The American Historical Review 123 (2018), 1

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The American Historical Review 123 (2018), 1
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Washington DC [u.a.] 2018: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
February, April, June, October, and December



American Historical Review (AHR)
United States
American Historical Association (AHA), 400 A Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003 (202-544-2422) American Historical Review Indiana University • 914 Atwater • Bloomington, Indiana USA 47401 Telephone: (812) 855-7609 • Fax: (812) 855-5827
Wolff, Sarah


Table of Content

AHA Presidential Address

White Freedom and the Lady of Liberty
Tyler Stovall

AHR Forum: Gendered Bodies, Mediated Lives: New Directions in Women’s History


Making a Living: The Sex Trade in Early Modern Venice
Joanne M. Ferraro

The Emotions of Motherhood: Love, Culture, and Poverty in Victorian Britain
Emma Griffin

“Marks Hard to Erase”: The Troubled Reclamation of “Absorbed” Armenian Women, 1919–1927
Rebecca Jinks

Public in a Domestic Sense: Sex Work, Nation-Building, and Class Identification in Modern Europe
Jocelyn Olcott


The Spine of American Law: Digital Text Analysis and U.S. Legal Practice
Kellen Funk; Lincoln A. Mullen

AHR Reappraisal

Persecution and Power in Medieval Europe: The Formation of a Persecuting Society, by R. I. Moore
John H. Arnold

Featured Reviews

Charles S. Maier. Once within Borders: Territories of Power, Wealth, and Belonging since 1500.
Eliga Gould

Max Bergholz. Violence as a Generative Force: Identity, Nationalism, and Memory in a Balkan Community.
John E. Ashbrook

Kim Christian Priemel. The Betrayal: The Nuremberg Trials and German Divergence.
Jeffrey Herf

Daniel Magaziner. The Art of Life in South Africa.
Vivian Bickford-Smith

Reviews of Books


Frank Palmeri. State of Nature, Stages of Society: Enlightenment Conjectural History and Modern Social Discourse.
Lloyd Kramer


Charles W. J. Withers. Zero Degrees: Geographies of the Prime Meridian.
William Rankin

Wim Klooster. The Dutch Moment: War, Trade, and Settlement in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World.
Christian J. Koot

Sowande’ M. Mustakeem. Slavery at Sea: Terror, Sex, and Sickness in the Middle Passage.
Kari J. Winter

Jane T. Merritt. The Trouble with Tea: The Politics of Consumption in the Eighteenth-Century Global Economy.
Caroline Frank

Christopher P. Magra. Poseidon’s Curse: British Naval Impressment and Atlantic Origins of the American Revolution.
Timothy Jenks

Mike Rapport. The Unruly City: Paris, London, and New York in the Age of Revolution.
Doina Pasca Harsanyi

Leonardo Marques. The United States and the Transatlantic Slave Trade to the Americas, 1776–1867.
Dale T. Graden

Darcie Fontaine. Decolonizing Christianity: Religion and the End of Empire in France and Algeria.
Phillip C. Naylor

Lisa A. Lindsay. Atlantic Bonds: A Nineteenth-Century Odyssey from America to Africa.
Sally McKee

Elisabeth Engel. Encountering Empire: African American Missionaries in Colonial Africa, 1900–1939; Andrew E. Barnes. Global Christianity and the Black Atlantic: Tuskegee, Colonialism, and the Shaping of African Industrial Education.
John Stuart

Edward B. Westermann. Hitler’s Ostkrieg and the Indian Wars: Comparing Genocide and Conquest.
Shelley Baranowski

Tim Schanetzky. Regierungsunternehmer: Henry J. Kaiser, Friedrich Flick und die Staatskonjunkturen in den USA und Deutschland.
Giovanni Bernardini


Shahid Amin. Conquest and Community: The Afterlife of Warrior Saint Ghazi Miyan.
Parna Sengupta

Christian Lee Novetzke. The Quotidian Revolution: Vernacularization, Religion, and the Premodern Public Sphere in India.
Manan Ahmed Asif

Kama Maclean. A Revolutionary History of Interwar India: Violence, Image, Voice and Text.
Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar

Stefan Huebner. Pan-Asian Sports and the Emergence of Modern Asia, 1913–1974.
Yunxiang Gao

Christopher Goscha. Vietnam: A New History.
Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox

Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit. A History of Ayutthaya: Siam in the Early Modern World.
Anthony Reid

Laura Madokoro. Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War.
Stephen R. MacKinnon

