry That Can Make Us Hold Our Own”: Black Agrarianism in South Africa from a Transatlantic Perspective, ca. 1910–1930
Julia Tischler

Africa’s Revolutionary Nineteenth Century and the Idea of the “Scramble”
Richard Reid

Biafras of the Mind: French Postcolonial Humanitarianism in Global Conceptual History
Lasse Heerten

History Can Be Open Source: Democratic Dreams and the Rise of Digital History
Joseph L. Locke; Ben Wright


Beyond 2020: Collecting Time Capsules in a Year of Pandemic
Adam Clulow; Daina Ramey Berry

Lula’s Prison Letters and the Brazilian Presidential Papers: Archives, Readings, and Uses
Luciana Heymann; Alexandre Moreli


France’s Role in the Holocaust Revisited: Marrus and Paxton’s Vichy France and the Jews
Julia S. Torrie


Ambivalent: Photography and Visibility in African History
Jennifer Tucker; Matthew Fox-Amato; Zeynep Devrim Gürsel; Marius Kothor ; Sumathi Ramaswamy ...

Lula and His Politics of Cunning
James R. Barrett; Benjamin A. Cowan; Benito Schmidt; Gay Seidman; John D. French


Céline Carayon. Eloquence Embodied: Nonverbal Communication among French and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas.
Katherine Grandjean

Alan Forrest. The Death of the French Atlantic: Trade, War, and Slavery in the Age of Revolution.
Kenneth Banks

Ian Coller. Muslims and Citizens: Islam, Politics, and the French Revolution.
Alexander Bevilacqua

M. Lindsay Kaplan. Figuring Racism in Medieval Christianity.
Nicole Lopez-Jantzen

Owen Stanwood. The Global Refuge: Huguenots in an Age of Empire.
Diego Pirillo

Partha Chatterjee. I Am the People: Reflections on Popular Sovereignty Today.
Anustup Basu

Jonathan Levy. Ages of American Capitalism: A History of the United States.
Steve Fraser

Elliott Young. Forever Prisoners: How the United States Made the World’s Largest Immigrant Detention System.
Kathleen Mapes

Nicole Dawn Strathman. Through a Native Lens: American Indian Photography; Mick Gidley. The Grass Shall Grow: Helen Post Photographs the Native American West.
Liza Black



Henning Trüper. Orientalism, Philology, and the Illegibility of the Modern World.
Tuska Benes

Etienne S. Benson. Surroundings: A History of Environments and Environmentalisms.
Perrin Selcer

David Vincent. A History of Solitude.
Ira J. Cohen


James L. A. Webb Jr. The Guts of the Matter: A Global History of Human Waste and Infectious Intestinal Disease.
Jamie Benidickson

Bronwen McShea. Apostles of Empire: The Jesuits and New France.
Ana Carolina Hosne

Su Fang Ng. Alexander the Great from Britain to Southeast Asia: Peripheral Empires in the Global Renaissance.
Sugata Ray

Sean Andrew Wempe. Revenants of the German Empire: Colonial Germans, Imperialism, and the League of Nations.
Erik Grimmer-Solem

Kris Alexanderson. Subversive Seas: Anticolonial Networks across the Twentieth-Century Dutch Empire.
Andrew Goss

Leor Halevi. Modern Things on Trial: Islam’s Global and Material Reformation in the Age of Rida, 1865–1935.
Cyrus Schayegh

Michael P. Winship. Hot Protestants: A History of Puritanism in England and America.
Michael Hoberman


Pierre Fuller. Famine Relief in Warlord China.
Patrick Fuliang Shan

Lynn A. Struve. The Dreaming Mind and the End of the Ming World.
Philip A. Kafalas

Oleg Benesch and Ran Zwigenberg. Japan’s Castles: Citadels of Modernity in War and Peace.
William Fleming

Erik Esselstrom. That Distant Country Next Door: Popular Japanese Perceptions of Mao’s China.
Wesley Sasaki-Uemura

Hwansoo Ilmee Kim. The Korean Buddhist Empire: A Transnational History, 1910–1945.
Charles B. Jones

