The English Historical Review 136 (2021), 582

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The English Historical Review 136 (2021), 582

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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
ARTICLES EDITOR: Dr Martin Conway Balliol College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 3BJ UK BOOK REVIEW EDITOR: Dr Catherine Holmes University College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 4BH UK ASSISTANT EDITOR Catherine Wright The English Historical Review Faculty of History The Old Boys' High School George Street Oxford OX1 2RL UK Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street Oxford, OX2 6DP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1865 556767 Fax: +44 (0)1865 267485
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Commune of Benevento (1128–1131): A South Italian Contribution to the Communal Movement
Paul Oldfield

Gender and Protest in Late Medieval England, c.1400–c. 1532
Alice Raw

Sadler Saddled: Reconciliation and Recrimination in a Restoration Parish
Ed Legon

A Colonial Celebrity in the New Attention Economy: Cecil Rhodes’s Cape-to-Cairo Telegraph and Railway Negotiations in 1899
Betto van Waarden

Protestant Home Rulers and Constitutional Nationalism in Ireland, c. 1900–1914
Conor Morrissey

The Crossroads of Three Nations: Czechoslovak Ethnic Policy towards Railwaymen and Industrial Workers in Cieszyn Silesia, 1920–1938
Grzegorz GĄSIOR

Book Reviews

Herbert Grundmann (1902–1970): Essays on Heresy, Inquisition and Literacy, ed. Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane
Christine Caldwell Ames

Insular Iconographies: Essays in Honour of Jane Hawkes, ed. Meg Boulton and Michael D.J. Bintley
Victoria Whitworth

Planning in the Early Medieval Landscape, by John Blair, Stephen Rippon and Christopher Smart
Thomas Pickles

Le bassin des Carpates avant l’arrivée des Hongrois: Celtes, Romains, peuples barbares du haut Moyen Âge dans le bassin du Danube 400 av. J.-C.–895 apr. J.-C., by Miklós Szabó, László Borhy, Theresa Olajos, Noël-Yves Tonnerre and István Zimonyi
Coloman, King of Galicia and Duke of Slavonia (1208–1241): Medieval Central Europe and Hungarian Power, by Márta Font and Gábor Barabás
Nora Berend

Late Anglo-Saxon Prayer in Practice, by Kate H. Thomas
Margaret Coombe

The Seigneurial Transformation: Power Structures and Political Communication in the Countryside of Central and Northern Italy, 1080–1130, by Alessio Fiore, tr. Sergio Knipe
Lorenzo Tabarrini

The Lateran Church in Rome and the Ark of the Covenant: Housing the Holy Relics of Jerusalem. With an Edition and Translation of the Descriptio Lateranensis Ecclesiae (BAV Reg. Lat. 712), by Eivor Andersen Oftestad
Julia M H Smith

Designing Norman Sicily: Material Culture and Society, ed. Emily A. Winkler, Liam Fitzgerald and Andrew Small
Philippa Byrne

The Crusader States and their Neighbours: A Military History, 1099–1187, by Nicholas Morton
Beth C Spacey

The Conquest of the Holy Land by Ṣalāḥ al’Dīn: A Critical Edition and Translation of the Anonymous Libellus de Expugnatione Terrae Sanctae per Saladinum, ed. Keagan Brewer and James H. Kane
Valentin Portnykh

Henry III: The Rise to Power and Personal Rule, 1207–1258, by David Carpenter
Emily Joan Ward

Blood Royal: Dynastic Politics in Medieval Europe, by Robert Bartlett
Jean Dunbabin

Jewish Poetry and Cultural Coexistence in Late Medieval Spain, by Gregory B. Kaplan
Michelle M Hamilton

Il libro d’ore in Italia tra confraternite e corti (1275–1349): Lettori, artisti, immagini, by Laura Alidori Battaglia
Cristina Dondi

Making Archives in Early Modern Europe: Proof, Information, and Political Record-Keeping, by Randolph C. Head
Tom Hamilton

Medieval Women and Urban Justice: Commerce, Crime and Community in England, 1300–1500, by Teresa Phipps
Anthony Musson

Reformation of the Commonwealth: Thomas Becon and the Politics of Evangelical Change in Tudor England, by Brian L. Hanson
Lucy Wooding

The Invention of Papal History: Onofrio Panvinio between Renaissance and Catholic Reform, by Stefan Bauer
Peter Burke

The Excommunication of Elizabeth I: Faith, Politics, and Resistance in Post-Reformation England, 1570–1603, by Aislinn Muller
Susan Doran