Alexander C. Cook. The Cultural Revolution on Trial: Mao and the Gang of Four.
Qiu Jin

Lisa Yoshikawa. Making History Matter: Kuroita Katsumi and the Construction of Imperial Japan.
Douglas Howland

Canada and the United States

Janet M. Davis. The Gospel of Kindness: Animal Welfare and the Making of Modern America; Abraham H. Gibson. Feral Animals in the American South: An Evolutionary History.
Karen A. Rader

Patrick Spero. Frontier Country: The Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania.
Lawrence B. A. Hatter

Steven C. Bullock. Tea Sets and Tyranny: The Politics of Politeness in Early America.
Edward Cahill

Thomas N. Ingersoll. The Loyalist Problem in Revolutionary New England.
Phillip Papas

Caroline Winterer. American Enlightenments: Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason.
Eve Tavor Bannet

Alan Taylor. American Revolutions: A Continental History, 1750–1804.
Edward Countryman

Gideon Mailer. John Witherspoon’s American Revolution.
Spencer W. McBride

Spencer W. McBride. Pulpit and Nation: Clergymen and the Politics of Revolutionary America.
Daniel L. Dreisbach

Adam Jortner. Blood from the Sky: Miracles and Politics in the Early American Republic.
Paul B. Moyer

Lawrence B. A. Hatter. Citizens of Convenience: The Imperial Origins of American Nationhood on the U.S.-Canadian Border.
Todd Estes

Michael J. Green. By More Than Providence: Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific since 1783.
Kenton Clymer

Kyle B. Roberts. Evangelical Gotham: Religion and the Making of New York City, 1783–1860.
Jason K. Duncan

Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor. Colored Travelers: Mobility and the Fight for Citizenship before the Civil War.
Ronald J. Stephens

Sharla M. Fett. Recaptured Africans: Surviving Slave Ships, Detention, and Dislocation in the Final Years of the Slave Trade.
Kenneth Morgan

Zachary Callen. Railroads and American Political Development: Infrastructure, Federalism, and State Building.
Jonathan Bean

Sarah L. Hyde. Schooling in the Antebellum South: The Rise of Public and Private Education in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
Rebecca S. Montgomery

Daina Ramey Berry. The Price for Their Pound of Flesh: The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation.
Adam Rothman

Kristen Epps. Slavery on the Periphery: The Kansas-Missouri Border in the Antebellum and Civil War Eras.
Stanley Harrold

Bridget Ford. Bonds of Union: Religion, Race, and Politics in a Civil War Borderland.
Gaines M. Foster

John H. Matsui. The First Republican Army: The Army of Virginia and the Radicalization of the Civil War.
Glenn C. Altschuler

Matthew E. Stanley. The Loyal West: Civil War and Reunion in Middle America.
Robert Cook

Jeremy Vetter. Field Life: Science in the American West during the Railroad Era.
H. Roger Grant

Michael W. Fitzgerald. Reconstruction in Alabama: From Civil War to Redemption in the Cotton South.
Ben H. Severance

Steven E. Nash. Reconstruction’s Ragged Edge: The Politics of Postwar Life in the Southern Mountains.
Daniel Margolies

Hilary Green. Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890; Cheryl Knott. Not Free, Not for All: Public Libraries in the Age of Jim Crow.
Pero Gaglo Dagbovie

Miles A. Powell. Vanishing America: Species Extinction, Racial Peril, and the Origins of Conservation.
Elizabeth D. Blum

Sal Acosta. Sanctioning Matrimony: Western Expansion and Interethnic Marriage in the Arizona Borderlands.
Amy M. Porter

Daniel Czitrom. New York Exposed: The Gilded Age Police Scandal That Launched the Progressive Era.
Jennifer Trost

Jennifer Le Zotte. From Goodwill to Grunge: A History of Secondhand Styles and Alternative Economies.
Lisa Jacobson

Alexander MacDonald. The Long Space Age: The Economic Origins of Space Exploration from Colonial America to the Cold War.
Matthew H. Hersch

Andrew Denson. Monuments to Absence: Cherokee Removal and the Contest over Southern Memory.
Boyd Cothran

Thomas C. Leonard. Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, and American Economics in the Progressive Era.
Randall Hansen

Jacob A. C. Remes. Disaster Citizenship: Survivors, Solidarity, and Power in the Progressive Era.
Scott Gabriel Knowles

Karen L. Walloch. The Antivaccine Heresy: Jacobson v. Massachusetts and the Troubled History of Compulsory Vaccination in the United States.
Gerald Markowitz

