Journal of Genocide Research 8 (2006), 4

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Journal of Genocide Research 8 (2006), 4
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New York 2006: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
United Kingdom
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Zimmerer, Jürgen

Volume 8 Number 4 of Journal of Genocide Research [the official journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INOGS;] has just been published.


Journal of Genocide Research
Volume 8 Number 4 December 2006


From the Editors: Genocidal terrorism? A plea for conceptional clarity
p. 379
Juergen Zimmerer

Settler Colonialism and the Elimination of the Native
p. 389
Patrick Wolfe

Societal Safety, Archaeology and the Investigation of Contemporary
Mass Graves
p. 413
Kirsten Juhl and Odd Einar Olsen

Argentine Rescuers: A Study on the “Banality of Good”
p. 439
Jessica Casiro

Extremely Violent Societies: An Alternative to the Concept of Genocide
p. 459
Christian Gerlach

Book under Discussion: Michael Mann’s The Dark Side of Democracy,
Explaining Ethnic Cleansing

Dark Side of Democracy
p. 477
Mark Levene

The Bright Side
p. 483
Omer Bartov

In the 21st Century, Still the Darkside of Democracy –
Reply to Bartov and Levene
p. 489
Michael Mann


G. Jan Colijn and Izaak Colijn: Ruin’s Wheel: A Father on War, A Son on Genocide Roma Nutkiewicz Ben-Atar with Doran S. Ben-Atar: What Time and Sadness Spared: Mother and Son Confront the Holocaust
p. 495
Fiona de Londras

Benjamin A. Valentino: Final Solutions: Mass Killing and Genocide in the Twentieth Century
p. 499
Christian Gerlach

Benjamin Lieberman: Terrible Fate: Ethnic Cleansing in the Making of Modern Europe
p. 502
Mark Levene

Daniel Feierstein (ed): Genocidio. La administracion de la muerte en la modernidad
p. 505
Hans-Walter Schmuhl

John Lawrence Tone: War and Genocide in Cuba, 1895-1898
p. 507
Andreas Stucki

Donald Bloxham: The Great Game of Genocide: Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians
p. 509
Nicholas Doumanis

Henry Rousso (ed): Stalinism and Nazism: History and Memory Compared
p. 511
Mark Levene

Murray J. Cohen: Is the Holocaust Vanishing? A Survivor’s Reflections on the Academic Waning of Memory and Jewish Identity in the Post-Auschwitz Era
p. 514
Michael Berenbaum

Robert E. Gribbin: In the Aftermath of Genocide: The U.S. Role in Rwanda
p. 517
Scott Laderman

Lisa Schirch: Ritual and Symbol in Peacebuilding
p. 519
Veronika Bajt

Wolfgang Behringer: Witches and Witch-Hunts: A Global History
p. 521
Adam Jones


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President: Jürgen Zimmerer (Sheffield)
Vice President: Henning Melber (Uppsala)
Executive Secretary: Dominik J. Schaller (Bern/Heidelberg)
Vice Executive Secretary: Jan-Bart Gewald (Leiden)

Journal of Genocide Research - the official INOGS Journal

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