Journal of Genocide Research 18 (2016), 2–3

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Journal of Genocide Research 18 (2016), 2–3
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Genocide and Guatemala

New York 2016: Routledge
1462-3528 (Print), 1469-9494 (Online)
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Journal of Genocide Research
United Kingdom
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Moses, Dirk

The editors of the Journal of Genocide Research (journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars: INOGS) are pleased to announce the publication of a double special issue on "Guatemala, the Question of Genocide," guested edited by Elizabeth Oglesby & Diane M. Nelson.




Guatemala’s genocide trial and the nexus of racism and counterinsurgency
Elizabeth Oglesby & Diane M. Nelson


From heaven to hell in ten days: the genocide trial in Guatemala
Jo-Marie Burt

Bonesetting: the algebra of genocide
Diane M. Nelson

International accompaniment, reflexivity and the intelligibility of power in post-conflict Guatemala
Etienne Roy Grégoire & Karen Hamilton

Surviving in the margins of a genocide case in the making: recognizing the economy of testimony at stake in research on political violence
Karine Vanthuyne & Ricardo Falla

Perpetrators: specialization, willingness, group pressure and incentives. Lessons from the Guatemalan acts of genocide
Manolo E. Vela Castañeda

‘Our ongoing fight for justice’: the pasts and futures of genocidio and justicia in Guatemala
Heather A. Vrana

Carrying a heavy load: Mayan women’s understandings of reparation in the aftermath of genocide
Alison Crosby, M. Brinton Lykes & Brisna Caxaj

Peace without social reconciliation? Understanding the trial of Generals Ríos Montt and Rodriguez Sánchez in the wake of Guatemala’s genocide
Roddy Brett

‘The realities of power’: David Stoll and the story of the 1982 Guatemalan genocide
Marc Drouin

The reconciliation trap: disputing genocide and the land issue in postwar Guatemala
Berthold Molden

Waging peace: a new generation of Ixiles confronts the debts of war in Guatemala
Krisjon Olson

The Ríos Montt case and universal jurisdiction
Amy Ross

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