Timothy B. Neary. Crossing Parish Boundaries: Race, Sports, and Catholic Youth in Chicago, 1914–1954.
Anne Klejment

S. Deborah Kang. The INS on the Line: Making Immigration Law on the US-Mexico Border, 1917–1954.
Patrick Ettinger

Judith Weisenfeld. New World A-Coming: Black Religion and Racial Identity during the Great Migration.
Stephen W. Angell

Leah Platt Boustan. Competition in the Promised Land: Black Migrants in Northern Cities and Labor Markets.
James N. Gregory

Emily Westkaemper. Selling Women’s History: Packaging Feminism in Twentieth-Century American Popular Culture.
Bonnie J. Dow

Kenneth J. Bindas. Modernity and the Great Depression: The Transformation of American Society, 1930–1941.
Mark R. Wilson

Ronald D. Cohen. Depression Folk: Grassroots Music and Left-Wing Politics in 1930s America.
James P. Kraft

Audra Jennings. Out of the Horrors of War: Disability Politics in World War II America.
Jean-Christian Vinel

Llana Barber. Latino City: Immigration and Urban Crisis in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1945–2000.
Shana Bernstein

Timothy B. Tyson. The Blood of Emmett Till.
Amy Louise Wood

Marcia Walker-McWilliams. Reverend Addie Wyatt: Faith and the Fight for Labor, Gender, and Racial Equality.
Cynthia Taylor

Janet Allured. Remapping Second-Wave Feminism: The Long Women’s Rights Movement in Louisiana, 1950–1997.
Anne Valk

Julian Maxwell Hayter. The Dream Is Lost: Voting Rights and the Politics of Race in Richmond, Virginia.
Steve Estes

Erin Krutko Devlin. Remember Little Rock.
Brian J. Daugherity

David P. Cline. From Reconciliation to Revolution: The Student Interracial Ministry, Liberal Christianity, and the Civil Rights Movement.
Doug Rossinow

Michael W. Flamm. In the Heat of the Summer: The New York Riots of 1964 and the War on Crime.
Marilynn S. Johnson

Neil M. Maher. Apollo in the Age of Aquarius.
Matthew D. Tribbe

Pamela E. Pennock. The Rise of the Arab American Left: Activists, Allies, and Their Fight against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s–1980s.
James R. Stocker

Allison Varzally. Children of Reunion: Vietnamese Adoptions and the Politics of Family Migrations.
Yến Lê Espiritu

Laura Kalman. The Long Reach of the Sixties: LBJ, Nixon, and the Making of the Contemporary Supreme Court.
Walter F. Pratt, Jr.

Robert Daniel Rubin. Judicial Review and American Conservatism: Christianity, Public Education, and the Federal Courts in the Reagan Era.
Adam Laats

Christopher J. Fuller. See It/Shoot It: The Secret History of the CIA’s Lethal Drone Program.
Lloyd C. Gardner

Deborah Gray White. Lost in the USA: American Identity from the Promise Keepers to the Million Mom March.
Benita Roth

Carl A. Zimring. Aluminum Upcycled: Sustainable Design in Historical Perspective.
Hugh Gorman

Jeremy J. Schmidt. Water: Abundance, Scarcity, and Security in the Age of Humanity.
Daniel McCool

Caribbean and Latin America

Nora E. Jaffary. Reproduction and Its Discontents in Mexico: Childbirth and Contraception from 1750 to 1905.
Marie Eileen Francois

Jack P. Greene. Settler Jamaica in the 1750s: A Social Portrait.
Diana Paton

Paul Cheney. Cul de Sac: Patrimony, Capitalism, and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue.
Kate Hodgson

Nicole C. Bourbonnais. Birth Control in the Decolonizing Caribbean: Reproductive Politics and Practice on Four Islands, 1930–1970.
Anne S. Macpherson

Louis A. Pérez Jr. Intimations of Modernity: Civil Culture in Nineteenth-Century Cuba.
Teresa Prados-Torreira

Jennifer L. Lambe. Madhouse: Psychiatry and Politics in Cuban History.
José Amador

Alejandro Bendaña. Sandino: Patria y libertad.
Alan McPherson

Willie Hiatt. The Rarified Air of the Modern: Airplanes and Technological Modernity in the Andes.
L. A. Clayton

