Journal of Modern European History 20 (2022), 3

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Journal of Modern European History 20 (2022), 3
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Gender and Far Right Nationalism

London 2022: Sage Publications
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Jörg Später
Historisches Seminar der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau
Redaktion Journal of Modern European History
United Kingdom
Schriftleitung: Christina von Hodenberg, Alexander Nützenadel, Joachim von Puttkamer, Milos Reznik
Jörg Später, Historisches Seminar, Forschungsgruppe Zeitgeschichte, Universität Freiburg

Around the world, far-right nationalism is on the rise and is deeply intertwined with categories of gender, sexuality, and reproduction. To add original historical perspective, this special issue investigates how far-right nationalists have employed gender as a metalanguage for xenophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism from the 19th century to the present day. Seven case studies investigate discursive and political strategies, national and transnational networks, as well as shape-shifting ideologies of exclusion and difference. Topics range from cultural and virtual aspects of female extremists in the United States to family motifs in the Alternative for Germany, and from the salience of “Mother India” in Hindu Nationalism to the anti-Semitic subtext of the discourse vilifying ‘gender ideology’ that is disseminated throughout Europe and is particularly fulminant in Poland. While interdisciplinary in nature, all contributions apply a distinctly historical perspective and identify several overlapping themes relevant to the historical study of far-right nationalism and gender and its contemporary transformations: 1) biological and religious essentialism, 2) racism and xenophobia, and 3) and memes and discourses, as expressed most notably online.


Forum: Environment and Democracy

Edited by Stefan Couperus and Liesbeth van de Grift

Duncan Kelly, Wartime for the Planet?

Stefan Couperus and Stephen Milder, From ‘Grey Democracy’ to the ‘New Green Deal’: Post-war Democracy and the Hegemonic Imaginary of Materiel Politics in Western Europe

Julie Ault, Dictatorship and Environment: East Germany and the Limits of Change

Iva Peša, Decarbonization, Democracy and Climate Justice: The Connection between African Mining and European Politics

Niklas Olsen and Rasmus Skov Andersen, Shielding the Market from the Masses: The Origins of Libertarian Anti-Environmentalism in the 1960s and 1970s

Special issue: Gender and Far Right Nationalism

Guest editors: Isabel Heinemann and Alexandra Minna Stern

Isabel Heinemann and Alexandra Minna Stern, Gender and Far-Right Nationalism: Historical and International Dimensions. Introduction

Alexandra Minna Stern, Gender and the Far Right in the United States: Female Extremists and the Mainstreaming of Contemporary White Nationalism

Simon Strick, Reflexive Fascism in the Age of History Memes

Kristoff Kerl, The ‘Conspiracy of Homosexualization’: Homosexuality and Anti-Semitism in the United States, 1970-1990

Isabel Heinemann, Volk and Family: National Socialist Legacies and Gender Concepts in the Rhetoric of the Alternative for Germany

Judith Goetz, ‘Patriotism is not a man’s thing’. Right-Wing Extremists Gender Policies within the so-called Identitarian Movement

Mrinal Pande, Gendered Analyses of Hindutva Imaginaries: Manipulation of Symbols for Ethnonationalist Projects

Agnieszka Graff, Jewish Perversion as Strategy of Domination: The Anti-Semitic Subtext of Anti-Gender Discourse

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