The American Historical Review 123 (2018), 4

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The American Historical Review 123 (2018), 4
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Washington DC [u.a.] 2018: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
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In This Issue
In This Issue

From the Editor’s Desk
From the Editor’s Desk


Perversion by Penumbras: Wolfenden, Griswold, and the Transatlantic Trajectory of Sexual Privacy
David Minto

AHR Roundtable: Rethinking Anti-Semitism

Jonathan Judaken

Toward a History of the Term “Anti-Semitism”
David Feldman

Strange Bedfellows? Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Fate of “the Jews”
Scott Ury

“Islamic Anti-Semitism” in Historical Discourse
Daniel J. Schroeter

An Imperial Entanglement: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Colonialism
Ethan B. Katz

Gender and the Politics of Anti-Semitism
Stefanie Schüler-Springorum

Literature and the Study of Anti-Semitism
Maurice Samuels

Postcolonialism and the Study of Anti-Semitism
Bryan Cheyette

AHR Reappraisal

Homoeroticism in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Acts, Identities, Cultures
Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century , by John Boswell
Mathew Kuefler

Museum Reviews

Museum Reviews: Introductory Note

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.
Janine Holc

Dawne Y. Curry

The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass I ncarceration; The National Memorial for Peace and Justice.
Jason Morgan Ward

Two Mississippi Museums: Museum of Mississippi History; Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.
Glenn T. Eskew

Featured Reviews

Yair Mintzker. The Many Deaths of Jew Süss: The Notorious Trial and Execution of an Eighteenth-Century Court Jew.
Alexandra Przyrembel

Kristoff Kerl. Männlichkeit und moderner Antisemitismus: Eine Genealogie des Leo Frank-Case, 1860er–1920er Jahre.
Klaus P. Fischer

Götz Aly. Europa gegen die Juden, 1880–1945.
Peter Pulzer

Kerry Wallach. Passing Illusions: Jewish Visibility in Weimar Germany.
Shulamit Volkov

Reviews of Books


Mark Rifkin. Beyond Settler Time: Temporal Sovereignty and Indigenous Self-Determination.
Keith Thor Carlson

Steven Lubar. Inside the Lost Museum: Curating, Past and Present.
William S. Walker

Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft. Thinking in Public: Strauss, Levinas, Arendt.
Ned Curthoys

Eglė Rindzevičiūte. The Power of Systems: How Policy Sciences Opened Up the Cold War World.
Gerald Easter

Ruth A. Miller. Flourishing Thought: Democracy in an Age of Data Hoards.
Christopher J. Phillips


Cathal J. Nolan. The Allure of Battle: A History of How Wars Have Been Won and Lost.
John A. Lynn

Lorelle Semley. To Be Free and French: Citizenship in France’s Atlantic Empire.
Elizabeth Heath

Philipp Reick. “Labor Is Not a Commodity!”: The Movement to Shorten the Workday in Late Nineteenth-Century Berlin and New York.
Christina A. Ziegler-McPherson

Ann Taylor Allen. The Transatlantic Kindergarten: Education and Women’s Movements in Germany and the United States.
Tim Hacsi

Jacob S. Eder. Holocaust Angst: The Federal Republic of Germany and American Holocaust Memory since the 1970s.
Harold Marcuse

Cemİl Aydin. The Idea of the Muslim World: A Global Intellectual History.
Mona Hassan

Jane McCabe. Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement: Imperial Families, Interrupted.
Deana Heath

Simon James Bytheway and Mark Metzler. Central Banks and Gold: How Tokyo, London, and New York Shaped the Modern World.
Kent Deng

Pedro Iacobelli. Postwar Emigration to South America from Japan and the Ryukyu Islands.
John Lie

Robyn Autry. Desegregating the Past: The Public Life of Memory in the United States and South Africa.
Sarah Nuttall

Adrian Howkins. Frozen Empires: An Environmental History of the Antarctic Peninsula.
J. Donald Hughes


Clare Anderson, Madhumita Mazumdar, and Vishvajit Pandya. New Histories of the Andaman Islands: Landscape, Place and Identity in the Bay of Bengal, 1790–2012.
Aparna Vaidik

Peter Jackson. The Mongols and the Islamic World: From Conquest to Conversion.
Christopher P. Atwood

Yasuhiro Makimura. Yokohama and the Silk Trade: How Eastern Japan Became the Primary Economic Region of Japan, 1843–1893.
Kerry Smith

