The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 481

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The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 481
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Barthel, Claudia



The Origins of the Manorial Economy: New Insights from Late Antiquity
Peter Sarris
pp. 279-311

'The Greatest Disgrace': The Making and Unmaking of JPs in Elizabethan and Jacobean England
Alison Wall
pp. 312-332

A Reassessment of Anglo-French Strategy during the Phony War, 1939-1940
Talbot Charles Imlay
pp. 333-372

The Separation of Portions between Abbot and Convent at Bury St Edmunds: the decisive years, 1278-1281
Antonia Gransden
pp. 373-406

Royal Charter Witness Lists for the Reign of Henry IV, 1399-1413
Douglas Biggs
pp. 407-423


Giuseppe Ricuperati, ed. Storia di Torino
ed by R.O.
p. 424

Giuseppe Sergi, ed. Storia di Torino. 1. Dalla preistoria al comune medievale
ed by Christine Shaw
pp. 424-426

Rinaldo Comba, ed. Storia di Torino. 2. Il basso medioevo e la prima età moderna (1280-1536)
ed by Christine Shaw
pp. 424-426

Giuseppe Ricuperati, ed. Storia di Torino. 5. Dalla città razionale alla crisi dello stato d'Antico Regime
ed by Robert Oresko
pp. 426-428

Giuseppe Ricuperati, ed. Storia di Torino. 4. La città fra crisi e ripresa (1630-1730)
ed by Robert Oresko
pp. 426-428

Giuseppe Ricuperati, ed. Storia di Torino. 3. Dalla dominazione francese alla ricomposizione dello stato (1536-1630)
ed by Robert Oresko
pp. 426-428

Umberto Levra, ed. Storia di Torino. 7. Da Capitale politica a capitale industriale (1864-1915)
ed by John Foot
pp. 428-431

Umberto Levra, ed. Storia di Torino. 6. La città nel Risorgimento (1798-1864)
ed by John Foot
pp. 428-431

Nicola Tranfaglia, ed. Storia di Torino. 9. Gli anni della Repubblica
ed by John Foot
pp. 428-431

Nicola Tranfaglia, ed. Storia di Torino. 8. Dalla Grande Guerra alla liberazione (1915-45)
ed by John Foot
pp. 428-431

Nicholas Brooks: Communities and Warfare, 700-1400
ed by J. Campbell
pp. 432-434

Nicholas Brooks : Anglo-Saxon Myths: State and Church, 400-1066
ed by J. Campbell
pp. 432-434

Alan T. Thacker and Richard Sharpe, ed. Local Saints and Local Churches in the Early Medieval West
ed by David Rollason
pp. 434-436

David Carpenter : The Struggle for Mastery: Britain, 1066-1284
ed by Frank Barlow
pp. 436-438

Marcus Bull, Peter Edbury, Norman Housley and Jonathan Phillips, ed. The Experience of Crusading: Vol. I: Western Approaches; Vol. II: Defining the Crusader Kingdom
ed by Colin Morris
pp. 438-439

J. Higgitt : The Murthly Hours: Devotion, Literacy and Luxury in Paris, England and the Gaelic West
ed by Paul Binski
pp. 439-441

S. H. Rigby , ed. A Companion to Britain in the Later Middle Ages
ed by G. L. Harriss
pp. 441-443

H. G. Koenigsberger : Monarchies, States Generals and Parliaments: The Netherlands in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
ed by Alastair Duke
pp. 443-445

Owen Chadwick : The Early Reformation on the Continent
ed by Gerald Strauss
pp. 446-447

Ethan H. Shagan: Popular Politics and the English Reformation
ed by G. W. Bernard
pp. 447-450

Philip Benedict : Christ's Churches Purely Reformed: A Social History of Calvinism
ed by Euan Cameron
pp. 450-452

Frances Harris : Transformation of Love: The Friendship of John Evelyn and Margaret Godolphin
ed by Laura Gowing
pp. 452-454

Jean-Louis Quantin: Le Catholicisme classique et les pères de l'Église: Un retour aux sources (1669-1713)
ed by Joseph Bergin
pp. 454-456

John H. Langbein : The Origins of Adversary Criminal Trial
ed by Christopher Brooks
pp. 456-458

William W. Hagen : Ordinary Prussians: Brandenburg Junkers and Villagers, 1500-1840
ed by Jonathan Sperber
pp. 458-461

Stephen Small : Political Thought in Ireland, 1776-1798: Republicanism, Patriotism, and Radicalism
ed by H. T. Dickinson
pp. 461-463

