Journal of Genocide Research 20 (2018), 3

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Journal of Genocide Research 20 (2018), 3
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London 2018: Taylor & Francis
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Journal of Genocide Research
United Kingdom
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Moses, Dirk

The editors of the Journal of Genocide Research (journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars: INoGS) are pleased to announce the publication of the third issue of volume 20.



“Frequent Deaths”: The Colonial Development of Concentration Camps Reconsidered, 1868­1974
Andreas Stucki

“Lwów Saved Us”: Roma Survival in Lemberg 1941-1944
Piotr Wawrzeniuk

Theatres of Violence on the Ottoman Periphery: Exploritng the Local Roots of Genocidal Policies in Antep
Ümit Kurt

Is it Always Good to Talk? The Paradoxes of Truth-Telling by Rwandan Youth Born of Rape Committed during the Genocide
Laura Eramian and Myriam Denov

The Future of International Criminal Evidence in New Wars? The Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA)
Melinda Rankin

Research Note

Bringing Daesh to Justice: What the International Community Can Do
Pieter Omtzigt and Ewelina U. Ochab

Book Forums

Berel Lang, Genocide: The Act as Idea (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016).

If Everything is Genocide, Nothing Is: Scepticism and the Concept of Genocide
Krista K. Thomason

Berel Lang on the Viability of the Concept of Genocide
Mohammed Abed

Lang’s Defence and the Morbid Sensibility of Genocide Studies
Alfred Frankowski and Lissa Skitolsky

What’s So Bad About Genocide, Anyway?
Shmuel Lederman

Group Rights, Group Intentions, and the Value of Groups
David Luban

Group Rights and (again) in Defence of “Genocide”
Berel Lang

Nick Brodie, The Vandemonian War: The Secret History of Britain’s Tasmanian Invasion (Sydney: Hardie Grant, 2017).

Remembering and Forgetting: Discovering the “Secret History” of Tasmania
Lynette Russell

A Shocking New History? The Question of Historiography, Invasion, and Genocide in Nick Brodie’s The Vandemonian War
Rebe Taylor

Fragments From the Front
Raymond Evans

Bear or Gardener? Writing Vandemonian History from the Perspective of Power
Eva Bischoff

Command, Control, and Genocide: A Review of The Vandemonian War
Benjamin Madley

The Vandemonian War as Genocidal Moment: Historiographical Refrains and Archival Secrets
Nicholas Dean Brodie

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