Simon Partner. The Merchant’s Tale: Yokohama and the Transformation of Japan.
Penelope Francks

Hiromu Nagahara. Tokyo Boogie-Woogie: Japan’s Pop Era and Its Discontents.
Elise K. Tipton

Geoffrey C. Stewart. Vietnam’s Lost Revolution: Ngô Đình Diệm’s Failure to Build an Independent Nation, 1950–1963.
Olga Dror

Canada and the United States

Jeffers Lennox. Homelands and Empires: Indigenous Spaces, Imperial Fictions, and Competition for Territory in Northeastern North America, 1690–1763.
Ken Coates

E. A. Heaman. Tax, Order, and Good Government: A New Political History of Canada, 1867–1917.
Allan Smith

Michael Gauvreau. The Hand of God: Claude Ryan and the Fate of Canadian Liberalism, 1925–1971.
J. I. Little

Matthew Babcock. Apache Adaptation to Hispanic Rule.
William S. Kiser

Douglas L. Winiarski. Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing Religious Awakenings in Eighteenth-Century New England.
Philip Mulder

Mary Sarah Bilder. Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention; Jack N. Rakove. A Politician Thinking: The Creative Mind of James Madison.
Daniel J. Hulsebosch

Dawn Peterson. Indians in the Family: Adoption and the Politics of Antebellum Expansion.
Julie L. Reed

Lisa Pace Vetter. The Political Thought of America’s Founding Feminists.
Carol Faulkner

Keri Leigh Merritt. Masterless Men: Poor Whites and Slavery in the Antebellum South.
Mark T. Banker

John M. Belohlavek. Patriots, Prostitutes, and Spies: Women and the Mexican-American War.
Laura Tuennerman

William S. Kiser. Borderlands of Slavery: The Struggle over Captivity and Peonage in the American Southwest.
Anthony Mora

Sarah F. Rose. No Right to Be Idle: The Invention of Disability, 1840s–1930s.
Jesse F. Ballenger

Sydney Nathans. A Mind to Stay: White Plantation, Black Homeland.
Carole Emberton

Brian Roberts. Blackface Nation: Race, Reform, and Identity in American Popular Music, 1812–1925.
Cheryl C. Boots

Nicholas Gebhardt. Vaudeville Melodies: Popular Musicians and Mass Entertainment in American Culture, 1870–1929.
David Krasner

John L. Neufeld. Selling Power: Economics, Policy, and Electric Utilities before 1940.
Matthew L. Downs

Lane Demas. Game of Privilege: An African American History of Golf.
Neil Lanctot

Stephanie Hinnershitz. A Different Shade of Justice: Asian American Civil Rights in the South.
Emma J. Teng

Wendy L. Rouse. Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self-Defense Movement.
Kimberly K. Little

Johanna Neuman. Gilded Suffragists: The New York Socialites Who Fought for Women’s Right to Vote; Susan Goodier and Karen Pastorello. Women Will Vote: Winning Suffrage in New York State.
Kristi Andersen

Michael E. Neagle. America’s Forgotten Colony: Cuba’s Isle of Pines.
Philip Howard

Martin J. Sklar. Creating the American Century: The Ideas and Legacies of America’s Twentieth-Century Foreign Policy Founders.
Walter L. Hixson

LaDale C. Winling. Building the Ivory Tower: Universities and Metropolitan Development in the Twentieth Century.
John R. Thelin

John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle. Supplanting America’s Railroads: The Early Auto Age, 1900–1940.
Carlos A. Schwantes

Lynn Dumenil. The Second Line of Defense: American Women and World War I; Elizabeth Cobbs. The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers.
Mark Hendrickson

Joshua E. Kastenberg. To Raise and Discipline an Army: Major General Enoch Crowder, the Judge Advocate General’s Office, and the Realignment of Civil and Military Relations in World War I.
Dirk Bönker

Julia L. Mickenberg. American Girls in Red Russia: Chasing the Soviet Dream.
Erica J. Ryan

LeeAnn G. Reynolds. Maintaining Segregation: Children and Racial Instruction in the South, 1920–1955.
Stephen Grant Meyer

Melissa L. Cooper. Making Gullah: A History of Sapelo Islanders, Race, and the American Imagination.
Tunde Adeleke