Peter Jones : Liberty and Locality in Revolutionary France: Six Villages Compared, 1760-1820
ed by Alan Forrest
pp. 463-464

Anne Stott : Hannah More: The First Victorian
ed by Kathryn Gleadle
pp. 465-466

Christina Bussfeld : 'Democracy versus Dictatorship': Die Herausforderung des Faschismus und Kommunismus in Grossbritannien, 1932-1937
ed by Dan Stone
pp. 466-469

Nick Smart : British Strategy and Politics During the Phony War: Before the Balloon Went Up
ed by Brian Bond
pp. 469-472

Antoine Capet and Aissatou Sy-Wonyu, ed. The 'Special Relationship': La 'relation speciale' entre le Royaume-Uni et les Etats Unis
ed by Philip Haffenden
pp. 472-475

Richard Bessel and Dirk Schumann, ed. Life after Death: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During the 1940s and 1950s
ed by Neil Gregor
pp. 475-477

Lawrence Black : The Political Culture of the Left in Affluent Britain, 1951-64: Old Labour, New Britain?
ed by John Benson
pp. 477-478

Michael Williams : Deforesting the Earth: From Prehistory to Global Crisis
ed by P. Warde
pp. 478-480

Pierre Milza : L'Europe en chemise noire: Les extrêmes droites européennes de 1945 à nos jours
ed by Pascal Perrineau
pp. 480-482

Shorter Notices

Clare A. Lees and Gillian R. Overing : Double Agents: Women and Clerical Culture in Anglo-Saxon England
ed by Francesca Tinti
pp. 483-484

Ian Howard : Swein Forkbeard's Invasions and the Danish Conquest of England, 991-1017
ed by M. K. Lawson
pp. 484-486

Dominique Iogna-Prat : Études clunisiennes
ed by H. E. J. Cowdrey
pp. 486-487

Charles M. Radding and Francis Newton: Theology, Rhetoric, and Politics in the Eucharistic Controversy, 1078-79: Alberic of Monte Cassino against Berengar of Tours
ed by H. E. J. Cowdrey
pp. 487-488

Nicolangelo D'Acunto , ed. Papato e monachesimo 'esente' nei secoli centrali del Medioevo
ed by H. E. J. Cowdrey
pp. 488-489

Christopher Daniell : From Norman Conquest to Magna Carta: England, 1066-1215
ed by Marjorie Chibnall
pp. 489-490

N. E. Stacy, ed. Surveys of the Estates of Glastonbury Abbey c. 1135-1201
ed by Richard Holt
pp. 490-491

Jonathan Riley-Smith : What were the Crusades?
ed by C. J. Tyerman
pp. 491-493

Baha' al-Din Ibn Shaddad: The Rare and Excellent History of Saladin
ed by Carole Hillenbrand
pp. 493-494

Bruno B. Meyer : Kastilien, die Staufer und das Imperium: Ein Jahrhundert politischer Kontakte im Zeichen des Kaisertums
ed by Peter Linehan
pp. 494-495

Patricia Skinner , ed. The Jews in Medieval Britain: Historical, Literary and Archaeological Perspectives
ed by Nicholas Vincent
pp. 495-496

Michael Toch : Peasants and Jews in Medieval Germany
ed by Tom Scott
pp. 496-497

Jennifer Ward : Women in Medieval Europe
ed by Henrietta Leyser
pp. 497-498

Peter Coss : The Origins of the English Gentry
ed by Nigel Saul
pp. 498-499

Jean-François Cottier : 'Anima mea': Prières privées et textes de dévotion du Moyen Age latin
ed by Thomas H. Bestul
pp. 499-500

Mario Maritano, ed. Historiam Perscrutari: Miscellanea di studi offerti al prof
ed by Norman Tanner
pp. 500-501

Tim William Machan: English in the Middle Ages
ed by Thorlac Turville-Petre
pp. 501-502

Jeannine Quillet: Charles V: Le roi lettré. Essai sur la pensée politique d'un règne
ed by Malcolm Vale
pp. 502-503

Per Ingesman: Provisioner og Processer: Den romerske Rota og dens behandling af danske sager i middelalderen
ed by E. Christiansen
p. 503

Peter Fleming and Michael Wood : Gloucestershire's Forgotten Battle: Nibley Green, 1470
ed by Michael Hicks
pp. 503-505

