Journal of Genocide Research 15 (2013), 3

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Journal of Genocide Research 15 (2013), 3
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Special Issue: New approaches to Raphael Lemkin

New York 2013: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
United Kingdom
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Moses, Dirk

The Journal of Genocide Research (the official journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars <>) announces its latest issue, a special issue edited by Donna-Lee Frieze on ‘New Approaches to Raphael Lemkin’.


Table of Contents


New approaches to Raphael Lemkin
Donna-Lee Frieze
pages 247–252


A ‘synchronized attack’: On Raphael Lemkin’s holistic conception of genocide
Thomas M. Butcher
pages 253–271

Genocide, the ‘family of mind’ and the romantic signature of Raphael Lemkin
Douglas Irvin-Erickson
pages 273–296

Unofficial men, efficient civil servants: Raphael Lemkin in the history of international law
Mira L. Siegelberg
pages 297–316

Prosecuting genocide before the Genocide Convention: Raphael Lemkin and the Nuremberg Trials, 1945–1949
Hilary Earl
pages 317–337

Historiographical Review

Colonialism and the Holocaust: continuities, causations, and complexities
Thomas Kühne
pages 339–362

Book Reviews

Die dunkle Seite der Nationalstaaten: ‘Ethnische Säuberungen’ im modernen Europa
Claudia Kraft
pages 363–366

Purifying the nation: population exchange and ethnic cleansing in Nazi-allied Romania
Mark Levene
pages 367–370

Kill anything that moves: the real American war in Vietnam
Gerald Caplan
pages 370–373

Völkerrechtsverbrecher verfolgen
Mark Swatek-Evenstein
pages 373–375

Review Editor’s Note

Adam Jones
page 377

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