Ali Raza. Revolutionary Pasts: Communist Internationalism in Colonial India.
Sunil Purushotham

Benjamin B. Cohen. An Appeal to the Ladies of Hyderabad: Scandal in the Raj.
Mytheli Sreenivas

David Hardiman. The Nonviolent Struggle for Indian Freedom, 1905–19.
Mithi Mukherjee

Suchetana Chattopadhyay. Voices of Komagata Maru: Imperial Surveillance and Workers from Punjab in Bengal.
Chris Moffat

Uditi Sen. Citizen Refugee: Forging the Indian Nation after Partition.
Gyanesh Kudaisya

Velayutham Saravanan. Water and the Environmental History of Modern India.
Sudipta Sen

Canada and the United States

Raymond B. Blake and Melvin Baker. Where Once They Stood: Newfoundland’s Rocky Road Towards Confederation.
Sean T. Cadigan

Alex Krieger. City on a Hill: Urban Idealism in America from the Puritans to the Present.
Jamin Creed Rowan

Peter C. Mancall. The Trials of Thomas Morton: An Anglican Lawyer, His Puritan Foes, and the Battle for New England.
Richard A. Bailey

Heather Martel. Deadly Virtue: Fort Caroline and the Early Protestant Roots of American Whiteness.
Céline Carayon

Wendell Bird. Criminal Dissent: Persecutions under the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.
Jack N. Rakove

Katie M. Hemphill. Bawdy City: Commercial Sex and Regulation in Baltimore, 1790–1915.
Brian Donovan

Timothy Verhoeven. Secularists, Religion and Government in Nineteenth-Century America.
David Mislin

Susan Nance. Rodeo: An Animal History.
Tracey Hanshew

Holly M. Karibo and George T. Díaz, editors. Border Policing: A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America.
Patrick Ettinger

Stuart Schrader. Badges without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing.
Max Felker-Kantor

Sophie White. Voices of the Enslaved: Love, Labor, and Longing in French Louisiana.
Miles Ogborn

Thomas A. Foster. Rethinking Rufus: Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men.
David Stefan Doddington

Kathleen Weiler. Maria Baldwin’s Worlds: A Story of Black New England and the Fight for Racial Justice.
Alison M. Parker

Nate Holdren. Injury Impoverished: Workplace Accidents, Capitalism, and Law in the Progressive Era.
David Huyssen

Spencer Dew. The Aliites: Race and Law in the Religions of Noble Drew Ali.
S. Kaazim Naqvi

Douglas K. Miller. Indians on the Move: Native American Mobility and Urbanization in the Twentieth Century.
David R. M. Beck

Ryan S. Pettengill. Communists and Community: Activism in Detroit’s Labor Movement, 1941–1956.
Joshua B. Freeman

John L. Rury. Creating the Suburban School Advantage: Race, Localism, and Inequality in an American Metropolis.
Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy

Johanna Fernández. The Young Lords: A Radical History.
Jakobi Williams

John Martin-Joy. Diagnosing from a Distance: Debates over Libel Law, Media, and Psychiatric Ethics from Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump.
Michael Pettit

Michael Camp. Unnatural Resources: Energy and Environmental Politics in Appalachia after the 1973 Oil Embargo.
Robert Lifset

Caribbean and Latin America

Ignacio Martínez. The Intimate Frontier: Friendship and Civil Society in Northern New Spain.
Tracy Brown

Robert Weis. For Christ and Country: Militant Catholic Youth in Post-revolutionary Mexico.
Marisol López-Menéndez

Rajeshwari Dutt. Empire on Edge: The British Struggle for Order in Belize during Yucatán's Caste War, 1847–1901.
Melissa Johnson

Jeffrey L. Gould. Solidarity under Siege: The Salvadoran Labor Movement, 1970–1990.
John D. French

Cristina Soriano. Tides of Revolution: Information, Insurgencies, and the Crisis of Colonial Rule in Venezuela.
Olga Gonzalez-Silen

Andrés Baeza Ruz. Contacts, Collisions and Relationships: Britons and Chileans in the Independence Era, 1806–1831.
Roldán Vera Eugenia