John Chynoweth : Tudor Cornwall
ed by Mark Stoyle
pp. 505-508

J. P. D. Cooper : Propaganda and the Tudor State: Political Culture in the Westcountry
ed by Mark Stoyle
pp. 505-508

Peter Marshall and Alec Ryrie , ed. The Beginnings of English Protestantism
ed by Christopher Haigh
pp. 508-509

Will Coster : Baptism and Spiritual Kinship in Early Modern England
ed by David Cressy
pp. 510-511

Françoise Crémoux: Pèlerinages et miracles à Guadalupe au XVIe siècle
ed by Henry Kamen
pp. 511-512

Paul E. J. Hammer: Elizabeth's Wars: War, Government and Society in Tudor England, 1544-1604
ed by C. S. L. Davies
p. 512

Elizabeth Lane Furdell : Publishing and Medicine in Early Modern England
ed by Vivian Nutton
pp. 512-514

Ian Anders Gadd and Patrick Wallis , ed. Guilds, Society and Economy in London, 1450-1800
ed by Ian Doolittle
pp. 514-515

Dennis O. Flynn , Arturo Giráldez and Richard von Glahn , ed. Global Connections and Monetary History, 1470-1800
ed by R. B. Outhwaite
pp. 515-516

David Postles , ed. Naming, Society and Regional Identity
ed by David Hey
pp. 516-517

José I. Fortea , Juan E. Gelabert and Tomás A. Mantecón , ed. Furor et rabies: Violencia, conflicto y marginación en la Edad Moderna
ed by Henry Kamen
pp. 517-518

Maria Craciun, Ovidiu Ghitta and Graeme Murdock, ed. Confessional Identity in East-Central Europe
ed by R. Po-Chia Hsia
pp. 518-519

Daniel Goffman : The Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Europe
ed by Tim Stanley
pp. 519-520

Peter N. Miller: Peiresc's Europe: Learning and Virtue in the Seventeenth Century
ed by Howard Hotson
p. 521

Blair Hoxby : Mammon's Music: Literature and Economics in the Age of Milton
ed by Austin Woolrych
pp. 522-523

John Childs: Warfare in the Seventeenth Century
ed by David Parrott
pp. 523-524

Christoph Kampmann : Arbiter und Friedensstiftung: Die Auseinandersetzung um den politischen Schiedsrichter im Europa der Frühen Neuzeit
ed by Paul Sonnino
pp. 524-525

Chantel Grell and Klaus Malettke , ed. Les Années Fouquet: Politique, société, vie artistique et culturelle dans les années 1650
ed by David Parrott
pp. 525-527

David Buisseret : Ingénieurs et fortifications avant Vauban: L'organisation d'un service royal aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles
ed by David Parrott
pp. 527-528

Alain Hugon: Rivalités européennes et hégémonie mondiale, XVIe - XVIIIe siècle
ed by David Parrott
pp. 528-529

Paula Sutter Fichtner : The Habsburg Monarchy, 1490-1848: Attributes of Empire
ed by D. E. Beales
pp. 529-530

Peter D. G. Thomas: George III, King and Politician, 1760-1770
ed by John Cannon
pp. 530-531

Elizabeth R. Lambert : Edmund Burke of Beaconsfield
ed by F. P. Lock
pp. 531-532

P. M. Jones: The French Revolution, 1787-1804
ed by N. Hampson
p. 533

Richard Wrigley: The Politics of Appearances: Representations of Dress in Revolutionary France
ed by Patrice Higonnet
pp. 533-535

Michael Quinn, ed. The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: Rights, Representation, and Reform: Writings on the Poor Laws, Volume I
ed by Edward Royle
pp. 535-536

Philip Schofield, Catherine Pease-Watkin and Cyprian Blamires, ed. The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: Rights, Representation, and Reform: Nonsense upon Stilts and Other Writings on the French Revolution
ed by Edward Royle
pp. 537-538

Margret Frenz : From Contact to Conquest: Transition to British Rule in Malabar, 1790-1805
ed by P. J. Marshall
pp. 538-539

G. S. Cheema : The Forgotten Mughals: A History of the Later Emperors of the House of Babar (1707-1857)
ed by Michael S. Dodson
pp. 539-540

Helen F. Mulvey: Thomas Davis and Ireland: A Biographical Study
ed by D. George Boyce
p. 541

C. Brad Faught: The Oxford Movement: A Thematic History of the Tractarians and their Times
ed by James Pereiro
pp. 542-543

Antoine Prost : Republican Identities in War and Peace: Representations of France in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
ed by Robert Gildea
pp. 543-544

