Social History of Medicine 20 (2007), 2

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Social History of Medicine 20 (2007), 2
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Social History of Medicine
United Kingdom
Eisenkolb, Sven

A new issue of Social History of Medicine
has been made available:

August 2007; Vol. 20, No. 2


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Soc Hist Med 2007 20:203.


Active Euthanasia in Pre-Modern Society, 1500 1800: Learned Debates and Popular Practices
Michael Stolberg
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:205-221.

'I can do the child no good': Dr Sims and the Enslaved Infants of Montgomery, Alabama
Stephen C. Kenny
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:223-241.

Dispensers, Obeah and Quackery: Medical Rivalries in Post-Slavery British Guiana
Juanita De Barros
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:243-261.

'Because of Poverty brought into Hospital: ... ' A Casenote-Based Analysis of the Changing Role of the Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital, 1850 1912
Alison Nuttall
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:263-280.

The Uppingham Typhoid Outbreaks of 1875 1877: A Rural Case-Study in Public Health Reform
Nigel Richardson
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:281-296.

Patients' Relatives and Psychiatric Doctors: Letter Writing in the York Retreat, 1875 1910
Louise Wannell
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:297-313.

Local Responses to French Medical Imperialism in Late Nineteenth-Century Algeria
William Gallois
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:315-331.

Gendered Dis/ability: Perspectives from the Treatment of Psychiatric Casualties in Russia's Early Twentieth-Century Wars
Laura L. Phillips
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:333-350.

Soldiers in Psychiatric Therapy: The Case of Northfield Military Hospital 1942 1946
Nafsika Thalassis
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:351-368.

The Medicalisation of Male Menopause in America
Elizabeth Siegel Watkins
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:369-388.

Notes on Contributors
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:389-390.

Focus on Pre-Modern Health and Healing

Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition
Constance B. Hieatt
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:391-392.

Medical Charlatanism in Early Modern Italy
Nancy G. Siraisi
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:393-394.

Hermaphrodites in Renaissance Europe, Women and Gender in the Early Modern World
Philip M. Soergel
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:394-396.

The Mystic Mind: The Psychology of Medieval Mystics and Ascetics Victoria Sweet
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:396-398.

Windows of the Soul: The Art of Physiognomy in European Culture 1470 1780
Joseph Ziegler
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:398-400.

Book Reviews

The African Aids Epidemic: A History
Abena Dove Osseo-Asare
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:401-402.

The Troubled Dream of Genetic Medicine: Ethnicity and Innovation in Tay-Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis, and Sickle Cell Disease
Jackie Leach Scully
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:402-403.

Profits Before People? Ethical Standards and the Marketing of Prescription Drugs
Stuart Anderson
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:403-405.

How Everyday Products Make People Sick: Toxins at Home and in the Workplace
Ronnie Johnston
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:405-406.

Solving the Health Care Problem: How Other Nations Succeeded and Why the
United States Has Not
Jonathan Engel
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:406-408.

Financing Medicine: The British Experience since 1750
Marguerite Dupree
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:408-409.

Rockefeller Money, the Laboratory and Medicine in Edinburgh, 1919 1930: New Science in an Old Country
Ilana Lowy
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:409-411.

Britain and the 1918 19 Influenza Pandemic: A Dark Epilogue
Linda Bryder
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:411-412.

Birth Control, Sex and Marriage in Britain, 1918 to 1960
Elizabeth Siegel Watkins
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:412-413.

Childhood in World History
Harry Hendrick
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:413-415.

Science, Culture, and Modern State Formation
Julia Rodriguez
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:415-416.

Psychological Subjects: Identity, Culture, and Health in Twentieth-Century Britain
Akihito Suzuki
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:416-418.

The Insanity of Place/The Place of Insanity: Essays on the History of Psychiatry
Catharine Coleborne
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:418-419.

Panic Diaries: A Genealogy of Panic Disorder
Erika Dyck
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:419-420.

Criminal Man
Louise Westwood
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:420-422.

Social Histories of Disability and Deformity
David Serlin
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:422-423.

Old Potions, New Bottles: Recasting Indigenous Medicine in Colonial
Punjab, 1850 1945
Samiksha Sehrawat
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:424-425.

Poison, Detection, and the Victorian Imagination
Katherine D. Watson
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:425-426.

Water of Life: A History of Wine-Distilling and Spirits from 500 BC to AD 2000
Jonathan Reinarz
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:426-428.

Notes on Book Reviewers
Soc Hist Med 2007 20:429-431.

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