The English Historical Review 120 (2005), 488

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The English Historical Review 120 (2005), 488
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Kahlert, Torsten


September 2005; Vol. 120, No. 488


Quo Warranto and Borough Corporations in Early Stuart England: Royal
Prerogative and Local Privileges in the Central Courts
Catherine Patterson
pp. 879-906.

Lord Palmerston and Religion: A Reappraisal
John Wolffe
pp. 907-936.

Sir Keith Hancock and the British Empire: The Pax Britannica and the Pax
Wm Roger Louis
pp. 937-962.

Society, Resistance and Revolution: The Budapest Middle Class and the
Hungarian Communist State 1948-56
James Mark
pp. 963-986.


Authentication of Marital Status: A Thirteenth-Century English Royal
Annulment Process and Late Medieval Cases from the Papal Penitentiary
D. L. D'Avray
pp. 987-1013.

English Royal Marriages and the Papal Penitentiary in the Fifteenth
Peter D. Clarke
pp. 1014-1029.

Book Reviews

Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents
James Howard-Johnston
pp. 1030-1032.

Claude de Turin: un eveque iconoclaste dans l'Occident Carolingien: Etude
suivie de l'edition du Commentaire sur Josue
Yitzhak Hen
pp. 1032-1034.

Northumbria, 500-1100: Creation and Destruction of a Kingdom
I.N. Wood
pp. 1034-1036.

Lordship in the County of Maine, c. 890-1160
Jean Dunbabin
pp. 1036-1037.

Fighting For Christendom: Holy War And The Crusades
Colin Morris
pp. 1037-1038.

The Winchester Pipe Rolls and Medieval English Society
Barbara Harvey
pp. 1038-1040.

Medieval England: A Social History, 1250-1550
Maurice Keen
pp. 1040-1042.

Shaping the Nation: England, 1360-1461
Chris Given-Wilson
pp. 1043-1045.

La Cour de France au XVIe siecle: Vie sociale et architecture
Mark Girouard
pp. 1045-1047.

Science and Dissent in England, 1688-1945
Boyd Hilton
pp. 1047-1049.

The Bar and the Old Bailey, 1750-1850
John H. Langbein
pp. 1050-1051.

'The Transformation of European Politics, 1763-1848': Episode or Model in
Modern History?
John Breuilly
pp. 1052-1054.

The Saint-Napoleon: Celebrations of Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century
P. Pilbeam
pp. 1054-1056.

1914-1918: The History of the First World War
Adrian Gregory
pp. 1056-1059.

The Ruhr Crisis, 1923-1924
Jonathan Wright
pp. 1059-1061.

The Absent-Minded Imperialists: Empire, Society, and Culture in Britain
Ian Phimister
pp. 1061-1063.

Histories of the Hanged: Britain's Dirty War in Kenya and the End of
Richard Reid
pp. 1063-1065.

Affluence and Authority: A Social History of 20th Century Britain
David Fowler
pp. 1065-1068.

A Brief History of the Human Race
Geoffrey Blainey
pp. 1068-1069.

Shorter Notices

Migrations et diasporas Mediterraneennes (Xe-XVIe siecles) * Dans l'eau,
sous l'eau: Le monde aquatique au Moyen Age
Peregrine Horden
pp. 1070-1071.

Die Dynastiewechsel von 751 und die frankische Konigssalbung
I. N. Wood
pp. 1071-1072.

Abbon de Fleury: Un moine savant et combatif (vers 950-1004)
Alison Peden
pp. 1072.

The Papal Reform of the Eleventh Century: Lives of Pope Leo IX and Pope
Gregory VII
Colin Morris
pp. 1072-1073.

Cartulaire de la cathedralede Dax: Liber Rubeus (XIe-XIIe siecles) *
L'Eglise et la societe dans le diocese de Dax au XIe-XIIe siecles: Journee
d'etudes sur le Livre Rouge de la cathedrale de Dax
Jean Dunbabin
pp. 1073-1074.

Thomas Becket
Frank Barlow
pp. 1074-1076.

The Miracles of St Aebbe of Coldingham and St Margaret of Scotland
Andrew P. Roach
pp. 1076.

Kloster und Orden im Mittelalter
Sarah Hamilton
pp. 1077-1078.

Rittertum und ritterliche Welt
Bjorn Weiler
pp. 1078.

Rudolf von Habsburg
Bjorn Weiler
pp. 1078-1079.

El Mundo social de Isabel la Catolica: La sociedad castellana a finales
del siglo XV * Isabelle la Catholique: Un modele de chretiente?
J.R.L. Highfield
pp. 1079-1081.

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn: 'The most happy'
Peter Gwyn
pp. 1081-1083.

Tudor England and its Neighbours
C.S.L. Davies
pp. 1083-1084.

Dr John Davies of Mallwyd: Welsh Renaissance Scholar
Glanmor Williams
pp. 1084-1085.

Westminster Abbey Reformed, 1540-1640
Alexandra Walsham
pp. 1085-1087.

Bullion for Goods: European and Indian Merchants in the Indian Ocean
Trade, 1500-1800
P.J. Marshall
pp. 1087-1088.

The King's Artists: The Royal Academy of Arts and the Politics of British
Culture, 1760-1840
John Cannon
pp. 1088-1089.

Reform, Revolution and French Global Policy, 1787-1791
J.F. Bosher
pp. 1089-1090.

Napoleon and the Transformation of Europe
Geoffrey Ellis
pp. 1090-1092.

The Victorian Soldier in Africa
David Killingray
pp. 1092-1093.

The Other Empire: Metropolis, India and Progress in the Colonial
P.J. Marshall
pp. 1093-1094.

Women's Bodies and Dangerous Trades in England, 1880-1914
Janet Howarth
pp. 1094-1096.

Britishness since 1870
Keith Robbins
pp. 1096-1097.

German War Planning, 1891-1914: Sources and Interpretations
D. Stevenson
pp. 1097-1098.

Ypres: The First Battle, 1914
Peter Simkins
pp. 1098-1099.

Cattolicesimo e totalitarismo: Chiese e culture religiose tra le due
guerre mondiali (Italia, Spagna, Francia)
R.A.H. Robinson
pp. 1099-1101.

La strada della Liberazione: Dalla riscoperta di Calvino al Fronte
dell'VIII Armata,
E.F. Biagini
pp. 1101-1103.

The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War
M.R.D. Foot
pp. 1103-1104.

The Wonder Country: Making New Zealand Tourism
G.R. Hawke
pp. 1104-1105.

A 'Special Relationship'? Harold Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson and
Anglo-American Relations 'at the Summit', 1964-68
David Reynolds
pp. 1105-1106.

Die Aussenpolitik der DDR
David Childs
pp. 1106-1107.

Between State Capitalism and Globalisation: The Collapse of the East
German Economy
David Childs
pp. 1107-1108.

Geographies of England: The North-South Divide, Imagined and Material
Keith Robbins
pp. 1108-1110.

The British Museum Maritime History of Britain and Ireland, c. 400-2001
Richard Gorski
pp. 1110-1111.

English/British Naval History to 1815: A Guide to the Literature
N.A.M. Rodger
pp. 1111-1112.

Lost Libraries: The Destruction of Great Book Collections since Antiquity
David McKitterick
pp. 1112-1113.

Notices of Periodicals and Occasional Publications

Notices of Periodicals and Occasional Publications mainly of 2004
pp. 1114-1173.

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