Europe: Ancient and Medieval

Paul Stephenson. The Serpent Column: A Cultural Biography.
Paul Magdalino

Laurens E. Tacoma. Moving Romans: Migration to Rome in the Principate.
David Noy

Kaius Tuori. The Emperor of Law: The Emergence of Roman Imperial Adjudication.
B. M. Levick

Sarah E. Bond. Trade and Taboo: Disreputable Professions in the Roman Mediterranean.
Jack Lennon

John Haldon. The Empire That Would Not Die: The Paradox of Eastern Roman Survival, 640–740.
Judith Herrin

Jean-Claude Schmitt. Les rythmes au Moyen Âge.
Philip Daileader

Alice Taylor. The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland, 1124–1290.
Paul R. Hyams

David Roffe and K. S. B. Keats-Rohan, editors. Domesday Now: New Approaches to the Inquest and the Book.
William Kapelle

C. M. Woolgar. The Culture of Food in England, 1200–1500.
James Davis

Chris Given-Wilson. Henry IV.
John Watts

Hussein Fancy. The Mercenary Mediterranean: Sovereignty, Religion, and Violence in the Medieval Crown of Aragon.
Damian J. Smith

Élodie Lecuppre-Desjardin. Le Royaume inachevé des ducs de Bourgogne (XIVe–XVesiècles).
Jan Dumolyn

Tyler Lange. Excommunication for Debt in Late Medieval France: The Business of Salvation; Daniel Lord Smail. Legal Plunder: Households and Debt Collection in Late Medieval Europe.
Christopher Dyer

Steven A. Epstein. The Talents of Jacopo da Varagine: A Genoese Mind in Medieval Europe.
Sharon Kinoshita

Frances Courtney Kneupper. The Empire at the End of Time: Identity and Reform in Late Medieval German Prophecy.
John Watkins

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Surekha Davies. Renaissance Ethnography and the Invention of the Human: New Worlds, Maps and Monsters.
Shirin A. Khanmohamadi

Peter M. Jones. Agricultural Enlightenment: Knowledge, Technology, and Nature, 1750–1840.
Nathaniel Wolloch

Michael F. Robinson. The Lost White Tribe: Explorers, Scientists, and the Theory That Changed a Continent.
Andrew Evans

A. T. Brown. Rural Society and Economic Change in County Durham: Recession and Recovery, c. 1400–1640.
Philip Slavin

Sasha Handley. Sleep in Early Modern England.
Benjamin Reiss

Amy M. Froide. Silent Partners: Women as Public Investors during Britain’s Financial Revolution, 1690–1750.
Alexandra Shepard

Tim Hitchcock and Robert Shoemaker. London Lives: Poverty, Crime and the Making of a Modern City, 1690–1800.
Jennine Hurl-Eamon

Daniel I. OʼNeill. Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire.
Richard Whatmore

Dominic Janes. Oscar Wilde Prefigured: Queer Fashioning and British Caricature, 1750–1900.
Charles Upchurch

Joel Peter Eigen. Mad-Doctors in the Dock: Defending the Diagnosis, 1760–1913.
Dana Rabin

James Heartfield. The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, 1838–1956: A History.
Philip Harling

Marc Flandreau. Anthropologists in the Stock Exchange: A Financial History of Victorian Science.
Edward Beasley

Paul A. Townend. The Road to Home Rule: Anti-imperialism and the Irish National Movement.
Mike Cronin

Laura Crombie. Archery and Crossbow Guilds in Medieval Flanders, 1300–1500.
Peter Arnade

Felicia Gottmann. Global Trade, Smuggling, and the Making of Economic Liberalism: Asian Textiles in France, 1680–1760.
Junko Thérèse Takeda

Jeremy Hayhoe. Strangers and Neighbours: Rural Migration in Eighteenth-Century Northern Burgundy.
Stephen Miller

Rafe Blaufarb. The Great Demarcation: The French Revolution and the Invention of Modern Property.
John Markoff

Cinzia Bonato. Molto più che pazienti: L’ospedale di Pammatone e la popolazione della Repubblica di Genova nel XVIII secolo.
Stefano D’Amico

Jacques Kornberg. The Pope’s Dilemma: Pius XII Faces Atrocities and Genocide in the Second World War.
Roy Domenico

Benjamin G. Martin. The Nazi-Fascist New Order for European Culture.
Alessio Ponzio

Robert von Friedeburg. Luther’s Legacy: The Thirty Years War and the Modern Notion of “State” in the Empire, 1530s to 1790s.
Sven Externbrink