Anna of Denmark: The Material and Visual Culture of the Stuart Courts, 1589–1619, by Jemma Field
Anna Groundwater

The Making of an Imperial Polity: Civility and America in the Jacobean Metropolis, by Lauren Working
Misha Ewen

They Knew They Were Pilgrims: Plymouth Colony and the Contest for American Liberty, by John G. Turner
Asheesh Kapur Siddique

Ireland in Crisis: War, Politics and Religion, 1641–50, ed. Patrick Little
Raymond Gillespie

James Harrington: An Intellectual Biography, by Rachel Hammersley
Jonathan Scott

The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550–1800, by Amanda L. Scott
Jan Machielsen

British Catholic Merchants in the Commercial Age, 1670–1714, by Giada Pizzoni
Mark Williams

The People Are King: The Making of an Indigenous Andean Politics, by S. Elizabeth Penry
Raquel Gil Montero

Life after the Harem: Female Palace Slaves, Patronage and the Imperial Ottoman Court, by Betül İpşirli Argıt
Beyza Topuz Demir

Anglomanía: La imagen de Inglaterra en la prensa española del siglo XVIII, by Leticia Villamediana González
Agustín González Enciso

Mary Hardy and her World, 1773–1809: I, A Working Family; II, Barley, Beer and the Working Year; III, Spiritual and Social Forces; IV, Under Sail and Under Arms, by Margaret Bird
G M Ditchfield

James Watt, 1736–1819: Culture, Innovation, and Enlightenment, ed. Malcolm Dick and Caroline Archer-Parré
Barbara Hahn

The Candle and the Guillotine: Revolution and Justice in Lyon, 1789–1793, by Julie Patricia Johnson
Michael P Fitzsimmons

Scandal and Survival in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: The Life of Jane Cumming, by Frances B. Singh
Katie Barclay

London Voices, 1820–1840: Vocal Performers, Practices, Histories, ed. Roger Parker and Susan Rutherford
Christina Fuhrmann

De la République de Constantin Pecqueur (1801–1887), ed. Clément Coste, Ludovic Frobert and Marie Lauricella
Libertaire! Essais sur l’écriture, la pensée et la vie de Joseph Déjacque (1821–1865), ed. Thomas Bouchet and Patrick Samzun
Michael Drolet

Bread Winner: An Intimate History of the Victorian Economy, by Emma Griffin
Siân Pooley

The Temne of Sierra Leone: African Agency in the Making of a British Colony, by Joseph J. Bangura
Philip Misevich

Brooklyn: The Once and Future City, by Thomas J. Campanella
Tom Hulme

British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830–1960, ed. T.G. Otte
John Darwin

Night Raiders: Burglary and the Making of Modern Urban Life in London, 1860–1968, by Eloise Moss
Heather Shore

Crippen: A Crime Sensation in Memory and Modernity, by Roger Dalrymple
Amy Milne-Smith

Civilian Specialists at War: Britain’s Transport Experts and the First World War, by Christopher Phillips
Brian N Hall

Dublin’s Great Wars: The First World War, the Easter Rising and the Irish Revolution, by Richard S. Grayson
Thomas Tormey

Eternal Dawn: Turkey in the Age of Atatürk, by Ryan Gingeras
Sevgį Adak

Raymond Aron and Liberal Thought in the Twentieth Century, by Iain Stewart
Martin Conway

The Special Operations Executive in Malaya: World War II and the Path to Independence, by Rebecca Kenneison
Huw Dylan

Cold War Exiles and the CIA: Plotting to Free Russia, by Benjamin Tromly
Laurie Manchester

Love, Honour, and Jealousy: An Intimate History of the Italian Economic Miracle, by Niamh Cullen
Aliza Wong

West Germany and the Iron Curtain: Environment, Economy, and Culture in the Borderlands, by Astrid M. Eckert
Frank Uekötter

The Army and Politics in Zimbabwe: Mujuru, the Liberation Fighter and Kingmaker, by Blessing-Miles Tendi
Timothy Gibbs

The Anti-Abortion Campaign in England, 1966–1989, by Olivia Dee
Chris Moores

The Politics of Humiliation: A Modern History, by Ute Frevert, tr. Adam Bresnahan
Jörg Wettlaufer

Pyrrhic Progress: The History of Antibiotics in Anglo-American Food Production, by Claas Kirchhelle
Nicole Welk-Joerger

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