The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 484

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The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 484
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Kahlert, Torsten



'A Slice of Their Lives': Editing the DNB, 1882- 1999
Brian Harrison, pp. 1179-1201.

Henry II and the Norman Bishops
Jorg Peltzer, pp. 1202-1229.

A Radical Network in the English Revolution: John Pordage and His Circle 1646- 54
Manfred Brod. pp. 1230-1253.

On Lord Palmerston's Irish Estates in the 1840s
Desmond Norton, pp. 1254-1274.

The Historian as Judge: William of Newburgh and Hubert Walter
John Gillingham, pp. 1275-1287.

Print, Profit and Propaganda: The Elizabethan Privy Council and the 1570 Edition of Foxe's 'Book of Martyrs'
Elizabeth Evenden and Thomas S. Freeman, pp. 1288-1307.

Notes on Machiavelli and Ignatius Loyola in John Donne's Ignatius his Conclave and Pseudo-Martyr
Stefania Tutino, pp. 1308-1321.


Review: A History of the County of Chester. Vol. V, Part 1: The City of
Chester: General History and Topography
Alan Dyer, pp. 1322-1324.

Review: The Making of Europe: An Introduction to the History of European Unity
Jonathan Shepard, pp. 1324-1326.

Review: The Pope's Body
Alexander Murray, pp. 1326-1328.

Review: The Oxford History of the Laws of England. Volume I: The Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction from 597to the 1640s
R.N. Swanson, pp. 1328-1330.

Review: Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (1390-1447) and the Italian Humanists
Daniel Wakelin, pp. 1331-1333.

Review: London in the Later Middle Ages: Government and People, 1200-1500
Pamela Nightingale, pp. 1333-1335.

Review: Waldenses: Rejections of Holy Church in Medieval Europe
Gabriel Audisio, pp. 1335-1337.

Review: Geschichtsdeutung auf alten Karten: Archaologie und Geschichte
David Buisseret, pp. 1337-1339.

Review: Medieval Manuscripts in Post-Medieval England
A.I. Doyle, pp. 1339-1340.

Review: Individuals, Families, and Communities in Europe, 1200-1800: The Urban Foundations of Western Society
Brian Pullan, pp. 1340-1342.

Review: The Winter King: Frederick V of the Palatinate and the Coming of the Thirty Years War
Nicolette Mout, pp. 1342-1344.

Review: Visions of Politics. Vol. I: Regarding Method; Vol. II: Renaissance Virtues; Vol. III: Hobbes and Civil Science
Mark Goldie, pp. 1344-1347.

Review: A Court in Exile: The Stuarts in France, 1689-1718
Daniel Szechi, pp. 1347-1349.

Review: Discovering the Scottish Revolution, 1692-1746
David Allan, pp. 1349-1351.

Review: The Jacobite Movement in Scotland and in Exile, 1746-1759

Daniel Szechi, pp. 1352-1354.

Review: The British Navy and the State in the Eighteenth Century
N.A.M. Rodger, pp. 1354-1355.

Review: Bentham: Selected Writings of John Dinwiddy
Michael J. Turner, pp. 1355-1357.

Review: Liberalism in Germany
Maiken Umbach, pp. 1358-1359.

Review: A New England? Peace and War, 1886-1918
William Whyte, pp. 1360-1362.

Review: The Politics of the Poor: The East End of London, 1885-1914
Martin Pugh, pp. 1362-1364.

Review: Mussolini and the Origins of the Second World War, 1933-1940
P.M.H. Bell, pp. 1364-1365.

Review: Which People's War? National Identity and Citizenship in Wartime Britain, 1939-1945 * Review: Half the Battle: Civilian Morale in Britain during the Second World War
Paul Addison, pp. 1365-1368.

Review: The Politics of Frenchness in Colonial Algeria, 1930-1954
Irwin Wall, pp. 1368-1370.

Review: Two Hegemonies: Britain 1846-1914and the United States 1941-2001
Barry Supple, pp. 1370-1372.

Review: History, Nationhood and the Question of Britain
T.C. Smout, pp. 1372-1374.

Review: The Great Lakes of Africa: Two Thousand Years of History
Shane Doyle, pp. 1374-1376.

Review: Anno Domini: The Origins of the Christian Era
Faith Wallis, pp. 1377-1378.

Review: Icon and Word: The Power of Images in Byzantium. Studies presented to Robin Cormack
Jonathan Shepard, pp. 1378-1380.

Review: Aethelred the Unready: The Ill-Counselled King
Barbara Yorke, pp. 1380-1381.

Review: The Normans: The History of a Dynasty
D.A. Carpenter, pp. 1381.

Review: Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts
David Howlett, pp. 1382.

Review: William of Malmesbury
David Corner, pp. 1382-1383.

Review: Gesta principum Polonorum: The Deeds of the Princes of the Poles
Piotr Gorecki, pp. 1383-1385.

