Journal of Genocide Research 9 (2007), 1

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Journal of Genocide Research 9 (2007), 1
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New York 2007: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
United Kingdom
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Schaller, Dominik J.

Journal of Genocide Research Volume 9 Number 1 is out.

JGR is the leading in the field of genocide studies and the official journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS)


From the Editors:

Judges and Politicians as Historians?
Dominik J. Schaller

Documents and Discussion:

Responses to Christian Gerlach's contribution "Extremely violent societies: an alternative to the concept of genocide":

Genocide and mass violence: a conceptual turn?
Alex Hinton

Reluctant Bourgeois
Patrick Wolfe

Gerlach reconsidered: search for terminological clarity
Henry R. Huttenbach


Turning Interahamwe: individual and community choices in the Rwandan genocide
Luke Fletcher

Land and genocide: exploring the connections with Rwanda's prisoners and prison officials
Laurel L. Rose

Reconsidering the silence over the ultimate crime: a functional shift in crisis management from the Rwandan genocide to Darfur
Touko Piiparinen

Crimes against humanity and international legality in legal theory after Nuremberg
Sévane Garibian

Review Forum:

Book under Discussion: Mark Levene's Genocide in the Age of the Nation State (Volumes I & II)

Genocide in the Age of the Nation State
Wolfgang Reinhard

Genocide in the Age of the Nation State II
Anthony Pagden

Nation States, Empires, and the problem of historicising genocide: a response to Wolfgang Reinhard and Anthony Pagden
Mark Levene

Book Reviews

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