Journal of Contemporary History 58 (2023), 4

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Journal of Contemporary History 58 (2023), 4

London [u.a.] 2023: Sage Publications



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Unpacking Western Anticolonialism: Jagi-Jagi and the Second Spanish Republic, 1931–6
Maria Reyes Baztán

Democratic Planning and its Pitfalls: E. H. Carr, Harold B. Butler, and the Interwar Crisis
Tommaso Milani

Nationalist Interests in the Intellectual Cooperation Work of the League of Nations: The Case of Portugal
Jesús Manuel Bermejo Roldán

Power and Survival in KL Mauthausen: The Spanish Case
Diego Martínez López

A Reappraisal of the Origins of European Integration: From Wartime Planning to the Schuman Plan
Enrico Ciappi

‘Doomed to Fail’: Dutch and West German Consulates Warning Against Mixed Marriages, 1950s–70s
Betty de Hart and Julia Woesthoff

European Defence Planning: Concorde, Franco-British Politico-Military Relations and the Cold War, 1956–68
Glenn Wasson

A Turkish Mayor Goes to Moscow: Vedat Dalokay and Development Politics in the 1970s
Samuel J. Hirst, Aydın Khajei, and Deniz Kaptan

‘This Country is Done’: Fair Housing Discourse in Suburban Westchester
Bradford Martin

Book Reviews

Book Review: Kindred Spirits: Friendship and Resistance at the Edges of Modern Catholicism by Brenna Moore
Walter Schultz

Book Review: Survivors: Warsaw Under Nazi Occupation by Jadwiga Biskupska
Tomasz Frydel

Book Review: Comrades in Conflict: Labour, The Trade Unions and 1969’s In Place of Strife by Peter Dorey
Jack Saunders

Book Review: Socialism Goes Global: The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the Age of Decolonization by James Mark, Paul Betts, Alena Alamgir, Péter Apor, Eric Burton, Bogdan C. Iacob, Steffi Marung and Radina Vučetić
George Roberts

Book Review: Collapse. The Fall of the Soviet Union by Vladislav M. Zubok
Stephan Merl

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