Aelwen D. Wetherby. Private Aid, Political Activism: American Medical Relief to Spain and China, 1936–1949.
Anne-Emanuelle Birn

Rachel Rains Winslow. The Best Possible Immigrants: International Adoption and the American Family.
Sara Fieldston

Kevin M. Kruse. One Nation under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America.
Axel R. Schäfer

Mark A. Lempke. My Brother’s Keeper: George McGovern and Progressive Christianity.
Darren Dochuk

Joel Dinerstein. The Origins of Cool in Postwar America.
Charles F. McGovern

David Goldfield. The Gifted Generation: When Government Was Good.
Jennifer Delton

Pamela Grundy. Color and Character: West Charlotte High and the American Struggle over Educational Equality.
Sarah C. Thuesen

Jesse H. Rhodes. Ballot Blocked: The Political Erosion of the Voting Rights Act.
Julian Maxwell Hayter

Karissa Haugeberg. Women against Abortion: Inside the Largest Moral Reform Movement of the Twentieth Century.
Rebecca Kluchin

Gregory A. Daddis. Withdrawal: Reassessing America’s Final Years in Vietnam.
Andrew Rotter

Lane Windham. Knocking on Labor’s Door: Union Organizing in the 1970s and the Roots of a New Economic Divide.
Michael K. Honey

Andrew C. McKevitt. Consuming Japan: Popular Culture and the Globalizing of 1980s America.
Dawn P. Spring

Caribbean and Latin America

Dennis Gilbert. The Oligarchy and the Old Regime in Latin America, 1880–1970.
Nils Jacobsen

Lisa Sousa. The Woman Who Turned into a Jaguar, and Other Narratives of Native Women in Archives of Colonial Mexico.
Maria Raquel Casas

Mark Z. Christensen. The Teabo Manuscript: Maya Christian Copybooks, Chilam Balams, and Native Text Production in Yucatan.
Amber Brian

Myron Echenberg. Humboldt’s Mexico: In the Footsteps of the Illustrious German Scientific Traveller.
Iris H. W. Engstrand

Bradley Folsom. Arredondo: Last Spanish Ruler of Texas and Northeastern New Spain.
Raphael Brewster Folsom

Rajeshwari Dutt. Maya Caciques in Early National Yucatán.
David Tavárez

Verónica Castillo-Muñoz. The Other California: Land, Identity, and Politics on the Mexican Borderlands.
Josiah Heyman

Stephen B. Neufeld. The Blood Contingent: The Military and the Making of Modern Mexico, 1876–1911.
Will Fowler

Jason Oliver Chang. Chino: Anti-Chinese Racism in Mexico, 1880–1940.
Sue Fawn Chung

Daniel D. Arreola. Postcards from the Sonora Border: Visualizing Place through a Popular Lens, 1900s–1950s.
Eric V. Meeks

Kathryn E. O’Rourke. Modern Architecture in Mexico City: History, Representation, and the Shaping of a Capital.
Helen Delpar

Lisa Pinley Covert. San Miguel de Allende: Mexicans, Foreigners, and the Making of a World Heritage Site.
Kathryn E. O’Rourke

Adrian Fraser. The 1935 Riots in St Vincent: From Riots to Adult Suffrage.
Jorge L. Chinea

Marshall C. Eakin. Becoming Brazilians: Race and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Brazil.
Mieko Nishida

John R. Bawden. The Pinochet Generation: The Chilean Military in the Twentieth Century.
Michael Monteón

Europe: Ancient And Medieval

Walter Duvall Penrose Jr. Postcolonial Amazons: Female Masculinity and Courage in Ancient Greek and Sanskrit Literature.
David D. Leitao

Pierre Briant. Alexandre: Exégèse des lieux communs.
Edward M. Anson

Boris Chrubasik. Kings and Usurpers in the Seleukid Empire: The Men Who Would Be King.
Jeffrey D. Lerner

Noel Lenski. Constantine and the Cities: Imperial Authority and Civic Politics.
Elizabeth DePalma Digeser

Nancy Mandeville Caciola. Afterlives: The Return of the Dead in the Middle Ages.
Kenneth Rooney

Johannes Fried. Charlemagne.
Roger Collins

Zachary Chitwood. Byzantine Legal Culture and the Roman Legal Tradition, 867–1056.
Thomas Ernst van Bochove

