Central European History 51 (2018), 1

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Central European History 51 (2018), 1
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Central European History (CEH)
United Kingdom
Prof. Andrew I. Port Editor, Central European History Department of History Wayne State University FAB 3094, 656 W. Kirby Detroit, MI 48202 USA Tel.: 1-312-577-2525 Fax: 1-313-577-6987
Andrew I. Port

The latest issue of Central European History went live online on March 28 and should be shipping to individual and institutional subscribers shortly.

This is a special issue commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the journal: "Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Central European History and Central European Studies: Taking Stock of the Journal and the Field."

It is divided into three parts that, together, offer wide-ranging reflections on the past, present, and future of both the journal and the historiography of German-speaking Central Europe as a whole. To that end, more than two dozen senior and junior scholars working in the United States, as well as in Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, help commemorate this important milestone in the life of the journal by “taking stock” in various ways of it and the field of study to which it is dedicated.

Contributors include Celia Applegate, Michael Geyer, Karen Hagemann, Konrad Jarausch, Jürgen Kocka, Sandrine Kott, Charles Maier, Mark Roseman, James Sheehan, Joachim Whaley, and many others.

Volume 51 / Issue 01, March 2018, pp. i-vi, 1-177.

The issue can be accessed at https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/central-european-history/latest-issue.

The Letter from the Editor, which provides an overview of the issue, is available gratis at https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/81C47D7F5C4B05211641464029DEC3A9/S0008938918000341a.pdf/letter_from_the_editor_am_anfang_war_unfug.pdf


Letter from the Editor


Douglas A. Unfug (1929–2017)
James Van Horn Melton

Part I: Recollections and Reminiscences

Central European History at Fifty: Notes from a Longtime Fan
Konrad H. Jarausch

Growing Up with Central European History
Doris L. Bergen

Thoughts on a Thirteen-year Editorship of CEH
Kenneth D. Barkin

An Appreciation
Roger Chickering

Memories of Central European History, 1997–2005
Kees Gispen

Intellectual, Institutional, and Technological Transitions: Central European History, 2004–2014
Kenneth F. Ledford

Part II: Reflections, Reckonings, Revelations

Central European History and the Holy Roman Empire
Joachim Whaley

Belief in the Reformation Era: Reflections on the State of Confessionalization
Helmut Puff

Habsburg Studies within Central European History: The State of the Field
John Deak

Habsburg History, Eastern European History … Central European History?
Chad Bryant

Revisiting the Sattelzeit: Thoughts on the Historiography of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Eras
George Williamson

Cultural History: Where It Has Been and Where It Is Going
Celia Applegate and Pamela Potter

Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Decolonization
Matthew Fitzpatrick

Authoritarianism in Modern Germany History
Michael Meng

German History Writing and the Holocaust
Mark Roseman

Foreign Relations: Where Germans Sell
William Glenn Gray

Decentering Modern German History à l’américaine: A Look at the French Historiography
Sandrine Kott

Gendering Central European History: Changing Representations of Women and Gender in Comparison, 1968–2017
Karen Hagemann and Donna Harsch

The Past, Present, and Future of Book Reviews in Central European History
Julia S. Torrie

Part III: Reveries and Reverberations

How Did Germany Go Right?
Charles S. Maier

Looking Back on the Sonderweg
Jürgen Kocka

Verschweizerung, or: Some Brief Remarks on Sovereignty, Transnationality, and “Sense-Security” in the Middle of Europe
Michael Geyer

The Future of Central European Studies
Shelley Baranowski

The Future of the German Past
James J. Sheehan


Officers of the Conference Group for Central European History / Central European History Society of the American Historical Association (1959–2018)

Recipients of the Hans Rosenberg Prize (1988–2016)



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