Review: The 'Secret of Secrets': The Scholarly Career of a pseudo-Aristotelian Text in the Latin Middle Ages
John Marenbon, pp. 1385-1386.

Review: Frauen auf Kreuzzugen, 1096-1291
Jonathan Riley-Smith, pp. 1386-1387.

Review: A History of Ely Cathedral
Malcolm Airs, pp. 1387-1388.

Review: Villes de Flandre et d Artois (900-1500)
Andrew Brown, pp. 1388-1389.

Review: Robert Grosseteste and the Beginnings of a British Theological Tradition
C.H. Lawrence, pp. 1389-1390.

Review: The 'Templar of Tyre': Part III of the 'Deeds of the Cypriots'
Hugh Kennedy, pp. 1390-1391.

Review: Agnes Blannbekin, Viennese Beguine: 'Life and Revelations'
Lara Farina, pp. 1392-1393.

Review: The Exercise of Power in Medieval Scotland, c. 1200-1500
A.A.M. Duncan, pp. 1393-1394.

Review: Mandeville's Medieval Audiences: A Study on the Reception of the Book of Sir John Mandeville (1371-1550)
C.J. Tyerman, pp. 1394-1395.

Review: El Fogatjament general de Catalunya de 1378
Peter Rycraft, pp. 1395-1396.

Review: El ocaso cuatrocentista de Valencia en el tumultuoso mediterraneo, 1400-1480
Robert I. Burns, pp. 1396-1397.

Review: The Last Medieval Queens: English Queenship, 1445-1503
C.S.L. Davies, pp. 1397-1398.

Review: Raising Arms: Liturgy in the Struggle to Liberate Jerusalem in the Late Middle Ages
Richard W. Pfaff, pp. 1398-1399.

Review: Les Guerres d'Italie: Histoires, pratiques, representations
Michael Mallett, pp. 1400-1401.

Review: The Uses of Script and Print, 1300-1700
Andrew Pettegree, pp. 1401-1402.

Review: The Power and Patronage of Marguerite de Navarre
R.J. Knecht, pp. 1402-1404.

Review: The Two Reformations: The Journey from the Last Days to the New World
Euan Cameron, pp. 1404-1405.

Review: Reformation und konfessionelles Zeitalter
Philip Broadhead, pp. 1405-1406.

Review: Imperium Romanum--irregulare corpus--Teutscher Reichs-Staat: Das Alte Reich im Verstandnis der Zeitgenossen und der Historiographie
Michael Rowe, pp. 1406-1407.

Review: Visite pastorali in diocesi di Pavia nel Cinquecento: Una documentazione guadagnata alla storia
A.D. Wright, pp. 1408.

Review: Plots and Plotters in the Reign of Elizabeth I
Simon Adams, pp. 1409-1410.

Review: Circled with Stone: Exeter's City Walls, 1485-1660
John R. Kenyon, pp. 1410-1411.

Review: Patronage, Culture and Power: The Early Cecils, 1558-1612
Alastair Bellany, pp. 1411-1412.

Review: The Prince and the Infanta: The Cultural Politics of the Spanish Match
Rob Stradling, pp. 1413-1414.

Review: Subordinate Subjects: Gender, the Political Nation, and Literary Form in England, 1588-1688
Bernard Capp, pp. 1414-1415.

Review: Gender, Power and Privilege in Early Modern Europe
Bernard Capp, pp. 1415-1416.

Review: Better a Shrew than a Sheep: Women, Drama, and the Culture of Jest in Early Modern England
James Daybell, pp. 1416-1418.

Review: Parliament at Work: Parliamentary Committees, Political Power and Public Access in Early Modern England
Derek Hirst, pp. 1418-1419.

Review: Margaret Cavendish: Gender, Genre, Exile
Sarah Mortimer, pp. 1419-1420.

Review: Green Desire: Imagining Early Modern English Gardens
Andrew McRae, pp. 1420-1421.

Review: Egodocuments and History: Autobiographical Writing in its Social Context since the Middle Ages
Naomi Baker, pp. 1421-1422.

Review: Male Witches in Early Modern Europe
Malcolm Gaskill, pp. 1422-1423.

Review: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Making of a Myth: A Study in Portraiture, 1720-1892
Holger Hoock, pp. 1424-1425.

Review: Madame de Pompadour: Images of a Mistress
John Rogister, pp. 1425-1426.

Review: Guns and Violence: The English Experience
James Sharpe, pp. 1426-1427.

Review: Naval Power and British Culture, 1760-1850: Public Trust and Government Ideology
Ruddock Mackay, pp. 1427-1429.

Review: Defining John Bull: Political Caricature and National Identity in Late Georgian England
H. T. Dickinson, pp. 1429-1430.

Review: The Satirical Gaze: Prints of Women in Late Eighteenth Century England
Frank O'Gorman, pp. 1430-1431.

Review: Ape to Apollo: Aesthetics and the Idea of Race in the Eighteenth Century
Shearer West, pp. 1432.

