The English Historical Review 134 (2019), 570

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The English Historical Review 134 (2019), 570
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
ARTICLES EDITOR: Dr Martin Conway Balliol College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 3BJ UK BOOK REVIEW EDITOR: Dr Catherine Holmes University College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 4BH UK ASSISTANT EDITOR Catherine Wright The English Historical Review Faculty of History The Old Boys' High School George Street Oxford OX1 2RL UK Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street Oxford, OX2 6DP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1865 556767 Fax: +44 (0)1865 267485
Wolff, Sarah

First published in January 1886, The English Historical Review (EHR) is the oldest journal of historical scholarship in the English-speaking world. It deals not only with British history, but also with almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era: it covers the history of the Americas, including the foreign policy of the USA and her role in the wider world, but excludes the internal history of the USA since Independence, for which other scholarly outlets are plentiful. The EHR includes major Articles, ‘Notes and Documents’, and Debates on medieval and modern themes, as well as an unusually extensive range of Reviews and Shorter Notices of books published throughout the world. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided.



Was There a Money Economy in Late Anglo-Saxon and Norman England?
Henry Fairbairn

Freedom-Seeking Slaves in England and Scotland, 1700–1780
Simon P Newman

Magazine Culture, Girlhood Communities, and Educational Reform in Late Victorian Britain
Kathryn Gleadle

The Paradox of National Registration in a Liberal State: The Case of Wartime National Registers in Great Britain, 1915–52
Christine Bellamy

Review Article

Writing the Histories of South Africa’s Cities after Apartheid
Timothy Gibbs

Book Reviews

On the Ocean: The Mediterranean and the Atlantic from Prehistory to AD 1500, by Barry Cunliffe
Peregrine Horden

Legalism: Property and Ownership, ed. Georgy Kantor, Tom Lambert and Hannah Skoda
Paul J Du Plessis

Medieval European Coinage, with a Catalogue of the Coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Vol. 8: Britain and Ireland c.400–1066, by Rory Naismith
Stewart Lyon

Donor Portraits in Byzantine Art: The Vicissitudes of Contact between Human and Divine, by Rico Franses
Liz James

The Gregorian Mission to Kent in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History: Methodology and Sources, by Richard Shaw
Conor O’Brien

Anticipating Sin in Medieval Society: Childhood, Sexuality, and Violence in the Early Penitentials, by Erin V. Abraham
Atria A Larson

Heirs of the Vikings: History and Identity in Normandy and England, c.950–c.1015, by Katherine Cross
Emily A Winkler

Northern England and Southern Scotland in the Central Middle Ages, ed. Keith J. Stringer and Angus J.L. Winchester
Robin Frame

The Siege of Acre, 1189–1191: Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle that Decided the Third Crusade, by John D. Hosler
Stephen J Spencer

Simon V of Montfort and Baronial Government, 1195–1218, by G.E.M. Lippiatt
St Ambler

Heimskringla: An Interpretation, by Birgit Sawyer
Alison Finlay

Jean sans Terre, by Frédérique Lachaud
Michael Clanchy

Viewing Disability in Medieval Spanish Texts: Disgraced or Graced?, by Connie L. Scarborough
Rachael Gillibrand

Thomas Aquinas on Bodily Identity, by Antonia Fitzpatrick
Oliver Davies

Jüdische Friedhöfe im mitteralterlichen Reich, by Susanne Härtel
Anders Andrén

Art and Optics in the Hereford Map: An English Mappa Mundi, c.1300, by Marcia Kupfer
Stella Panayotova

Les spectres du bon gouvernement d’Ambrogio Lorenzetti: Artistes, cités communales et seigneurs angevins au Trecento, by Rosa Maria Dessì
Diana Norman

Humanism and Empire: The Imperial Ideal in Fourteenth-Century Italy, by Alexander Lee
Brian Maxson

The White Book (Liber Albus) of Southwell, ed. Michael Jones, Julia Barrow, David Crook and Trevor Foulds
R N Swanson

España a finales de la Edad Media, I: Población. Economía, by Miguel Ángel Ladero Quesada
Fabrizio Titone

Maintenance in Medieval England, by Jonathan Rose
Hannah Boston

Ceremony and Civility: Civic Culture in Late Medieval London, by Barbara A. Hanawalt
Charlotte Berry

In the Mirror of the Prodigal Son: The Pastoral Uses of a Biblical Narrative (c.1200–1550), by Pietro Delcorno
Jussi Hanska

Zealots for Souls: Dominican Narratives of Self-Understanding during Observant Reforms, c.1388–1517, by Anne Huijbers
Gregory Schnakenberg, OP

The Right Ordering of Souls: The Parish of All Saints’ Bristol on the Eve of the Reformation, by Clive Burgess
Katherine Harvey

1517: Martin Luther and the Invention of the Reformation, by Peter Marshall
Edmund Wareham

The Making of Martin Luther, by Richard Rex
Kat Hill

The Protestant Reformation in a Context of Global History: Religious Reforms and World Civilizations, ed. Heinz Schilling and Silvana Seidel Menchi
Sigrun Haude

The Luther Effect in Eastern Europe: History—Memory—Culture, ed. Joachim Bahlcke, Beate Störtkuhl and Matthias Weber, tr. Sarah Patey
Phillip Haberkern

From Humanism to Hobbes: Studies in Rhetoric and Politics, by Quentin Skinner
Joanne Paul

‘Moors Dressed as Moors’: Clothing, Social Distinction, and Ethnicity in Early Modern Iberia, by Javier Irigoyen-García
François Soyer