David M. Luebke. Hometown Religion: Regimes of Coexistence in Early Modern Westphalia.
Marc R. Forster

Thomas Adam. Philanthropy, Civil Society, and the State in German History, 1815–1989.
Edward Ross Dickinson

Alfred C. Mierzejewski. A History of the German Public Pension System: Continuity amid Change.
Erik Grimmer-Solem

Hubertus Büschel. Hitlers adliger Diplomat: Der Herzog von Coburg und das Dritte Reich.
Jonathan Petropoulos

Nathan Stoltzfus. Hitler’s Compromises: Coercion and Consensus in Nazi Germany.
Randall L. Bytwerk

Peter Gohle. Von der SDP-Gründung zur gesamtdeutschen SPD: Die Sozialdemokratie in der DDR und die Deutsche Einheit 1989/90.
Alexander Clarkson

Phillip N. Haberkern. Patron Saint and Prophet: Jan Hus in the Bohemian and German Reformations.
Zdeněk V. David

Eagle Glassheim. Cleansing the Czechoslovak Borderlands: Migration, Environment, and Health in the Former Sudetenland.
David Curp

Yuliya Komska. The Icon Curtain: The Cold War’s Quiet Border.
Margarete Myers Feinstein

Lisa Moses Leff. The Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust.
Larissa Allwork

Robert Nemes. Another Hungary: The Nineteenth-Century Provinces in Eight Lives.
Heléna Tóth

Mary Gluck. The Invisible Jewish Budapest: Metropolitan Culture at the Fin de Siècle.
Gábor Gyáni

Theodora Dragostinova and Yana Hashamova, editors. Beyond Mosque, Church, and State: Alternative Narratives of the Nation in the Balkans.
Merih Erol

Diana Dumitru. The State, Antisemitism, and Collaboration in the Holocaust: The Borderlands of Romania and the Soviet Union.
Roland Clark

Andrew Robarts. Migration and Disease in the Black Sea Region: Ottoman-Russian Relations in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries.
Brian Davies

James E. Casteel. Russia in the German Global Imaginary: Imperial Visions and Utopian Desires, 1905–1941.
Jason Hansen

Sergei Antonov. Bankrupts and Usurers of Imperial Russia: Debt, Property, and the Law in the Age of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.
Steven G. Marks

Ellie R. Schainker. Confessions of the Shtetl: Converts from Judaism in Imperial Russia, 1817–1906.
Simon Rabinovitch

Christopher Ely. Underground Petersburg: Radical Populism, Urban Space, and the Tactics of Subversion in Reform-Era Russia.
Lynn Ellen Patyk

Melissa Kirschke Stockdale. Mobilizing the Russian Nation: Patriotism and Citizenship in the First World War.
Eric Lohr

Erik R. Scott. Familiar Strangers: The Georgian Diaspora and the Evolution of Soviet Empire.
Arsène Saparov

Catriona Kelly. Socialist Churches: Radical Secularization and the Preservation of the Past in Petrograd and Leningrad, 1918–1988.
Sonja Luehrmann

Middle East and Northern Africa

Dayna S. Kalleres. City of Demons: Violence, Ritual, and Christian Power in Late Antiquity.
Naomi Janowitz

Allen James Fromherz. The Near West: Medieval North Africa, Latin Europe and the Mediterranean in the Second Axial Age.
Ramzi Rouighi

Liat Kozma. Global Women, Colonial Ports: Prostitution in the Interwar Middle East.
Amy Kallander

Noah Salomon. For Love of the Prophet: An Ethnography of Sudan’s Islamic State.
W. J. Berridge

Laila Parsons. The Commander: Fawzi al-Qawuqji and the Fight for Arab Independence, 1914–1948.
Nadav Samin

Sherene Seikaly. Men of Capital: Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine.
Weldon C. Matthews

Lena Salaymeh. The Beginnings of Islamic Law: Late Antique Islamicate Legal Traditions.
Aziz Al-Azmeh

Antony Eastmond. Tamta’s World: The Life and Encounters of a Medieval Noblewoman from the Middle East to Mongolia.
Alison Vacca

Lerna Ekmekçioğlu. Recovering Armenia: The Limits of Belonging in Post-Genocide Turkey.
Ayhan Aktar

İlker Evrim Binbaş. Intellectual Networks in Timurid Iran: Sharaf al-Dīn ʿAlī Yazdī and the Islamicate Republic of Letters.
Colin Mitchell