Mir Yarfitz. Impure Migration: Jews and Sex Work in Golden Age Argentina.
Sandra McGee Deutsch

Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec. The Cry of Vertières: Liberation, Memory, and the Beginning of Haiti.
Chelsea Stieber

Johnhenry Gonzalez. Maroon Nation: A History of Revolutionary Haiti.
Elizabeth A Heath

Suman Seth. Difference and Disease: Medicine, Race, and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire; Tim Lockley. Military Medicine and the Making of Race: Life and Death in the West Indies Regiments, 1795–1874.
Katherine Johnston

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Brian Ladd. The Streets of Europe: The Sights, Sounds, and Smells That Shaped Its Great Cities.
Catherine E. Clark

Magda Teter. Blood Libel: On the Trail of an Antisemitic Myth.
Ellie R. Schainker

Joanna Newman. Nearly the New World: The British West Indies and the Flight from Nazism, 1933–1945.
Atina Grossmann

Ben Mercer. Student Revolt in 1968: France, Italy and West Germany.
Timothy Scott Brown

Joshua Bennett. God and Progress: Religion and History in British Intellectual Culture, 1845–1914.
Ian Hesketh

Sarah Roddy, Julie-Marie Strange, and Bertrand Taithe. The Charity Market and Humanitarianism in Britain, 1870–1912.
Caroline Shaw

Laura Schwartz. Feminism and the Servant Problem: Class and Domestic Labour in the Women's Suffrage Movement.
Ellen Ross

Jessica Meyer. An Equal Burden: The Men of the Royal Army Medical Corps in the First World War.
Julie Anderson

Nadja Durbach. Many Mouths: The Politics of Food from the Workhouse to the Welfare State.
Carolyn Steedman

Desmond Fitz-Gibbon. Marketable Values: Inventing the Property Market in Modern Britain.
Paul Johnson

Margaret M. Scull. The Catholic Church and the Northern Ireland Troubles, 1968–1998.
Jennifer Todd

Robert A. Schneider. Dignified Retreat: Writers and Intellectuals in the Age of Richelieu.
Ellen McClure

Stephen A. Toth. Mettray: A History of France’s Most Venerated Carceral Institution.
Susan A. Ashley

Chris Millington. A History of Fascism in France: From the First World War to the National Front.
Robert O. Paxton

Stefan Bauer. The Invention of Papal History: Onofrio Panvinio between Renaissance and Catholic Reform.
Thomas M. Izbicki

Claudia C. Gatzka. Die Demokratie der Wähler: Stadtgesellschaft und politische Kommunikation in Italien und der Bundesrepublik 1944–1979.
Patrick Bernhard

Helmut Walser Smith. Germany: A Nation in Its Time, Before, During, and After Nationalism, 1500–2000.
Larry Eugene Jones

Thomas Fleischman. Communist Pigs: An Animal History of East Germany’s Rise and Fall.
Astrid M. Eckert

Evan Burr Bukey. Juvenile Crime and Dissent in Nazi Vienna, 1938–1945.
Britta McEwen

Caroline Mezger. Forging Germans: Youth, Nation, and the National Socialist Mobilization of Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia, 1918–1944.
Goran Miljan

Jeffrey Brooks. The Firebird and the Fox: Russian Culture under Tsars and Bolsheviks.
David Brandenberger

Hassan Malik. Bankers and Bolsheviks: International Finance and the Russian Revolution.
Kristy Ironside

Middle East and Northern Africa

Rosie Bsheer. Archive Wars: The Politics of History in Saudi Arabia.
Pascal Menoret

Amir A. Afkhami. A Modern Contagion: Imperialism and Public Health in Iran’s Age of Cholera.
Amanda Kay McVety

Sub-Saharan Africa

Elizabeth W. Giorgis. Modernist Art in Ethiopia.
Angelo Matteo Caglioti

Steven Fabian. Making Identity on the Swahili Coast: Urban Life, Community, and Belonging in Bagamoyo.
Felicitas Becker



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