Narratives of Kingship in Eurasian Empires, 1300–1800, by Richard van Leeuwen
Alan Strathern

A Day at Home in Early Modern England: Material Culture and Domestic Life, 1500–1700, by Tara Hamling and Catherine Richardson
Susan D Amussen

Dynamik durch Gewalt? Der Dreissigjährige Krieg (1618–1648) als Faktor der Wandlungsprozesse des 17. Jahrhunderts, ed. Michael Rohrschneider and Anuschka Tiuscher
Esther-Beate Koerber

Scriptural Authority and Biblical Criticism in the Dutch Golden Age: God’s Word Questioned, ed. Dirk van Miert, Henk Nellen, Piet Steenbakkers and Jetze Touber
Timothy Twining

Facing Otherness in Early Modern Sweden: Travel, Migration and Material Transformations, 1500–1800, ed. Magdalena Naum and Fredrik Ekengren
Svante Norrhem

Crime and Punishment in Russia: A Comparative History from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin, by Jonathan Daly
Siobhan Hearne

Fields, Fens and Felonies: Crime and Justice in Eighteenth-Century East Anglia, by Gregory J. Durston
Douglas Hay

Empire and Ecology in the Bengal Delta: The Making of Calcutta, by Debjani Bhattacharyya
David Arnold

Thomas Paine: Britain, America, and France in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution, by J.C.D. Clark
Tom Cutterham

Granville Sharp’s Uncovered Letter and the Zong Massacre, by Michelle Faubert
Trevor Burnard

America in Italy: The United States in the Political Thought and Imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763–1865, by Axel Körner
Marcella Pellegrino Sutcliffe

Scotland’s Populations from the 1850s to Today, by Michael Anderson, with mapping by Corinne Roughley
Marjory Harper

The Scots in Australia 1788–1938, by Benjamin Wilkie
Alex Tyrrell

Liberalism as Utopia: The Rise and Fall of Legal Rule in Post-Colonial Mexico, 1820–1900, by Timo H. Schaefer
Edward Beatty

Crime Control and Everyday Life in the Victorian City: The Police and the Public, by David Churchill
Heather Shore

Through the Lion Gate: A History of the Berlin Zoo, by Gary Bruce
Takashi Ito

Making Prussians, Raising Germans: A Cultural History of Prussian State-Building after Civil War, 1866–1935, by Jasper Heinzen
Mark Hewitson

Litigating Across the Color Line: Civil Cases Between Black and White Southerners from the End of Slavery to Civil Rights, by Melissa Milewski
Lydia J Plath

The Unknown Gladstone: The Life of Herbert Gladstone 1854–1903, by Kenneth D. Brown
kenneth O Morgan

Violence and the German Soldier in the Great War: Killing, Dying, Surviving, by Benjamin Ziemann, tr. Andrew Evans
Mark Jones

Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army, 1914–1918, by Aimée Fox
David French

Beyond 1917: The United States and the Global Legacies of the Great War, ed. Thomas W. Zeiler, David K. Ekbladh and Benjamin C. Montoya
Michael Cox

Twilight of Empire: The Brest-Litovsk Conference and the Remaking of East Central Europe 1917–18, by Borislav Chernev
Charlotte Alston

The Insecurity State: Punjab and the Making of Colonial Power in British India, by Mark Condos
Catherine Coombs

Gandhi in Bombay: Towards Swaraj, by Usha Thakkar and Sandhya Mehta
Talat Ahmed

The Global History of Organic Farming, by Gregory A. Barton
John Paull

The Jewish Revolution in Belorussia: Economy, Race, and Bolshevik Power, by Andrew Sloin
Claire Le Foll

Stormtroopers: A New History of Hitler’s Brownshirts, by Daniel Siemens
Deborah Barton

Kingsley Wood: Scenes from a Political Life 1925–1943, by Hugh Gault
Martin Farr

Dialogue against Violence: The Question of Trentino-South Tyrol in the International Context, ed. Giovanni Bernardini and Günther Pallaver
Corinna Peniston-Bird

Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian, by Richard Aldous
Gareth Davies

Britain’s Hegemony in Palestine and the Middle East, 1917–1956: Changing Strategic Imperatives, by Michael J. Cohen
Guillemette Crouzet

The Twilight of the British Empire: British Intelligence and Counter-Subversion in the Middle East, 1948–63, by Chikara Hashimoto
Ryan Shaffer

Brutality in an Age of Human Rights: Activism and Counterinsurgency at the End of the British Empire, by Brian Drohan
Edward Burke

‘Tomorrow Belongs to Us’: The British Far Right since 1967, ed. Nigel Copsey and Matthew Worley
Roger Eatwell

Managing the Economy, Managing the People: Narratives of Economic Life in Britain from Beveridge to Brexit, by Jim Tomlinson
Duncan Needham

International Women’s Year: The Greatest Consciousness-Raising Event in History, by Jocelyn Olcott
Eileen Boris

Women’s Activism and ‘Second Wave’ Feminism: Transnational Histories, ed. Barbara Molony and Jennifer Nelson
Sue Bruley

Class, Politics, and the Decline of Deference in England, 1968–2000, by Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite
Ross McKibbin

Anti-Corruption in History: From Antiquity to the Modern Era, ed. Ronald Kroeze, André Vitória and G. Geltner
Ian Cawood

History After Hobsbawm: Writing the Past for the Twenty-First Century, ed. John H. Arnold, Matthew Hilton and Jan Rüger
Michael Bentley

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