Roger Dupuy : La Politique du Peuple, XVIIIe-XXe siècle: Racines, permanences et ambiguités du populisme
ed by Pamela Pilbeam
pp. 544-545

Sudhir Hazareesingh : Intellectual Founders of the Republic: Five Studies in Nineteenth-Century Political Thought
ed by Pamela Pilbeam
pp. 545-546

Walter Arnstein : Queen Victoria
ed by Roland Quinault
pp. 546-548

Rebecca Daniels and Geoff Brandwood , ed. Ruskin and Architecture
ed by William Whyte
pp. 548-549

Michael Einfalt, Joseph Jurt, Daniel Mollenhauer and Erich Pelzer, ed. Konstrukte nationaler Identität: Deutschland, Frankreich und Grossbritannien (19. und 20. Jahrhundert
ed by Stefan Berger
pp. 549-551

Oliver Zimmer : A Contested Nation: History, Memory and Nationalism in Switzerland, 1761-1891
ed by Clive H. Church
pp. 551-552

Michael Bentley : Lord Salisbury's World: Conservative Environments in Late-Victorian Britain
ed by Bruce Coleman
pp. 552-553

John Gardiner : The Victorians: An Age in Retrospect
ed by Paul Smith
pp. 553-554

Lynn Abrams : The Making of Modern Woman: Europe, 1789-1918
ed by William Whyte
pp. 554-556

Kelly Boyd : Manliness and the Boys' Story Paper in Britain: A Cultural History, 1855-1940
ed by David Fowler
pp. 556-557

George Robb : British Culture and the First World War
ed by Arthur Marwick
pp. 557-558

Robert E. Hannigan : The New World Power: American Foreign Policy, 1898-1917
ed by Michael F. Hopkins
pp. 558-560

David Rechter : The Jews of Vienna and the First World War
ed by Tim Kirk
p. 560

John Shepherd: George Lansbury: At the Heart of Old Labour
ed by Jon Lawrence
pp. 561-562

Stephen K. Roberts , ed. A Ministry of Enthusiasm: Centenary Essays on the Workers' Educational Association
ed by Michael Sanderson
pp. 562-563

John Cooper : Pride Versus Prejudice: Jewish Doctors and Lawyers in England, 1890-1990
ed by William D. Rubinstein
pp. 563-564

Pierre Broué : Communistes contre Staline: Massacre d'une génération
ed by D. S. Bell
p. 564

Alan P. Dobson : US Economic Statecraft for Survival, 1933-1991: Of Sanctions, Embargoes and Economic Warfare
ed by John Roper Killick
pp. 565-566

Robert W. Allen : Churchill's Guests: Britain and the Belgian Exiles during World War II
ed by Bob Moore
pp. 566-567

Steve Marsh : Anglo-American Relations and Cold War Oil: Crisis in Iran
ed by Simon C. Smith
pp. 567-568

Linda Heywood : Contested Power in Angola: 1840s to the Present
ed by Malyn Newitt
pp. 568-569

Howard Jones : Death of a Generation: How the Assassinations of Diem and JFK Prolonged the Vietnam War
ed by Saki R. Dockrill
pp. 570-571

Keith Brown : The Past in Question: Modern Macedonia and the Uncertainties of Nation
ed by St. K. Pavlowitch
pp. 571-572

P. Lendavi : The Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat
ed by G. Bátonyi
pp. 572-574

Paul Dreyfus : Pol Pot: Le bourreau du Cambodge
ed by Peter Carey
pp. 574-575

Alexander Chubarov : Russia's Bitter Path to Modernity: A History of the Soviet and Post-Soviet Eras
ed by Nick Baron
pp. 575-576

Kristine Mason O'Connor: Joan Maynard, Passionate Socialist
ed by Kenneth O. Morgan
pp. 576-577

Marcus Collins : Modern Love: An Intimate History of Men and Women in Twentieth-Century Britain
ed by Sheila Rowbotham
pp. 577-578

Gillian Cookson , Christine M. Newman and Graham R. Potts : The Townscape of Darlington
ed by Norman McCord
p. 579

Stephen Davies : Empiricism and History
ed by William Stafford
pp. 579-580

Peter Burke , ed. History and Historians in the Twentieth Century
ed by Arthur Marwick
pp. 580-582

Benedikt Stuchtey and Eckhardt Fuchs , ed. Writing World History 1800-2000
ed by Jeremy Black
pp. 582-583

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