The English Historical Review 133 (2018), 563

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The English Historical Review 133 (2018), 563
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
ARTICLES EDITOR: Dr Martin Conway Balliol College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 3BJ UK BOOK REVIEW EDITOR: Dr Catherine Holmes University College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 4BH UK ASSISTANT EDITOR Catherine Wright The English Historical Review Faculty of History The Old Boys' High School George Street Oxford OX1 2RL UK Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street Oxford, OX2 6DP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1865 556767 Fax: +44 (0)1865 267485
Wolff, Sarah

First published in January 1886, The English Historical Review (EHR) is the oldest journal of historical scholarship in the English-speaking world. It deals not only with British history, but also with almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era: it covers the history of the Americas, including the foreign policy of the USA and her role in the wider world, but excludes the internal history of the USA since Independence, for which other scholarly outlets are plentiful. The EHR includes major Articles, ‘Notes and Documents’, and Debates on medieval and modern themes, as well as an unusually extensive range of Reviews and Shorter Notices of books published throughout the world. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided.



Feudal Obligation or Paid Service? The Recruitment of Princely Armies in the Late Medieval Low Countries
Jan W J Burgers; Mario Damen

Life After Exile: Former Catholic Émigrés and the Legacy of Flight in Marian England
Frederick E Smith

Affairs of Humanity: Arguments for Humanitarian Intervention in England and Europe, 1698–1715
Catherine S Arnold

Historical Pageants and the Medieval Past in Twentieth-Century England
Angela Bartie ; Linda Fleming; Mark Freeman; Tom Hulme; Alexander Hutton ...

Book Reviews

Sources and Methods for African History and Culture: Essays in Honour of Adam Jones, ed. Geert Castryck, Silke Strickrodt and Katja Werthmann
Miles Larmer

Otherworlds: Fantasy and History in Medieval Literature, by Aisling Byrne
L Varnam

The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Christianity, ed. John H. Arnold
Alexander Murray

The Formation of the English Kingdom in the Tenth Century, by George Molyneaux
D Pratt

Medieval Lowestoft: The Origins and Growth of a Suffolk Coastal Community, by David Butcher
Richard Goddard

William the Conqueror, by David Bates
Mark Hagger

Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations, ed. Charles C. Rozier, Daniel Roach, Giles E.M. Gasper and Elisabeth van Houts
Judith A Green

Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England 1000–1250: Theory and Reality, by Craig M. Nakashian
Nicholas Vincent

Blanche of Castile: Queen of France, by Lindy Grant
Justine Firnhaber-Baker

Baronial Reform and Revolution in England 1258–1267, ed. Adrian Jobson
Paul Webster

Late Medieval Castles, ed. Robert Liddiard
Andrew Spencer

Rom 1312: Die Kaiserkrönung Heinrichs VII. und die Folgen; Die Luxemburger als Herrscherdynastie von gesamteuropäischer Bedeutung, ed. Sabine Penth and Peter Thorau
Mark Whelan

The Culture of Food in England, 1200–1500, by C.M. Woolgar
Phillipp R Schofield

Routiers et mercenaires pendant la guerre de Cent ans: Hommage à Jonathan Sumption, ed. Guilhem Pépin, Françoise Bériac-Lainé and Frédéric Boutoulle
Rémy Ambühl

Archery and Crossbow Guilds in Medieval Flanders, 1300–1500, by Laura Crombie
Henry of Lancaster’s Expedition to Aquitaine, 1345–46: Military Service and Professionalism in the Hundred Years’ War, by Nicholas A. Gribit
Steven Gunn

After Civic Humanism: Learning and Politics in Renaissance Italy, ed. Nicholas Scott Baker and Brian Jeffrey Maxson
Robert Black

The Livery Collar in Late Medieval England and Wales: Politics, Identity and Affinity, by Matthew Ward
David Grummitt

The Politics of Counsel in England and Scotland, 1286–1707, ed. Jacqueline Rose
Paul Cavill

Los Últimos Años de Fernando el Católico, 1505–1517, by Miguel Ángel Ladero Quesada
John Edwards

Carnal Knowledge: Regulating Sex in England, 1470–1600, by Martin Ingram
Faramerz Dabhoiwala

Martial Law and English Laws, c.1500–c.1700, by John M. Collins
Andrew Hopper

Gender, Culture, and Politics in England 1560–1640: Turning the World Upside Down, by Susan D. Amussen and David E. Underdown
Susan Doran

Building for England: John Cosin’s Architecture in Renaissance Durham and Cambridge, by Adrian Green
Scott Mandelbrote

Manuscript Circulation and the Invention of Politics in Early Modern England, by Noah Millstone
David L Smith

