The English Historical Review 133 (2018), 565

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The English Historical Review 133 (2018), 565
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
ARTICLES EDITOR: Dr Martin Conway Balliol College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 3BJ UK BOOK REVIEW EDITOR: Dr Catherine Holmes University College University of Oxford Oxford OX1 4BH UK ASSISTANT EDITOR Catherine Wright The English Historical Review Faculty of History The Old Boys' High School George Street Oxford OX1 2RL UK Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street Oxford, OX2 6DP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1865 556767 Fax: +44 (0)1865 267485
Wolff, Sarah

First published in January 1886, The English Historical Review (EHR) is the oldest journal of historical scholarship in the English-speaking world. It deals not only with British history, but also with almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era: it covers the history of the Americas, including the foreign policy of the USA and her role in the wider world, but excludes the internal history of the USA since Independence, for which other scholarly outlets are plentiful. The EHR includes major Articles, ‘Notes and Documents’, and Debates on medieval and modern themes, as well as an unusually extensive range of Reviews and Shorter Notices of books published throughout the world. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided.



Widows, Native Law and the Long Shadow of England in Thirteenth-Century Wales
Emma Cavell

The Ambiguities of Belief and Belonging: Catholicism and the Church of the East in the Sixteenth Century border=
Lucy Parker

Reading and Writing Travels: Maximilien Misson, Samuel Waring and the Afterlives of European Voyages, c. 1687–1714
Richard Ansell

The British West India Interest and Its Allies, 1823–1833
Michael Taylor

Women Missionaries and Colonial Silences in Kenya’s Female ‘Circumcision’ Controversy, 1906–1930
David M Anderson

Review Article

Navigating State and Society: New Naval Histories of the Long Eighteenth Century
James Davey

Book Reviews

Bannockburn 1314–2014: Battle and Legacy, ed. Michael Penman
Bob Harris

The Invisible Hand? How Market Economies Have Emerged and Declined since AD 500, by Bas van Bavel
Bart Lambert

Justinian’s Balkan Wars: Campaigning, Diplomacy and Development in Illyricum, Thrace and the Northern World, A.D. 527–65, by Alexander Sarantis
Conor Whately

Theodahad: A Platonic King at the Collapse of Ostrogothic Italy, by Massimiliano Vitiello
T S Brown

Patron Saints of Early Medieval Italy, A.D. c.350–800: History and Hagiography in Ten Biographies, tr. with an introduction, by Nicholas Everett
P Oldfield

Cyprus between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (ca.600–800): An Island in Transition, by Luca Zavagno
Tassos Papacostas

Heresy and Dissent in the Carolingian Empire: The Case of Gottschalk of Orbais, by Matthew Bryan Gillis
Conor O’Brien

Cnut the Great, by Timothy Bolton
Barbara Yorke

Peter Lombard and His Students, by Matthew Doyle
P Byrne

The Principality of Antioch and its Frontiers in the Twelfth Century, by Andrew D. Buck
Simon John

Hugh de Lacy, First Earl of Ulster: Rising and Falling in Angevin Ireland, by Daniel Brown
Robin Frame

English Episcopal Acta, 45: Bath and Wells, 1206–1247, ed. B.R. Kemp
Julia Barrow

Reconnaître et délimiter l’espace localement au Moyen Âge: Limites et frontières I, ed. Nacima Baron, Stéphane Boissellier, François Clément and Flocel Sabaté
Megan Cassidy-Welch

El Tratado de la Peste de Ibn Jatima, tr. and ed. Luisa María Arvide Cambra
Justin Stearns

Tribunali di Mercanti e Giustizia Mercantile nel Tardo Medioevo, ed. Elena Maccioni and Sergio Tognetti
Henry Tann

The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland: The Making of a Myth, ed. Peter Crooks and Seán Duffy
Henry A Jefferies

Charles VII: Une vie, une politique, by Philippe Contamine
Jonathan Sumption

Medieval Merchants and Money: Essays in Honour of James L. Bolton, ed. Martin Allen and Matthew Davies
Milan Pajic

Famine and Scarcity in Late Medieval and Early Modern England: The Regulation of Grain Marketing 1256–1631, by Buchanan Sharp
Heather Falvey

Regesta Imperii XIII: Regesten Kaiser Friedrichs III (1440–1493). Nach Archiven und Bibliotheken geordnet. Heft 31: Die Urkunden und Briefe aus den Archiven und Bibliotheken der deutschen Bundesländer Bremen, Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein sowie der skandinavischen Länder, ed. Eberhard Holtz
Duncan Hardy

