The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 480

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The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 480
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Barthel, Claudia


Dependant Priories and the Closure of Monasteries in the Late Medieval England, 1400-1535 M. R. V.Heale, pp. 1-26

Reform without Frontiers in the Last Years of Catholic Scotland Alec Ryrie, pp. 27-56

Delville Wood and South African Great War Commemoration
Bill Nasson, pp. 57-86

Late Medieval Churchwardens' Accounts and Parish Government: Looking beyond London and Bristol Beat Kümin, pp. 87-99

The Broader Church? A Rejoinder to 'Looking beyond`
Clive Burgess, pp. 100-116

P. Stafford, ed. Law, Laity and Solidarities: Essays in Honour of Susan Reynolds.
Reviewed by Patrick Wormald , pp. 117-118

Jeremy Johns: Arabic Administration in Norman Sicily: The Royal Diwan.
Reviewed by Alex Metcalfe , pp. 118-120

Gwyn Meirion-Jones, ed. The Seigneurial Residence in Western Europe, AD, c. 800-1600
Reviewed by John R. Kenyon , pp. 120-122

Lisa Woolverton: Hastening Toward Prague: Power and Society in the Medieval Czech Lands
Reviewed by Susan Reynolds , pp. 122-124

Paul Brand: Kings, Barons and Justices: The Making and Enforcement of Legislation in Thirteenth-Century England
Reviewed by J. R. Maddicott , pp. 124-127

Pal Engel : The Realm of St Stephen: A History of Medieval Hungary, 895-1526
Reviewed by Janos M. Bak , pp. 127-129

Peter Spufford: Power and Profit: The Merchant in Medieval Europe
Reviewed by Gervase Rosser , pp. 129-131

Caroline M. Barron, ed. The Church and Learning in Later Medieval Society: Essays in Honour of R. B. Dobson. Proceedings of the 1999 Harlaxton Symposium
Reviewed by Ian Forrest , pp. 131-133

Luca Mola, ed. La Seta in Italia del Medioevo al Seicento: Dal baco al drappo
Reviewed by Lisa Monnas , pp. 133-135

David A. Lines: Aristotle`s Ethics in the Italian Renaissence (ca. 1300-1650): The Universities and the Problem of Moral Education
Reviewed by Robert Black , pp. 135-137

Ronald G. Witt: 'In the Footsteps of the Ancients`: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni
Reviewed by M. S. Kempshall , pp. 137-139

Erica Bastress-Dukehart: The Zimmern Chronicle: Nobility, Memory and Self-representation in Sixteenth-century Germany
Reviewed by Helen Watanabe-O`Kelly , pp. 139-141

Willem Frijhoff: Embodied Belief: Ten Essays on Religious Culture in Dutch History
Reviewed by Judith Pollmann , pp. 141-143

P. O`Brien, ed. Urban Achievement in Early Modern Europe: Golden Ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London
Reviewed by Filippo De Vivo , pp. 143-144

Stanley Chapman: Hosiery and Knitwear: Four Centuries of Small-scale Industry in Britain, c. 1589-2000
Reviewed by Katrina Honeyman , pp. 145-146

David I. Kertzer, ed. Family Life in the Long Nineteenth Century, 1789-1913
Reviewed by Leonore Davidoff , pp. 146-148

Lawrence Goldman: Science, Reform and Politics in Victorian Britain: The Social Science Association, 1857-1886
Reviewed by Gillian Sutherland , pp. 148-150

Nicoletta F. Gullace: 'The Blood of our Sons`: Men, Women, and the Renegotiation of British Citizenship During the Great War
Reviewed by Sandra Stanley Holton , pp. 150-151

Stephanie Salzmann: Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union: Rapallo and After, 1922-1934
Reviewed by J. R. C. Wright , pp. 152-153

David Howell: MacDonald`s Party: Labour Identities and Crisis, 1922-1932
Reviewed by Duncan Tanner , pp. 153-155