Julia Barrow. The Clergy in the Medieval World: Secular Clerics, Their Families and Careers in North-Western Europe, c. 800–c. 1200.
Maureen C. Miller

Timothy Bolton. Cnut the Great.
Charles Insley

Nicholas Morton. Encountering Islam on the First Crusade.
Thomas Asbridge

Catherine M. Mooney. Clare of Assisi and the Thirteenth-Century Church: Religious Women, Rules, and Resistance.
Anne E. Lester

Sharon Farmer. The Silk Industries of Medieval Paris: Artisanal Migration, Technical Innovation, and Gendered Experience.
Martha Howell

Hollie L. S. Morgan. Beds and Chambers in Late Medieval England: Readings, Representations and Realities.
Derek G. Neal

Europe: Early Modern and Modern

Jutta Gisela Sperling. Roman Charity: Queer Lactations in Early Modern Visual Culture.
Katherine Crawford

Philipp Ther. Europe since 1989: A History.
C. Edmund Clingan

Aidan Beatty. Masculinity and Power in Irish Nationalism, 1884–1938.
Elaine Sisson

Susan D. Amussen and David E. Underdown. Gender, Culture and Politics in England, 1560–1640: Turning the World Upside Down.
Diane Purkiss

Peter Lake. How Shakespeare Put Politics on the Stage: Power and Succession in the History Plays; András Kiséry. Hamlet’s Moment: Drama and Political Knowledge in Early Modern England.
Marisa R. Cull

L. H. Roper. Advancing Empire: English Interests and Overseas Expansion, 1613–1688.
Susan D. Amussen

Marco Barducci. Hugo Grotius and the Century of Revolution, 1613–1718: Transnational Reception in English Political Thought.
Martine van Ittersum

Eric H. Ash. The Draining of the Fens: Projectors, Popular Politics, and State Building in Early Modern England.
R. W. Hoyle

James Delbourgo. Collecting the World: Hans Sloane and the Origins of the British Museum.
Anita Guerrini

Janet Sorensen. Strange Vernaculars: How Eighteenth-Century Slang, Cant, Provincial Languages, and Nautical Jargon Became English.
Paul A. Gilje

John McAleer. Britain’s Maritime Empire: Southern Africa, the Southern Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, 1763–1820.
Kerry Ward

Bart Schultz. The Happiness Philosophers: The Lives and Works of the Great Utilitarians.
H. S. Jones

Joseph Stubenrauch. The Evangelical Age of Ingenuity in Industrial Britain.
Philip Lockley

Lauren Benton and Lisa Ford. Rage for Order: The British Empire and the Origins of International Law, 1800–1850.
Elizabeth Kolsky

Claire Brock. British Women Surgeons and Their Patients, 1860–1918.
Marjorie Levine-Clark

James G. Mansell. The Age of Noise in Britain: Hearing Modernity.
John Hartley

Chris Moores. Civil Liberties and Human Rights in Twentieth-Century Britain.
Loveday Hodson

Luís Trindade. Narratives in Motion: Journalism and Modernist Events in 1920s Portugal.
Nuno Pinheiro

Mi Gyung Kim. The Imagined Empire: Balloon Enlightenments in Revolutionary Europe.
Kenneth Margerison

Peter McPhee. Liberty or Death: The French Revolution.
Jack R. Censer

Biancamaria Fontana. Germaine de Staël: A Political Portrait.
Lesley H. Walker

Maurice Samuels. The Right to Difference: French Universalism and the Jews.
Stefanie Schüler-Springorum

Bruno Cabanes. August 1914: France, the Great War, and a Month That Changed the World Forever.
John H. Morrow, Jr.

Scott Soo. The Routes to Exile: France and the Spanish Civil War Refugees, 1939–2009.
Ángel Alcalde

Francesco Benigno. La mala setta: Alle origini di mafia e camorra, 1859–1878.
Mary Gibson

Carl Ipsen. Fumo: Italy’s Love Affair with the Cigarette.
Emanuela Scarpellini

Rosario Forlenza and Bjørn Thomassen. Italian Modernities: Competing Narratives of Nationhood.
Joshua Arthurs

Anna Maria Forssberg. The Story of War: Church and Propaganda in France and Sweden, 1610–1710.
Erik Ringmar

David L. Weaver-Zercher. Martyrs Mirror: A Social History.
Royden Loewen

Gisli Palsson. The Man Who Stole Himself: The Slave Odyssey of Hans Jonathan.
Jenny Shaw