Sub-Saharan Africa

Ousmane Oumar Kane. Beyond Timbuktu: An Intellectual History of Muslim West Africa.
Jay Spaulding

Abou B. Bamba. African Miracle, African Mirage: Transnational Politics and the Paradox of Modernization in Ivory Coast.
Julius A. Amin

Getahun Benti. Urban Growth in Ethiopia, 1887–1974: From the Foundation of Finfinnee to the Demise of the First Imperial Era.
Charles W. McClellan

Abdi Ismail Samatar. Africa’s First Democrats: Somalia’s Aden A. Osman and Abdirazak H. Hussen.
Raphael Chijioke Njoku

Evanson N. Wamagatta. Controversial Chiefs in Colonial Kenya: The Untold Story of Senior Chief Waruhiu Wa Kung’u, 1890–1952.
Joanna Lewis

Julie MacArthur. Cartography and the Political Imagination: Mapping Community in Colonial Kenya.
James R. Brennan

Erik Kennes and Miles Larmer. The Katangese Gendarmes and War in Central Africa: Fighting Their Way Home.
Ch. Didier Gondola

Linda M. Heywood. Njinga of Angola: Africa’s Warrior Queen.
Jelmer Vos

Kathryn M. de Luna. Collecting Food, Cultivating People: Subsistence and Society in Central Africa.
Sara Berry

Martin Legassick. Hidden Histories of Gordonia: Land Dispossession and Resistance in the Northern Cape, 1800–1990.
Nigel Penn

Keith Snedegar. Mission, Science, and Race in South Africa: A. W. Roberts of Lovedale, 1883–1938.
Roger S. Levine

Vivian Bickford-Smith. The Emergence of the South African Metropolis: Cities and Identities in the Twentieth Century.
Belinda Bozzoli

Jamie Miller. An African Volk: The Apartheid Regime and Its Search for Survival.
Nancy J. Jacobs

Collected Essays


David C. Krakauer, John Lewis Gaddis, and Kenneth Pomeranz, editors. History, Big History, & Metahistory.


Clifford Ando and Seth Richardson, editors. Ancient States and Infrastructural Power: Europe, Asia, and America.

Mu-chou Poo, H. A. Drake, and Lisa Raphals, editors. Old Society, New Belief: Religious Transformation of China and Rome, ca. 1st–6th Centuries.

David Hempton and Hugh McLeod, editors. Secularization and Religious Innovation in the North Atlantic World.

Philip E. Muehlenbeck, editor. Gender, Sexuality, and the Cold War: A Global Perspective.

Kimberly J. Morgan and Ann Shola Orloff, editors. The Many Hands of the State: Theorizing Political Authority and Social Control.

Canada and the United States

Nicole Eustace and Fredrika J. Teute, editors. Warring for America: Cultural Contests in the Era of 1812.

Clifton Ellis and Rebecca Ginsburg, editors. Slavery in the City: Architecture and Landscapes of Urban Slavery in North America.

Lon Kurashige, editor. Pacific America: Histories of Transoceanic Crossings.

Caribbean and Latin America

Carlos Aguirre and Paulo Drinot, editors. The Peculiar Revolution: Rethinking the Peruvian Experiment under Military Rule.

Benjamin Bryce and David M. K. Sheinin, editors. Making Citizens in Argentina.

Europe: Ancient and Medieval

John Hines and Nelleke IJssennagger, editors. Frisians and Their North Sea Neighbours: From the Fifth Century to the Viking Age.

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Johanna Ilmakunnas and Jon Stobart, editors. A Taste for Luxury in Early Modern Europe: Display, Acquisition and Boundaries.

Michael J. Braddick and Joanna Innes, editors. Suffering and Happiness in England, 1550–1850: Narratives and Representations.

Mary Lindemann and Jared Poley, editors. Money in the German-Speaking Lands.

Mary Hilson, Silke Neunsinger, and Iben Vyff, editors. Labour, Unions and Politics under the North Star: The Nordic Countries, 1700–2000.

Helen Graham, editor. Interrogating Francoism: History and Dictatorship in Twentieth-Century Spain.

Susan R. Grayzel and Tammy M. Proctor, editors. Gender and the Great War.

Marsha L. Rozenblit and Jonathan Karp, editors. World War I and the Jews: Conflict and Transformation in Europe, the Middle East, and America.

Sharon Kangisser Cohen, Eva Fogelman, and Dalia Ofer, editors. Children in the Holocaust and Its Aftermath: Historical and Psychological Studies of the Kestenberg Archive.

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