Eric Hobsbawm : Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life
Reviewed by Ross McKibbin , pp. 155-157

André Vauchez, Barrie Dobson and Michael Lapidge, ed. Encyclopaedia of the Middle Ages
Reviewed by J. Campbell , p. 158

Antony Black: The History of Islamic Political Thought: From the Prophet to the Present
Reviewed by Neal Robinson , pp. 158-159

H. Hamerow and A. MacGregor, ed. Image and Power in the Archaeology of Early Medieval Britain: Essays in Honour of Rosemary Cramp
Reviewed by Patrick Wormald , pp. 159-161

David Hill and Robert Cowie, ed. Wics: The Early Medieval Trading Centres of Northern Europe
Reviewed by J. Campbell , p. 161

C. Carozzi and H. Taviani-Carozzi, ed. Année mille, An Mil
Reviewed by Sarah Hamilton , pp. 161-163

M. K. Lawson: The Battle of Hastings 1066
Reviewed by Sean McGlynn , p. 163

Alan Harding: Medieval Law and the Foundations of the State
Reviewed by J. Campbell , p. 164

Valerie Potter, Margaret Poulter and Jane Allen: The Building of Orford Castle: A Translation from the Pipe Rolls, 1163-78
Reviewed by J. Campbell , p. 164

R. M. Thomson and Michael Gullick, ed. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of Worcester Cathedral Library
Reviewed by A. J. Piper , pp. 165-166

Christopher Harper-Bill, ed. English Episcopal Acta XXI: Norwich, 1215-1243
Reviewed by J. Campbell , p. 166

Jörg Oberste: Der 'Kreuzzug` gegen die Albigenser: Ketzerei und Machtpolitk im Mittelalter
Reviewed by J. H. Mundy , pp. 166-168

H. Plechl, ed. Die Tegernseer Briefsammlung des 12. Jahrhunderts
Reviewed by Benjamin Arnold , pp. 168-169

B. Schütte: König Philipp von Schwaben: Itinerar, Urkundenvergabe, Hof
Reviewed by Benjamin Arnold , pp. 168-169

Andrew Jotischky: The Carmelites and Antiquity: Mendicants and their Pasts in the Middle Ages
Reviewed by Henrietta Leyser , pp. 169-171

John McNeill and Daniel Prigent, ed. Anjou: Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology
Reviewed by Jean Dunbabin , p. 171

Pierre Chaplais: English Diplomatic Practice in the Middle Ages
Reviewed by J. R. Maddicott , pp. 171-173

John Rickard: The Castle Community: English and Welsh Castle Personnel, 1272-1422
Reviewed by John R. Kenyon , pp. 173-174

Nicholas Bennet, ed. The Registers of Henry Burghersh, 1320-1342, Volume II: Institutions to Benefices in the Archdeaconries of Northampton, Oxford, Bedford, Buckingham and Huntingdon, and Collations of Cathedral Dignities and Prebends
Reviewed by Roy Martin Haines , pp. 174-175

Richard Gorski: The Fourteenth-Century Sheriff: English Local Administration in the Late Middle Ages
Reviewed by J. R. Maddicott , pp. 175-176

Philipp Schofield: Peasant and Community in Medieval England, 1200-1500
Reviewed by P. D. A. Harvey , pp. 176-177

Karel Huza, ed. Propaganda, Kommunikation und Offentlichkeit (11.-16. Jahrhundert)
Reviewed by Len Scales , pp. 178-179

J. Gomez-Pantoja, ed. Los Pebaños de Gerion: Pastores y trashumancia en Iberia antigua y medieval
Reviewed by Peter Rycraft , pp. 179-180

Josep Torro: El Naixement d`una colònia; Dominacio i resistència a la frontera valenciana (1238-1276)
Reviewed by Peter Rycraft , pp. 180-181