Household Medicine in Seventeenth-Century England, by Anne Stobart
Sophie Mann

Royal Favouritism and the Governing Elite of the Spanish Monarchy, 1640–1665, by Alistair Malcolm
N Reinhardt

An Age of Risk: Politics and Economy in Early Modern Britain, by Emily C. Nicol
Tom Leng

The Image of Restoration Science: The Frontispiece to Thomas Sprat’s History of the Royal Society (1667), by Michael Hunter, with a chapter on the instruments by Jim Bennett
A M Roos

The Russian Empire, 1450–1801, by Nancy Shields Kollmann
Maureen Perrie

A Singular Case: Debating China’s Political Economy in the European Enlightenment, by Ashley Eva Millar
Stewart J Brown

Farmers, Consumers, Innovators: The World of Joan Thirsk, ed. Richard Jones and Christopher Dyer
Angus J L Winchester

The Eighteenth Century in Sikh History: Political Resurgence, Religious and Social Life, and Cultural Articulation, by Karamjit K. Malhotra
J Lally

The Material Atlantic: Clothing, Commerce, and Colonization in the Atlantic World, 1650–1800, by Robert S. DuPlessis
Catherine Armstrong

The Spanish Resurgence, 1713–1748, by Christopher Storrs
Rafael Torres Sánchez

Portrait of a Woman in Silk: Hidden Histories of the British Atlantic World, by Zara Anishanslin
Elizabeth M Schmidt

The Industrial Revolution: The State, Knowledge and Global Trade, by William A. Ashworth
Julian Hoppit

Postal Culture in Europe, 1500–1800, by Jay Caplan
Filippo De Vivo

Joseph Chamberlain: International Statesman, National Leader, Local Icon, ed. Ian Cawood and Chris Upton
Emily Jones

Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation, by Nicholas Guyatt
Robert Parkinson

The American Revolution Reborn, ed. Patrick Spero and Michael Zuckerman
Jordan Taylor

The Sovereign and the Pirate: Ordering Maritime Subjects in India’s Western Littoral, by Lakshmi Subramanian
Eric Tagliacozzo

The Cambridge History of Religions in Latin America, ed. Virginia Garrard-Burnett, Paul Freston and Stephen C. Dove
Bettina E Schmidt

The Catholic Church and the Campaign for Emancipation in Ireland and England, by Ambrose Macaulay
Peter Nockles

The Spanish Civil Wars: A Comparative History of the First Carlist War and the Conflict of the 1930s, by Mark Lawrence
Stanley G Payne

The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, 1838–1956: A History, by James Heartfield
Alex Middleton

An Artisan Intellectual: James Carter and the Rise of Modern Britain, 1792–1853, by Christopher Ferguson
Malcolm Chase

Britain, China and Colonial Australia, by Benjamin Mountford
Richard Rigby

The Kingdom of Württemberg and the Making of Germany, 1815–1871, by Bodie A. Ashton
Peter H Wilson

Poland in the Irish Nationalist Imagination, 1772–1922: Anti-Colonialism within Europe, by Róisín Healy
Thomas McLean

The Life of Louis XVI, by John Hardman
P M Jones

Science Without Frontiers: Cosmopolitanism and National Interests in the World of Learning, 1870–1940, by Robert Fox
Thomas Simpson

‘Stehen oder Fallen’: Österreichische Politik im Ersten Weltkrieg, by Lothar Höbelt
Alfred Pfoser

Defying the IRA? Intimidation, Coercion and Communities during the Irish Revolution, by Brian Hughes
Alvin Jackson

Murder and the Making of English CSI, by Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton
Katherine D Watson

Left Out: The Forgotten Tradition of Radical Publishing for Children in Britain, 1910–1949, by Kimberley Reynolds
Lawrence Black

The INS on the Line: Making Immigration Law on the US–Mexico Border, 1917–1954, by S. Deborah Kang
Thomas Rath

Soviet Street Children and the Second World War: Welfare and Social Control under Stalin, by Olga Kucherenko
Siobhan Hearne

Continental Drift: Britain and Europe from the End of Empire to the Rise of Euroscepticism, by Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon
Helen Parr

Hearts, Minds, Voices: US Cold War Public Diplomacy and the Formation of the Third World, by Jason C. Parker
T Borstelmann

Colin Jordan and Britain’s Neo-Nazi Movement: Hitler’s Echo, by Paul Jackson
Paul Stocker

Europe Since 1989: A History, by Philipp Ther, tr. Charlotte Hughes-Kreutzmüller
Bernhard Rieger

The Roots of the Periphery: A History of the Gonds of Deccan India, by Bhangya Bhukya
David Arnold

Nation and Classical Music: From Handel to Copland, by Matthew Riley and Anthony D. Smith
Katherine Fry

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