Central European History 50 (2017), 4

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Central European History 50 (2017), 4
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Central European History (CEH)
United States
Prof. Monica Black; Editor, Central European History; History History Department; Dunford Hall, 6th Floor; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Knoxville, Tennessee 37996, USA. Tel. 1-865-974-5424
Andrew I. Port

The latest issue of Central European History went live online on Dec. 29!
Volume 50 / Issue 04, Dec. 2017, pp. i-iv, 447-599.

The issue can be accessed at https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/central-european-history/latest-issue

The Letter from the Editor, which provides an overview of the issue, is available gratis at https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/BEB8BB75550381F31BC121ED0E500AA4/S0008938917001030a.pdf/letter_from_the_editor.pdf

Abstracts in English and German are also available for each article at no cost.



From Boondoggle to Settlement Colony: Hendrik Witbooi and the Evolution of Germany’s Imperial Project in Southwest Africa, 1884–1894
Adam A. Blackler

A Republican Potential: The Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Party in Hof-an-der-Saale, 1918–1920
Alex Burkhardt

Growing Apart: Farmers and the Division of Germany, 1945–1965
Sagi Schaefer

Reimagining Energy and Growth: Decoupling and the Rise of a New Energy Paradigm in West Germany, 1973–1986
Stephen G. Gross

Review Forum

An Empire For Our Times? A Discussion of Peter Wilson’s The Holy Roman Empire: A Thousand Years of Europe’s History
Jason Coy, Len Scales, Tom Scott, Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, Peter Wilson

Book Reviews

Bodie A. Ashton The Kingdom of Württemberg and the Making of Germany, 1815–1871
Mark Hewitson

Johannes Bähr, Werner von Siemens, 1816–1892. Eine Biografie
Jean-Michel Johnston

Stig Förster, ed., Vor dem Sprung ins Dunkle. Die militärische Debatte über den Krieg der Zukunft: 1880–1914
Jesse Kauffman

Borislav Chernev, Twilight of Empire: The Brest-Litovsk Conference and the Remaking of East-Central Europe, 1917–1918
Robert Blobaum

Mark Jantzen, Mary S. Sprunger and John D. Thiesen, eds. European Mennonites and the Challenge of Modernity over Five Centuries: Contributors, Detractors, and Adapters
Hans Werner

Robert E. Lerner, Ernst Kantorowicz: A Life
Adam J. Kosto

Larry Eugene Jones, Hitler versus Hindenburg: The 1932 Presidential Elections and the End of the Weimar Republic
Anna von der Goltz

Greg Burgess, The League of Nations and the Refugees from Nazi Germany: James G. McDonald and Hitler’s Victims
Nicole Dombrowski Risser

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