The Russian Review 82 (2023), 3

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The Russian Review 82 (2023), 3

Malden 2023: Wiley-Blackwell
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The Russian Review
United States
The Russian Review 320 Bailey Hall 1440 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045-7574 USA
Melanie Strauß, HU Berlin



Intermediaries as Change Agents: Translating, Interpreting, and Expanding Socialism
Charles D. Shaw, Constantin I. Iordachi
Pages: 387–400

Kul'turnost' Meets Kultur: Lyusya’s Testimony on Russian‐German Sexual Relations in Occupied Smolensk
Michael David-Fox
Pages: 401–418

Xiao San, Intermediary between Soviet Literature and Leftist Chinese Literature
Katerina Clark
Pages: 419–432

The Many Nationalities of Tamara Khanum: Friendship of the Peoples at Home, Abroad, and Within
Charles D. Shaw
Pages: 433–452

Operation Friendship: Soviet and British Pen‐Pals Discuss War, Work, and Womanhood
Alexis Peri
Pages: 453–469


A Petrovich Inside of Every New Russian: The Disciplinary Regime of the Capitalist “Vanguard Group” at 1990s Kommersant
Pavel Khazanov
Pages: 470–485

“A hitherto unheard‐of and harmful thing”: Breastfeeding and Violence in Russian Literature
Muireann Maguire
Pages: 486–507

Review Essays

Negotiated Borders, Contested Identities, and States Done and Undone: Mapping Ukraine and Russia beyond War and Empire
Steven Seegel
Pages: 508–515

Featured Review

Decision Paralysis
Yana Skorobogatov
Pages: 516–518

Book Reviews

Literature and Fine Arts
Heretical Orthodoxy: Lev Tolstoi and the Russian Orthodox Church by Kolstø. Pål Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022. 340 pp. $99.99. ISBN 978‐1‐00‐926040‐4
Jeff Love
Pages: 519–520

Nicholas Roerich: The Artist Who Would Be King by John McCannon. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2022. 616 pp. $50.00. ISBN 978‐0‐8229‐4741‐7
Inessa Kouteinikova
Pages: 521–523

Literary Biographies in The Lives of Remarkable People Series in Russia: Biography for the Masses by Ludmilla A. Trigos and Carol Ueland, eds. Crosscurrents: Russia’s Literature in Context. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2022. x + 339 pp. ISBN 978‐1‐7936‐1829‐0
Vadim Shneyder
Pages: 524–525

Slova i konflikty: Iazyk protivostoianiia i eskalatsiia grazhdanskoi voiny v Rossii by B. I. Kolonitskii. St. Petersburg: Izdatel'stvo Evropeiskogo Universiteta v Sankt‐Peterburge, 2022. 327 pp. ₽500. ISBN 978‐5‐94380‐347‐5
Michael S. Gorham
Pages: 526–528

Nabokov Noir: Cinematic Culture and the Art of Exile by Luke Parker. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2022. 228 pp. $47.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6652‐7
Stephen Blackwell
Pages: 529–530

Vladimir Nabokov as an Author‐Translator: Writing and Translating between Russian, English and French by Julie Loison‐Charles. Bloomsbury Advances in Translation. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. 280 pp. $117.00. ISBN 978‐1‐350‐24328‐6
Thomas Seifrid
Pages: 531–532

Eurasia without Borders: The Dream of a Leftist Literary Commons, 1919–1943 by Katerina Clark. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2021. 464 pp. $49.95. ISBN 978‐0‐674‐26110‐5
Edward Tyerman
Pages: 533–534

SPQR in the USSR: Elena Shvarts’s Classical Antiquity by Georgina Barker. Cambridge: Legenda, 2021. 372 pp. $115.00. ISBN 978‐1‐839540‐52‐3
Stephanie Sandler
Pages: 535–536

Outlaw Music: The Rise of an Unlikely Genre by Anastasia Gordienko. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2023. 336 pp. $89.95. ISBN 978‐0‐299‐34010‐0
Pauline Fairclough
Pages: 537–538