Jose Lema and Jon A. Fernandez de Larrea, ed. El triunfo de las elites urbanas guipuzcoanas: Nuevos textos para el estudio del gobierno de las villas y de la Provincia (1412-1539)
Reviewed by Peter Rycraft , pp. 181-182

James E. G. Zetzel, ed. Cicero, On the Commonwealth and On the Laws
Reviewed by M. S. Kempshall , pp. 182-184

Andrew Lintott: The Constitution of the Roman Republic
Reviewed by M. S. Kempshall , pp. 182-184

Kristian Jensen, ed. Incunabula and their Readers: Printing, Selling and Using Books in the Fifteenth Century
Reviewed by A. Coates , pp. 184-186

R. A. McDonald, ed. History, Literature and Music in Scotland, 700-1560
Reviewed by Maureen M. Meikle , pp. 186-187

Hector L. MacQueen, ed. Stair Society Miscellany Four, by Various Authors
Reviewed by Cynthia J. Neville , pp. 187-188

Jean Flori: Guerre sainte, jihad, croisade: Violence et religion dans le christianisme et l`islam
Reviewed by Peter Partner , pp. 188-189

Norman Housley: Religious Warfare in Europe, 1400-1536
Reviewed by Peter Partner , pp. 189-190

Linda J. Dunbar: Reforming the Scottish Church: John Winram (c. 1492-1582) and the Example of Fife
Reviewed by Mark Dilworth , pp. 191-192

Maureen Mulholland and Brian Pullan: The Trial in History. Vol.I: Judicial Tribunals in England and Europe, 1200-1700
Reviewed by John H. Langbein , pp. 192-194

R. A. Melikan, ed. The Trial in History. Vol.II: Domestic and International Trials, 1700-2000
Reviewed by John H. Langbein , pp. 192-194

D. Buisseret: The Mapmakers` Quest: Depicting New Worlds in Renaissance Europe
Reviewed by Elizabeth Baigent , pp. 194-195

Mary R. Ravenhill and Margery M. Rowe, ed. Devon Maps and Mapmakers: Manuscript Maps before 1840
Reviewed by Sarah Tyacke , pp. 195-196

David Grummitt, ed. The English Experience in France c.1450-1558: War, Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
Reviewed by S. J. Gunn , pp. 196-197

Hazel Pierce: Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, 1473-1541: Loyalty, Lineage, and Leadership
Reviewed by C. S. L. Davies , pp. 197-198

Barbara J. Harris: English Aristocratic Women, 1450-1550
Reviewed by R. W. Hoyle , pp. 199-200

Bernard Capp: When Gossips Meet: Women, Family, and Neighbourhood in Early Modern England
Reviewed by Anthony Fletcher , pp. 200-201

Adam Fox and Daniel Woolf, ed. The Spoken Word: Oral Culture in Britain, 1500-1850
Reviewed by Felicity Heal , pp. 201-202

W. H. Bryson, ed. Cases Concerning Equity and the Courts of Equity, 1550-1660, Vol.I: 1550-1611 and Vol.II: 1611-1660 Reviewed by L. M. Hill , pp. 202-203

Nabil Matar: Islam in Britain, 1558-1685
Reviewed by David S. Katz , pp. 204-205

Robert Poole, ed. The Lancashire Witches: Histories and Stories
Reviewed by Garthine Walker , pp. 205-206

David I. Kertzer and Marzio Barbagli: Family Life in Early Modern Times, 1500-1789
Reviewed by Ralph Houlbrooke , pp. 207-208

L. Barletta, ed. Integrazione ed emarginazione: Circuiti e modelli: Italia e Spagna nei secoli XV-XVIII Reviewed by A. D. Wright , pp. 208-209

Phillip C. Almond: Adam and Eve in Seventeenth-Century Thought
Reviewed by Scott Mandelbrote , pp. 209-210

Johanna Geyer-Kordesch, Fiona MacDonald and Andrew Hull, ed. The History of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Vol. I: Physicians and Surgeons, 1599-1858; Vol. II: The Shaping of the Medical Profession, 1858-1999
Reviewed by Janet Blackman , pp. 210-212

