The English Historical Review 138 (2023) 590-591

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The English Historical Review 138 (2023) 590-591

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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
ARTICLES EDITOR: Dr Martin Conway Balliol College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 3BJ UK BOOK REVIEW EDITOR: Dr Catherine Holmes University College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 4BH UK ASSISTANT EDITOR Catherine Wright The English Historical Review Faculty of History The Old Boys' High School George Street Oxford OX1 2RL UK Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street Oxford, OX2 6DP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1865 556767 Fax: +44 (0)1865 267485
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



King Harold’s Sister Gunhild (d. 1087), a Royal Exile in Flanders
Elisabeth van Houts

Disorder, Riot and Governance in Early Tudor London: Evil May Day, 1517
Shannon McSheffrey

Comfort Eating: Food, Drink and Emotional Health in Early Modern England
Rachel Winchcombe

Faction, Connection and Politics in the Civil Wars: Pembrokeshire, 1640–1649
Lloyd Bowen

Revelation, Revolution and Utopia, c. 1770–1820
P M Jones

Richard Champion and the Rockingham Whigs: The Aristocratic Politics of a Bristolian Quaker Merchant in the Age of the American Revolution
Max SkjöNsberg

Public Meetings, Respectable Requisitions, and Popular Politics in Great Britain and Ireland, c.1769–1850
Richard Huzzey

Race Theory versus a Religious World-View: SS–Ustaša Relations and Islam in the Independent State of Croatia
Nevenko Bartulin

Hollywood’s Peerless Advocate for Israel: Max Nussbaum, ‘Rabbi to the Stars’
Giora Goodman; Tony Shaw

Document Number Five: Elections and Tutelary Politics in Uganda, 1967–1971
Justin Willis


Histories of People and Landscape: Essays on the Sheffield Region in Memory of David Hey, ed. R.W. Hoyle
Tom Williamson

Medieval Meteorology: Forecasting the Weather from Aristotle to the Almanac, by Anne Lawrence-Mathers
Maximilian Schuh

Der Umwelt begegnen: Extremereignisse und die Verflechtung von Natur und Kultur im Frankenreich vom 8. bis 10. Jahrhundert, by Stephan F. Ebert
Simon MacLean

Early Medieval English Life Courses: Cultural-Historical Perspectives, ed. Thijs Porck and Harriet Soper
Alex Traves

Mobilités du lignage anglo-normand de Briouze (mi-XIe siècle–1326), by Amélie Rigollet
Richard Allen

A Pious Belligerence: Dialogical Warfare and the Rhetoric of Righteousness in the Crusading Near East, by Uri Zvi Shachar
Helen J Nicholson

Reading and Shaping Medieval Cartularies: Multi-Scribe Manuscripts and their Patterns of Growth, by Joanna Tucker
Kathryn A Lowe

Dominican Resonances in Medieval Iceland: The Legacy of Bishop Jón Halldórsson of Skálholt, ed. Gunnar Harðarson and Karl G. Johansson
Orri Vésteinsson

Chaucer and the Ethics of Time, by Gillian Adler
Kara Gaston

Inwardness, Individualization, and Religious Agency in the Late Medieval Low Countries: Studies in the ‘Devotio Moderna’ and its Contexts, ed. Rijcklof Hofman, Charles Caspers, Peter Nissen, Mathilde van Dijk and Johan Oosterman
Godelinde Gertrude Perk

Margery Kempe: A Mixed Life, by Anthony Bale
Liz Herbert McAvoy

Straits: Beyond the Myth of Magellan, by Felipe Fernández-Armesto
Carolina Martínez

Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria: A Second-Born Son in Renaissance Europe, ed. Sylva Dobalová and Jaroslava Hausenblasová
Liesbeth Geevers

Sedition: The Spread of Controversial Literature and Ideas in France and Scotland, c.1550–1610, ed. John O’Brien and Marc Schachter
Karin Bowie

Religion and Empire in Portuguese India: Conversion, Resistance, and the Making of Goa, by Ângela Barreto Xavier
Jorge Flores

The Habsburg Empire under Siege: Ottoman Expansion and Hungarian Revolt in the Age of Grand Vizier Ahmed Köprülü (1661–76), by Georg B. Michels
James E Baldwin

Commercial Cosmopolitanism? Cross-Cultural Objects, Spaces, and Institutions in the Early Modern World, ed. Felicia Gottmann
Francesca Trivellato

Memory and the Dissolution of the Monasteries in Early Modern England, by Harriet Lyon
Stewart Mottram

Spies and Scholars: Chinese Secrets and Imperial Russia’s Quest for World Power, by Gregory Afinogenov
Erika Monahan

The Case of Ireland: Commerce, Empire and the European Order, 1750–1848, by James Stafford
Douglas Kanter

Empire of Hell: Religion and the Campaign to End Convict Transportation in the British Empire, 1788–1875, by Hilary M. Carey
Anna McKay

The Perils of Interpreting: The Extraordinary Lives of Two Translators between Qing China and the British Empire, by Henrietta Harrison
Gongchen Yang

The Brothers Grimm and the Making of German Nationalism, by Jakob Norberg
Grimm Ripples: The Legacy of the Grimms’ Deutsche Sagen in Northern Europe, ed. Terry Gunnell
David Hopkin

Prayer, Providence and Empire: Special Worship in the British World, 1783–1919, by Joseph Hardwick
Stewart J Brown

Slavery and Sacred Texts: The Bible, the Constitution, and Historical Consciousness in Antebellum America, by Jordan T. Watkins
Pearl Young

Imperial Mecca: Ottoman Arabia and the Indian Ocean Hajj, by Michael Christopher Low
Rishad Choudhury

Religious Vitality in Victorian London, by W.M. Jacob
Joshua Bennett

Silas Burroughs, the Man Who Made Wellcome: American Ambition and Global Enterprise, by Julia Sheppard
Martin Daunton

Financing Cotton: British Industrial Growth and Decline, 1780–2000, by Steven Toms
Jim Tomlinson

Emotions and Migration in Argentina at the Turn of the Twentieth Century, by María Bjerg
Maria Damilakou

Kaiser-Dämmerung: Berlin, London, Paris, St. Petersburg und der Weg in den Untergang, by Rainer F. Schmidt
Mark Hewitson

Everyday Zionism in East-Central Europe: Nation-Building in War and Revolution, 1914–1920, by Jan Rybak
Kamil Kijek

Faustian Bargain: The Soviet–German Partnership and the Origins of the Second World War, by Ian Ona Johnson
Mark Edele

The Welfare State Generation: Women, Agency and Class in Britain since 1945, by Eve Worth
Hester Barron

God’s Marshall Plan: American Protestants and the Struggle for the Soul of Europe, by James D. Strasburg
Anja-Maria Bassimir

China and the Cholera Pandemic: Restructuring Society under Mao, by Xiaoping Fang
David Luesink

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