Journal of Genocide Research 16 (2014), 2–3

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Journal of Genocide Research 16 (2014), 2–3
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Special double issue: The Nigeria-Biafra war, 1967­–1970: postcolonial conflict and the question of genocide

New York 2014: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
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Moses, Dirk

The Journal of Genocide Research (journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars) announces a double special issue on the Nigeria-Biafra war, 1967–1970, edited by Dr. Lasse Heerten (Berkeley) and Dirk Moses (Florence).


Table of Contents

The Nigeria–Biafra war: postcolonial conflict and the question of genocide
Lasse Heerten & A. Dirk Moses

‘Ours is a war of survival’: Biafra, Nigeria and arguments about genocide, 1966–70
Douglas Anthony

Marketing genocide: Biafran propaganda strategies during the Nigerian civil war, 1967–70
Roy Doron

The UK and ‘genocide’ in Biafra
Karen E. Smith

Israel, Nigeria and the Biafra civil war, 1967–70
Zach Levey

Dealing with ‘genocide’: the ICRC and the UN during the Nigeria–Biafra war, 1967–70
Marie-Luce Desgrandchamps

Humanitarian encounters: Biafra, NGOs and imaginings of the Third World in Britain and Ireland, 1967–70
Kevin O'Sullivan

‘And starvation is the grim reaper’: the American Committee to Keep Biafra Alive and the genocide question during the Nigerian civil war, 1968–70
Brian McNeil

The Biafran secession and the limits of self-determination
Brad Simpson

‘Biafra of the mind’: MASSOB and the mobilization of history
Ike Okonta

The Asaba massacre and the Nigerian civil war: reclaiming hidden history
S. Elizabeth Bird & Fraser Ottanelli

Imagined nations and imaginary Nigeria: Chinua Achebe's quest for a country
Mpalive-Hangson Msiska

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