The Russian Review

The Russian Review
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The Russian Review
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The Russian Review 320 Bailey Hall 1440 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045-7574 USA

The Russian Review ranks among the oldest and best-established academic journals of Russian studies. Founded in 1941, it has had as its mission the presentation of a broad panorama of the Russian scene, both past and present. Each issue features articles and book reviews on a variety of aspects of Russia’s history, literature, culture, film, fine arts, society, and politics. The scope of The Russian Review includes not only the Russian nationality, but all the peoples of the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and contemporary Russian Federation.

Topics of particular interest at this time include nationality policy, civil society, identity, gender, religion, modern literature and literary figures, and cultural studies, but contributions in all areas are welcome. The Russian Review strives to reflect the full range of current scholarship on Russia, past and present, and to provide a forum for path-breaking original research. Both established and upcoming scholars from a wide range of disciplines publish in the journal. The journal observes a rigorous system of double-blind peer review in the selection of articles for publication.

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