Philippe Boutry, Pierre-Antione Fabre and Dominique Julia, ed. Rendre ses voeux: Les identités pèlerines dans l`Europe moderne (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles)
Reviewed by Nigel Aston , pp. 212-213

Macrc Fumaroli and Jane Marie Todd: The Poet and the King: Jean de La Fontaine and his Century
Reviewed by Roger Mettam , pp. 213-214

Helen Berry: Gender, Society and Print Culture in Late-Stuart England: The Cultural World of the Athenian Mercury
Reviewed by Tony Claydon , pp. 214-216

David Hancock, ed. The Letters of William Freeman, London Merchant, 1678-1685
Reviewed by Ian Doolittle , pp. 216-217

Matthew Glozier: The Huguenot Soldiers of William of Orange and the 'Glorious Revolution` of 1688: The Lions of Judah
Reviewed by John Childs , pp. 217-218

Franco M. Di Sciullo: Il merito e la frusta: Assistenza, disciplina e mobilità sociale nel pensioro politico inglese del Settecento
Reviewed by J. H. Burns , p. 218

Louis Chatellier, ed. Religions en transition dans la seconde moitié du XVIIIe siècle
Reviewed by Thomas Kselman , pp. 218-220

Hannah Barker and Simon Burrows, ed. Press, Politics and the Public Sphere in Europe and North America, 1760-1820
Reviewed by T. C. W. Blanning , pp. 220-221

Thomas W. Laqueur: Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation
Reviewed by David Stevenson , pp. 221-223

Nicolas Barker: Form and Meaning in the History of the Book: Selected Essays
Reviewed by John Feather , pp. 223-224

Richard Price: British Society, 1680-1880: Dynamism, Containment and Change
Reviewed by Joyce M. Ellis , pp. 224-225

Kathleen Wilson: The Island Race: Englishness, Empire and Gender in the Eighteenth Century
Reviewed by E. Foyster , pp. 225-226

Donald R. Kelly: The Descent of Ideas: The History of Intellectual History
Reviewed by John Robertson , pp. 226-228

Edouard Tillet: La Constitution anglaise, un modèle politique et institutionnel dans la France des Lumières
Reviewed by Norman Hampson , pp. 228-229

Simon Dixon: Catherine the Great
Reviewed by G. S. Smith , pp. 229-230

Claire Gervat: Elizabeth: The Scandalous Life of the Duchess of Kingston
Reviewed by Edward Gregg , pp. 230-231

Franco Venturi: Saggi preparatori per 'Settecento riformatore. L`Italia dei lumi: La Republica di Genova (1761-1797)`
Reviewed by Daniel M. Klang , pp. 231-232

David M. Hopkin: Soldier and Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870
Reviewed by P. M. Jones , pp. 232-233

Bailey Stone: Reinterpreting the French Revolution: A Global-Historical Perspective
Reviewed by N. L. Plack , pp. 233-234

Timothy Tackett: When the King Took Flight
Reviewed by Munro Price , pp. 234-235

Reynald Secher: A French Genocide: The Vendée
Reviewed by D. M. G. Sutherland , pp. 236-237

Daniel Moran and Authur Waldron, ed. The People in Arms: Military Myth and National Mobilisation since the French Revolution
Reviewed by Martin Simpson , pp. 237-238

Susan C. Anderson and Bruce Tabb, ed. Water, Leisure and Culture: European Historical Perspectives
Reviewed by Johnathan Sperber , pp. 238-239

Frederic Cople Jaher: The Jews and the Nation: Revolution, Emancipation, State Formation, and the Liberal Paradigm in America and France
Reviewed by Nigel Aston , pp. 239-240

H.Arnold Barton: Sweden and Visions of Norway: Politics and Culture, 1814-1905
Reviewed by A. F. Upton , pp. 240-242

