Bulletin of the German Historical Institute (Washington DC) (2006), 39

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Bulletin of the German Historical Institute (Washington DC) (2006), 39
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Washington DC. 2006: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
zweimal im Jahr; ausserdem jährlich ein Beiheft (Supplement)
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Bulletin of the German Historical Institute (Washington DC)
United States
Redaktion: Dr. Richard F. Wetzell German Historical Institute 1607 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009, USA Email: wetzell@ghi-dc.org Phone (202) 387-3355; Fax (202) 483-3430 Abonnement/Bezug der Zeitschrift: Susanne Fabricius German Historical Institute 1607 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009, USA Email: fabricius@ghi-dc.org Phone (202) 387-3355; Fax (202) 483-3430
Richard F. Wetzell

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My Relationship to Beethoven
Kurt Masur

Enlightenment Applied, Enlightenment Betrayed: A Story of Liberty under Pressure
Ralf Dahrendorf

Meinecke’s Protégés: German Emigré Historians Between Two Worlds
Gerhard A. Ritter

Three Generations of German Gelehrtenpolitik
James J. Sheehan

Urban Nature and Human Design
Anne Whiston Spirn


Why Care About Dirt? Transatlantic Perspectives on the History of Agriculture
Frank Uekötter

Observing a Dictatorship: American Consular Reporting on Germany, 1933-41
Christoph Strupp

Transatlantic Mediators: American Protagonists of American-German Relations Since World War II
Bernd Schaefer

German Jews in the United States: A Guide to Research Resources
Simone Lässig and Cornelia Wilhelm


A Flaneur between Rubble and Ruins: Friedrich Seidenstücker, Photographs of Berlin after 1945
Kelly McCullough

The Lights are Going Out All Over Europe
Christof Mauch

War, Culture, and Propaganda: Nelson A. Rockefeller and the U.S. “Information Program” in Latin America During World War II
Gisela Cramer

Jesters, Jokes, and Laughter: The Politics of Humor in the Twentieth Century
Martina Kessel and Patrick Merziger

Crossovers: African Americans and Germany
Anke Ortlepp, Maria Diedrich, Larry Greene, Jürgen Heinrichs

Max Liebermann: An Artist’s Career from Empire to Third Reich
Marion Deshmukh

Western Integration, German Unification, and the Cold War: The Adenauer Era in Perspective
Corinna R. Unger

Philanthropy in History: German and American Perspectives
Gabriele Lingelbach and Thomas Adam

Removing Peoples: Forced Migration in the Modern World (1850-1950)
Indra Sengupta-Frey

Imagining the Nation: Visual Representation of Race from the Mid-Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth
Anke Ortlepp

German History, 1930-1960: Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar in German History
Richard F. Wetzell

Controlling the Streets of Nazi Germany: Midatlantic German History Seminar
Nathan Stoltzfus

Jews and Modernity: Beyond the Nation
Jonathan Skolnik

German Imperial Biographies: Soldiers, Scientists, and Officials and the “Arendt Thesis”
Eric D. Weitz

Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and the Environment
Karen Oslund, Niels Brimnes, Christina Folke Ax, Niklas Thode Jensen

German Ostpolitik, 1969-1974: The European and Global Response
Corinna R. Unger

Elzbieta Sikorska: Forest Drawings
Laura Katzman

Archival Summer Seminar in Germany
Anke Ortlepp

Pückler and America
Sonja Dümpelmann

Fellows Seminars Spring 2006
Dirk Schumann


Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar 2007
Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize
Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships
Kade-Heideking Fellowship
Thyssen-Heideking Fellowship
GHI-Körber Internship


Franz Steiner Prize 2006
Awards for Adolf Cluss Book and Exhibit
Von Oppenfeld Donation for Anti-Nazi Resistance Project
New Publications
Library Report
Fellowship Recipients
Internship Recipients
Staff Changes


Fall 2006 Lecture Series
Events Sponsored by the GHI, 2006-07

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