Review: Challenging the Boundaries of Slavery
Seymour Drescher, pp. 1433-1434.

Review: The Irish Act of Union, 1800: Bicentennial Essays * Review: Acts of Union: The Causes, Contexts, and Consequences of the Act of Union
Marianne Elliott, pp. 1434-1435.

Review: Problems and Perspectives in Irish History since 1800
Peter Hart, pp. 1435-1437.

Review: Church and Chapel in Portsmouth and South-East Hampshire, 1660-1850
W. R. Ward, pp. 1437-1438.

Review: The Social Conscience of the Early Victorians
John Prest, pp. 1438-1439.

Review: 'Dearest Augustus and I': The Journal of Jane Pugin
William Whyte, pp. 1439-1440.

Review: Recollections of Nineteenth-Century Buckinghamshire
Kate Tiller, pp. 1441-1442.

Review: A Sort of Conscience: The Wakefields
D. K. Fieldhouse, pp. 1442-1443.

Review: The Government Machine: A Revolutionary History of the Computer
Edward Higgs, pp. 1443-1444.

Review: In Practice: Studies in the Language and Culture of Popular Politics in Modern Britain
E. F. Biagini, pp. 1445-1446.

Review: Jewish Workers and the Labour Movement: A Comparative Study of Amsterdam, London, and Paris, 1870-1914
William D. Rubinstein, pp. 1446-1447.

Review: News and the British World: The Emergence of an Imperial Press System, 1876-1922
Donald Read, pp. 1447-1448.

Review: Navies in Modern World History
Ruddock Mackay, pp. 1448-1449.

Review: Arms and the State: Sir William Armstrong and the Remaking of British Naval Power, 1854-1914
Andrew Lambert, pp. 1449-1450.

Review: Nationalism in Europe, 1890-1940
Geoff Eley, pp. 1450-1451.

Review: Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton
Michael Howard, pp. 1451-1452.

Review: The Myth of the Great War: A New Military History of World War One
J. M. Bourne, pp. 1452-1453.

Review: Reflections on the Battlefield: From Infantryman to Chaplain, 1914-1919
J. M. Bourne, pp. 1453-1454.

Review: Tank: The Progress of a Monstrous War Machine
J. M. Bourne, pp. 1454.

Review: Mick Mannock, Fighter Pilot: Myth, Life and Politics
J. M. Bourne, pp. 1454-1455.

Review: Shell Shock: Traumatic Neurosis and the British Soldiers of the First World War * Review: Blindfold and Alone: British Military Executions in the Great War
Trevor Wilson, pp. 1455-1456.

Review: Smugglers, Secessionists and Loyal Citizens on the Ghana-Togo
Frontier: The Life of the Borderlands since 1914
John Parker, pp. 1457-1458.

Review: Twentieth Century Italy: A Social History
Christopher Duggan, pp. 1458-1459.

Review: Rossiyskaya istoricheskaya mozaika/Russian Historical Mosaic: Essays for John Keep
Robin Milner-Gulland, pp. 1459-1460.

Review: Mothers of the Nation: Right-Wing Women in Weimar Germany
Elizabeth Harvey, pp. 1460-1461.

Review: 'Judischer Bolshewismus': Mythos und Realitat
Peter Pulzer, pp. 1461-1462.

Review: Archivo Goma: Documentos de la Guerra Civil (Vols. 2, 3, 4)
Rob Stradling, pp. 1462-1465.

Review: The Battleground of High Politics: A Comparative Study of British and French Policies towards Poland and the Baltic States, 1917-1939
A. J. Prazmowska, pp. 1465-1466.

Review: The Villa, the Lake, the Meeting: Wannsee and the Final Solution
Zoe Waxman, pp. 1466-1467.

Review: The Forgotten French: Exiles in the British Isles, 1940-44
P. M. H. Bell, pp. 1467-1469.

Review: The Transformation of British Life, 1950-2000: A Social History
John Benson, pp. 1469.

Review: The Labour Governments, 1964-1970. Vol. II: International Policy
Saki R. Dockrill, pp. 1469-1471.

Review: Thatcher and Thatcherism
Jeremy Black, pp. 1471-1472.

Review: Why has the public sector grown so large in market societies? The political economy of prudence in the UK, c. 1870-2000
Barry Supple, pp. 1472-1473.

Review: America, the Vietnam War, and the World: Comparative and International Perspectives
Matthew Jones, pp. 1473-1474.

Review: All the Way with JFK? Britain, the US, and the Vietnam War
Kevin Ruane, pp. 1475-1476.

Review: South Africa: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid
Brian Bunting, pp. 1476-1477.

Review: The Changing Face of English Local History
Kate Tiller, pp. 1477-1478.

Review: Les archipels du passe: Le patrimoine et son histoire
Simon Ditchfield, pp. 1478-1480.

Review: The Logic of History: Putting Postmodernism in Perspective
C. V. J. Griffiths, pp. 1480-1481.

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