H. A. Barton : Sweeden and Visions of Norway: Politics and Culture, 1814-1905
Reviewed by A. F. Upton , pp. 240-242

Miles Taylor: Ernest Jones, Chartism, and the Romance of Politics, 1819-1869
Reviewed by Margot Finn , pp. 242-243

Phillip Davis: The Victorians (Oxford English Literary History, Vol VIII: 1830-1880)
Reviewed by Norman Vance , pp. 243-244

John Plunkett: Queen Victoria: First Media Monarch
Reviewed by Paul Smith , pp. 244-246

Andrew C. Ross: David Livingstone: Mission and Empire
Reviewed by I. C. Cunningham , p. 246

Lynn Botelho and Pat Thane, ed. Women and Ageing in British Society since 1500
Reviewed by Janet Howarth , pp. 247-248

Patricia Lynch: The Liberal Party in Rural England, 1885-1910: Radicalism and Community
Reviewed by J. P. D. Dunbabin , pp. 248-249

Robert Johnson: British Imperialism
Reviewed by Simon C. Smith , pp. 249-250

Peter H. Hoffenberg: An Empire on Display: English, Indian, and Australian Exhibitions from the Crystal Palace to the Great War
Reviewed by Asa Briggs , pp. 250-251

Sirkka Ahonen and Jukka Rantala, ed. Nordic Lights: Education for Nation and Civic Society in the Nordic Countries, 1850-2000
Reviewed by A. F. Upton , pp. 251-252

Raymond Chien Sun: Before the Enemy is Within Our Walls: Catholic Workers in Cologne, 1885-1912. A Social, Cultural and Political History
Reviewed by Ronald J. Ross , pp. 252-253

Glenford Deroy Howe: Race, War and Nationalism: A Social History of West Indians in the First World War
Reviewed by Ian F. W. Beckett , p. 254

Sally Marks: The Ebbing of European Ascendancy: An International History of the World, 1914-1945
Reviewed by Anthony Adamthwaite , pp. 255-256

Rainer F. Schmidt: Die Aussenpolitik des Dritten Reiches, 1933-1939
Reviewed by J. R. C. Wright , p. 256

Frank Shapiro: Haven in Africa
Reviewed by William D. Rubinstein , p. 257

Jeremy Black: World War II: A Military History
Reviewed by Michael Howard , pp. 257-258

Amir Weiner: Making Sense of War: The Second World War and the Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution
Reviewed by David Saunders , pp. 258-259

Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt: Holocaust: A History
Reviewed by Colin Richmond , pp. 259-260

Zeev W. Mankowitz: Life Between Memory and Hope: The Survivors of the Holocaust in Occupied Germany
Reviewed by Ronald W. Zweig , pp. 260-261

Dan Michman, ed. Remembering the Holocaust in Germany, 1945-2000; German Strategies and Jewish Responses
Reviewed by I. Wollaston , pp. 261-262

Nicholas Fennell: The Russians on Athos
Reviewed by R. R. Milner-Gulland , pp. 263-264

J. Willis: Potent Brews: A Social History of Alcohol in East Africa, 1850-1999 Reviewed by S. Doyle , pp. 264-265

Brent Boel: The European Productivity Agency and Transatlantic Relations 1953-1961
Reviewed by N. Tiratsoo , p. 266

Olli Vehviläinen and Attila Pok, ed. Hungary and Finland in the 20th Century
Reviewed by A. F. Upton , pp. 267-268

Pertti Pesonen and Olavi Riihinen: Dynamic Finland: The Political System and the Welfare State
Reviewed by A. F. Upton , pp. 268-269

E. Mahan: Kennedy, De Gaulle and Western Europe
Reviewed by M. J. Sewell , pp. 269-270

Saki Dockrill: Britain`s Retreat from East of Suez: The Choice between Europe and the World?
Reviewed by Simon C. Smith , pp. 270-271

Jeremy Black: Maps and Politics
Reviewed by Elizabeth Baigent , pp. 271-273

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