Journal of Genocide Research 20 (2018), 4

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Journal of Genocide Research 20 (2018), 4
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London 2019: Taylor & Francis
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Journal of Genocide Research
United Kingdom
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Moses, Dirk

The editors of the Journal of Genocide Research (journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars) are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue on "The Holocaust/Genocide Template in Eastern Europe," guest edited by Ljiljana Radonić.


Ljiljana Radonić


Limits of Universalization: The European Memory Sites of Genocide
Éva Kovács

Holocaust, Genocide and Mass Violence in Post-Communist Memorial Museums
Ljiljana Radonić

The Soviet Story and the East European Struggle for a “European Memory”
Maria Mälksoo

Genocide Discourse and Political Confrontation: Holodomor and Holocaust Rhetoric in Russia and Ukraine in the Ukrainian Crisis, 2013-2015
Nicolas Dreyer

Fumbling for Words: Language and Post‐War Killings in Slovenia
Gregor Kranjc

Defending the “Good Name” of the Polish Nation: Politics of History as a Battlefield in Poland, 2015-2018
Jörg Hackmann

How Hungary Won World War II
István Rév

Book Forum:
Omer Bartov, Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz (New York: Simon and Shuster, 2018).

The Ongoing Challenge of Producing an Integrated Microhistory of the Holocaust in East Central Europe
Tomasz Frydel

Eastern Galicia and the Anatomy of a Genocide
Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe

Intimate Enemies: Patterns of Interethnic Violence and the Holocaust in Local Perspective
Laura Jockusch

On Humanizing Victims and Perpetrators of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe
Natalia Aleksiun

Anatomy of a Genocide Forum
Omer Bartov

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