The Prose Brut and Other Late Medieval Chronicles: Books have their Histories. Essays in Honour of Lister M. Matheson, ed. Jaclyn Rajsic, Erik Kooper and Dominique Hoche
Raluca Radulescu

Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society: Revisiting Tawney and Postan, ed. J.P. Bowen and A.T. Brown
Jonathan Healey

Archeologies of Confession: Writing the German Reformation, 1517–2017, ed. Carina L. Johnson, David M. Luebke, Marjorie E. Plummer and Jesse Spohnholz
Charlotte Methuen

Vives y Moro: La amistad en tiempos dificiles, by Enrique García Hernán
John Edwards

The Reformation of the Decalogue: Religious Identity and the Ten Commandments in England, c.1485–1625, by Jonathan Willis
Ian Green

The Nine Years War, 1593–1603: O’Neill, Mountjoy and the Military Revolution, by James O’Neill
John Childs

Religion and Politics in Urban Ireland, c.1500–c.1750: Essays in Honour of Colm Lennon, ed. Salvadore Ryan and Clodagh Tait
Christopher Maginn

Theater of a Thousand Wonders: A History of Miraculous Images and Shrines in New Spain, by William B. Taylor
Gervase Rosser

Imaging Stuart Family Politics: Dynastic Crisis and Continuity, by Catriona Murray
Anna Groundwater

Amsterdam’s Atlantic: Print Culture and the Making of Dutch Brazil, by Michiel van Groesen
Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries: The Fabric of Creativity in the Dutch Republic, 1580–1800, by Claartje Rasterhoff
Andrew Pettegree

Facing the Revocation: Huguenot Families, Faith, and the King’s Will, by Carolyn Chappell Lougee
Allan Tulchin

Why Did Europe Conquer the World?, by Philip T. Hoffman
John Darwin

In Search of the Way: Thought and Religion in Early-Modern Japan, 1582–1860, by Richard Bowring
Kiri Paramore

The Enlightenment on Trial: Ordinary Litigants and Colonialism in the Spanish Empire, by Bianca Premo
The Enlightenment in Iberia and Ibero-America, by Brian Hamnett
Graciela Iglesias-Rogers

Subjects and Sovereign: Bonds of Belonging in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire, by Hannah Weiss Muller
Geoffrey Plank

Cul de Sac: Patrimony, Capitalism, and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue, by Paul Cheney
Philippe Girard

Facing the Text: Extra-Illustration, Print Culture, and Society in Britain, 1760–1840, by Lucy Peltz
Michael Hunter

The Velizh Affair: Blood Libel in a Russian Town, by Eugene M. Avrutin
David Saunders

Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy, by Hidetaka Hirota
Deirdre M Moloney

Orientalizing the Jew: Religion, Culture, and Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century France, by Julie Kalman
Ivan Kalmar

Italian Modernities: Competing Narratives of Nationhood, by Rosario Forlenza and Bjørn Thomassen
Claudia Baldoli

Historicism and The Human Sciences in Victorian Britain, ed. Mark Bevir
Joshua Bennett

Russia in Revolution: An Empire in Crisis, 1890–1928, by S.A. Smith
George Gilbert

First of The Small Nations: The Beginnings of Irish Foreign Policy in The Interwar Years, 1919–1932, by Gerard Keown
William Mulligan

The Formation of Turkish Republicanism, by Banu Turnaoğlu
A Coşkun Tunçer

The Littlehampton Libels: A Miscarriage of Justice and a Mystery about Words in 1920s England, by Christopher Hilliard
David Vincent

Challenging the Modern: Conservative Revolution in German Music, 1918–33, by Nicholas Attfield
Toby Thacker

A Vision of Europe: Franco-German Relations During the Great Depression, 1929–1932, by Conan Fischer
Luc-André Brunet

A Life of Resistance: Ada Prospero Marchesini Gobetti (1902–1968), by Jomarie Alano
Kate Ferris

Glubb Pasha and the Arab Legion: Britain, Jordan, and The End of Empire in The Middle East, by Graham Jevon
Simon C Smith

Frozen Empires: An Environmental History of The Antarctic Peninsula, by Adrian Howkins
Peter J Beck

Algeria Revisited: History, Culture and Identity, ed. Rabah Aissaoui and Claire Eldridge
John P Entelis

A History of Algeria, by James McDougall
Gavin Murray-Miller

Decolonisation and the Pacific: Indigenous Globalisation and the Ends of Empire, by Tracey Banivanua Mar
Robert Aldrich

The Oxford History Of Anglicanism, Vol. IV: Global Western Anglicanism, c.1910–present, ed. Jeremy Morris
W M Jacob

Backpack Ambassadors: How Youth Travel Integrated Europe, by Richard Ivan Jobs
Joachim C Häberlen

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