Russian Utopia: A Century of Revolutionary Possibilities by Mark D. Steinberg. Russian Shorts. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021. 152 pp. $17.95. ISBN 978‐1‐350‐12721‐0
Victoria Smolkin
Pages: 539–541

The Path to a Soviet Nation: The Policy of Belarusization by Alena Marková. Translated by Paval Turchaninau. Paderborn: Brill Schöningh, 2022. xviii + 261 pp. $124.00. ISBN 978‐3‐506‐79181‐8
Per A. Rudling
Pages: 542–543

The Broken Years: Russia’s Disabled War Veterans, 1904–1921 by Alexandre Sumpf. Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022. 322 pp. $99.99. ISBN 978‐1‐0090‐4729‐6
Erica L. Fraser
Pages: 544–545

Stalin’s Millennials: Nostalgia, Trauma, and Nationalism by Tinatin Japaridze. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2022. 159 pp. $95.00. ISBN 978‐1‐7936‐4186‐1
Olga Shevchenko
Pages: 546–547

The Soviet Passport: The History, Nature and Uses of the Internal Passport in the USSR by Albert Baiburin. Translated by Stephen Dalziel. Cambridge: Polity, 2022. 455 pp. $45.00. ISBN 978‐1‐5095‐4318‐2
Edward Cohn
Pages: 548–549

Photography and Political Repressions in Stalin’s Russia: Defacing the Enemy by Denis Skopin. New York: Routledge, 2022. 168 pp. $150.00. ISBN 978‐1‐03‐202705‐0
Tomas Sniegon
Pages: 550–551

Return to the Motherland: Displaced Soviets in WWII and the Cold War by Seth Bernstein. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2023. 292 pp. $46.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6739‐5
Sheila Fitzpatrick
Pages: 552–553

Revolutionary Aftereffects: Material, Social, and Cultural Legacies of 1917 in Russia Today by Megan Swift, ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2022. vi + 253 pp. $75.00. ISBN 978‐1‐4875‐2956‐7
David Fisher
Pages: 554–555

The Frontline: Essays on Ukraine’s Past and Present by Serhii Plokhy. Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies, 81. Cambridge: Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2023. xvii + 400 pp. $19.95. ISBN 978‐0‐674‐26883‐8
George O. Liber
Pages: 556–557

The Ukrainian‐Russian Borderland: History vs. Geography by Volodymyr V. Kravchenko. Quebec: McGill‐Queen’s University Press, 2022. 352 pp. $90.00. ISBN 978‐0‐2280‐1199‐6
Amber Nickell
Pages: 558–559

The Intellectual Foundations of Modern Ukraine: the Nineteenth Century by Andriy Zayarnyuk and Ostap Sereda. London: Routledge, 2022. 204 pp. $160.00. ISBN 978‐1‐138‐33389‐5
Fabian Baumann
Pages: 560–561

Dnipro: An Entangled History of a European City by Andrii Portnov. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2022. 376 pp. $40.00 (paper). ISBN 979‐8‐88719‐102‐7
Sergei I. Zhuk
Pages: 562–563

Authoritarian Laughter: Political Humor and Soviet Dystopia in Lithuania by Neringa Klumbyté. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2022. 306 pp. $32.95 (paper). ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6669‐5
Dace Dzenovska
Pages: 564–565

Social Sciences, Contemporary Russia, and Other
The Moscow Factor: U.S. Policy toward Sovereign Ukraine and the Kremlin by Eugene M. Fishel. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2022. 336 pp. $59.95. ISBN 978‐0‐674‐27917‐9
James Goldgeier
Pages: 566–567

The Zelensky Effect by Olga Onuch and Henry E. Hale. New Perspectives on Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023. 224 pp. $24.95. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐768451‐1
Emily Channell-Justice
Pages: 568–569

For Putin and for Sharia: Dagestani Muslims and the Islamic State by Iwona Kaliszewska. Translated by Arthur Barys. NIU Series in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Ithaca: Northern Illinois University Press, 2023. 168 pp. $21.95 (paper). ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6763‐0
Sophie Roche
Pages: 570–571

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