Kelly Joan Whitmer. The Halle Orphanage as Scientific Community: Observation, Eclecticism, and Pietism in the Early Enlightenment.
Chad Wellmon

Martin A. Ruehl. The Italian Renaissance in the German Historical Imagination, 1860–1930.
Tuska Benes

Sebastian Heer. Parlamentsmanagement: Herausbildungs- und Funktionsmuster parlamentarischer Steuerungsstrukturen in Deutschland vom Reichstag bis zum Bundestag.
Bodie A. Ashton

Mark Jones. Founding Weimar: Violence and the German Revolution of 1918–1919.
Richard Bessel

Emmanuel Droit. Vorwärts zum neuen Menschen? Die sozialistische Erziehung in der DDR (1949–1989).
Charles B. Lansing

Alison Rose. Antisemitism, Gender Bias, and the “Hervay Affair” of 1904: Bigotry in the Austrian Alps.
Sally Debra Charnow

Louis Rose. Psychology, Art, and Antifascism: Ernst Kris, E. H. Gombrich, and the Politics of Caricature.
Andreas Agocs

Tania Munz. The Dancing Bees: Karl von Frisch and the Discovery of the Honeybee Language.
Sander Gliboff

Scott Spector. Violent Sensations: Sex, Crime, and Utopia in Vienna and Berlin, 1860–1914.
Clayton J. Whisnant

Dina Gusejnova. European Elites and Ideas of Empire, 1917–1957.
Matthew P. Fitzpatrick

Timothy E. Pytell. Viktor Frankl’s Search for Meaning: An Emblematic 20th-Century Life.
Eric J. Engstrom

Tatjana Lichtenstein. Zionists in Interwar Czechoslovakia: Minority Nationalism and the Politics of Belonging.
Zohar Maor

Sándor Horváth. Stalinism Reloaded: Everyday Life in Stalin-City, Hungary.
Nigel Swain

Tudor Georgescu. The Eugenic Fortress: The Transylvanian Saxon Experiment in Interwar Romania.
Vladimir Solonari

Devin E. Naar. Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece.
Michelle U. Campos

Adam Teller. Money, Power, and Influence in Eighteenth-Century Lithuania: The Jews on the Radziwiłł Estates.
Ellie R. Schainker

Jan Hennings. Russia and Courtly Europe: Ritual and the Culture of Diplomacy, 1648–1725.
Alexander Kamenskii

Kelly O’Neill. Claiming Crimea: A History of Catherine the Great’s Southern Empire.
Matthew P. Romaniello

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa. Crime and Punishment in the Russian Revolution: Mob Justice and Police in Petrograd.
Sharon A. Kowalsky

Mark Edele. Stalin’s Defectors: How Red Army Soldiers Became Hitler’s Collaborators, 1941–1945.
Roger R. Reese

Middle East and Northern Africa

Yousef Casewit. The Mystics of al-Andalus: Ibn Barrajān and Islamic Thought in the Twelfth Century.
Ali Humayun Akhtar

Andrew D. Buck. The Principality of Antioch and Its Frontiers in the Twelfth Century.
Yvonne Friedman

Stefan Winter. A History of the ʿAlawis: From Medieval Aleppo to the Turkish Republic.
Malek Abisaab

Jessica M. Marglin. Across Legal Lines: Jews and Muslims in Modern Morocco.
Sahar Bazzaz

James McDougall. A History of Algeria.
Abdelmajid Hannoum

Adam Mestyan. Arab Patriotism: The Ideology and Culture of Power in Late Ottoman Egypt.
Wilson Chacko Jacob

Zeinab Abul-Magd. Militarizing the Nation: The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt.
Kevan Harris

Asher Orkaby. Beyond the Arab Cold War: The International History of the Yemen Civil War, 1962–68.
W. Taylor Fain

Sub-Saharan Africa

Jarvis L. Hargrove. The Political Economy of the Interior Gold Coast: The Asante and the Era of Legitimate Trading, 1807–1875.
Gareth Austin

Godriver Wanga-Odhiambo. The Political Economy of Sugar Production in Colonial Kenya: The Asian Initiative in Central Nyanza.
Dave Eaton

Charles Laurie. The Land Reform Deception: Political Opportunism in Zimbabwe’s Land Seizure Era.
Timothy Scarnecchia

Collected Essays
Collected Essays

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