Journal of Modern European History 18 (2020), 2

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Journal of Modern European History 18 (2020), 2
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Close Distance. Social Segregation in Trading Empires and Colonies

London, Thousand Oaks, CA 2020: Sage Publications
ISSN 1611-8944
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Jörg Später
Historisches Seminar der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau
Redaktion Journal of Modern European History
United Kingdom
Schriftleitung: Christina von Hodenberg, Alexander Nützenadel, Joachim von Puttkamer, Milos Reznik
Später, Jörg

Living in forms of enforced ´Close distance´ is a very current experience on a global scale. In this special issue, the wide term of close distance is taken to historicize segregational phenomena in a long-term perspective: While classic approaches to the history of urban or colonial segregation are usually starting from a reified link between ´space´ and ´race´, this is hardly sufficient neither for pre-modern times nor for the transition to a postcolonial world. ‘Distance’ does not only refer to physical space, but it is also far more open to cognitive forms of distance with regard to religion, culture, health perception, ethnic and linguistic forms of inclusion and exclusion. ‘Closeness’ aims to draw attention to the fact that both the processing and enacting of separation and difference, from the early to the late period of colonialization, can imply nevertheless frequent intercourse and relationships on all levels of society. By historicizing segregational phenomena – through case studies from the early modern Ottoman Empire, early modern Dutch Indonesia and late colonial Tanzania –, we suggest to focus with the term of ´close distance´ on the epistemic core: Wilful and unconscious ignorance and ignoring, misunderstanding and forms of cultural untranslatability are crucial for that epistemic side of segregational behaviour and for what creates close distance in societies.


Close Distance. Social Segregation in Trading Empires and Colonies.

Edited by Cornel Zwierlein / Florian Wagner

Cornel Zwierlein
Interaction and Boundary Work: Western Merchant Colonies in the Levant and the Eastern Churches, 1650-1800

Remco Raben
Colonial Shorthand and Historical Knowledge. Segregation and Localisation in a Dutch Colonial Society
Stephanie Lämmert
Only a Misunderstanding? Non-Conformist Rumours and Petitions in Late Colonial Tanzania

Forum: Restitution

Bettina Brockmeyer / Frank Edward / Holger Stoecker
The Mkwawa Complex: A Tanzanian-European History about Provenance, Memory and Politics

Single Article

Chris Korten
A House Divided: The Implications of Land Expropriated during the Napoleonic Years. A Case Study in the Papal States

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