Journal of Genocide Research 9 (2007), 2

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Journal of Genocide Research 9 (2007), 2
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Special Issue: Genocide and International Law

New York 2007: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
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Special Issue on Genocide and International Law

Guest Editor: Ben Saul

The law of genocide underwent remarkable development in the 1990s, as the two ad hoc international criminal tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslaviaresponded to complex violence and atrocities in those regions. The jurisprudence of those tribunals has been subject to considerable scholarly attention, and as the work of those tribunals nears completion, this issue of the Journal of Genocide Research reorients attention towards important legal developments in other contexts. As the articles in this issue reveal, a range of institutions and actors have participated in clarifying and elucidating the law on preventing, punishing, and remedying genocide.

Table of Contents

From the Editors:
In search of genocide prevention: utopia, mirage or rational policy?
(Henry R. Huttenbach)

In Memoriam: Eric Markusen, October 8, 1946 - January 29, 2007
(Martin Mennecke)

From the Guest Editor: Building the law on genocide
(Ben Saul)

Whither genocide? The International Court of Justice finally pronounces
(William A. Schabas)

Darfur: The politics of genocide denial syndrome
(Matthew Lippman)

Justice delayed or too late for justice? The Khmer Rouge Tribunal and the Cambodian "genocide" 1975-79
(Jörg Menzel)

The Anfal trial against Saddam Hussein
(Michael J. Kelly)

Universal jurisdiction in absentia over genocide: some critical remarks in the light of recent Spanish jurisprudence
(Fulvio Maria Palombino)

Rape as genocide: some questions arising
(Chile Eboe-Osuji)

Accountability for genocide and other gross human rights violations: the need for an integrated and victim-based transitional justice
(Jean-Marie Kamatali)

Documents and Discussion:
To ask other questions: reply to Alex Hinton, Henry Huttenbach and Patrick Wolfe
(Christian Gerlach)

Review Forum:

Book under discussion: Hitlers Volksstaat: Raub, Rassenkrieg und nationaler Sozialismus
Reviews by Christopher R. Browning and Richard Overy

Book Reviews

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