The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 483

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The English Historical Review 119 (2004), 483
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Kahlert, Torsten


Conflicting Loyalties, Conflicted Rebels: Political and Religious Allegiance among the Confederate Catholics of Ireland
Tadhg ÓhAnnracháin, pp. 851-872

A 'Weak` State? The English State, the Magistracy and the Reform of Policing in the 1830s
David Philips, pp. 873-891

Britain, the United States and the Rise of an Egyptian Leader: The Politics and Diplomacy of Nasser`s Consolidation of Power, 1952-4
Michael T.Thornhill, pp. 892-921

Policing the Past: Official History, Secrecy and British Intelligence since 1945
Richard J.Aldrich, pp. 922-953

Marriage as Tactical Response: Henry II and the Royal Wedding of 1160
L.Diggelmann, pp. 954-964

Simon de Montfort and his Followers, June 1263
Susan Stewart, pp. 965-969

Henry Chadwick: East and West: The Making of a Rift in the Church: From Apostolic Times until the Council of Florence
Reviewed by Jonathan Shepard, pp. 970-972

Robin A. Butlin, ed. Historical Atlas of North Yorkshire
Reviewed by G.C.F. Forster, pp. 972-974

Robert Morrissey: Charlemagne and France: A Thousand Years of Mythology
Reviewed by Elizabeth A.R. Brown, pp. 974-976

N.J. Higham: King Arthur: Myth-Making and History
Reviewed by O.J. Padel, pp. 976-978

Judith Jesch, ed. The Scandinavians, from the Vendel Period to the Tenth Century: An Ethnographic Perspective
Reviewed by P.H. Sawyer, pp. 978-979

A.A.M. Duncan: The Kingship of the Scots, 842-1292: Succession and Independence
Reviewed by Hector L. Macqueen, pp. 980-981

Lois A. Huneycutt: Matilda of Scotland: A Study of Medieval Queenship
Reviewed by Pauline Stafford, pp. 981-983

Susan M. Johns: Noblewomen, Aristocracy and Power in the Twelfth-Century Anglo-Norman Realm
Reviewed by Marjorie Chibnall, pp. 984-985

Damian Smith and Helena Buffery, eds. The Book of Deeds of James I of Aragon: A Translation of the Medieval Catalan Llibre dels Fets
Reviewed by J.N. Hillgarth, pp. 985-987

Colin Morris and Peter Roberts, eds. Pilgrimage: The English Experience from Becket to Bunyan
Reviewed by Margaret Aston, pp. 987-989

Gwilym Dodd and Douglas Biggs, eds. Henry IV: The Establishment of the Regime, 1399-1406
Reviewed by G.L. Harriss, pp. 989-991

Tom Scott: Society and Economy in Germany, 1300-1600
Reviewed by Joachim Whaley, pp. 991-993

Robert C. Palmer: Selling the Church: The English Parish in Law, Commerce, and Religion, 1350-1550
Reviewed by Margaret Bowker, pp. 993-995

Vincent Morley: Irish Opinion and the American Revolution, 1760-1783
Reviewed by T.C. Barnard, pp. 995-996

William Stafford: English Feminists and their Opponents in the 1790s: Unsex`d and Proper Females
Reviewed by P. Jupp, pp. 997-998

Emmanuel de Waresquiel: Talleyrand: Le prince immobile
Reviewed by Philip G. Dwyer, pp. 998-1000

Margot C. Finn: The Character of Credit: Personal Debt in English Culture, 1740-1914
Reviewed by Olive Anderson, pp. 1000-1002

Ivan T. Berend: History Derailed: Central and Eastern Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century
Reviewed by W.H. Zawadzki, pp. 1003-1004

Julian Wright: The Regionalist Movement in France, 1890-1914: Jean Charles-Brun and French Political Thought
Reviewed by Eugen Weber, pp. 1004-1006

David Fitzpatrick: Harry Boland`s Irish Revolution
Reviewed by Richard English, pp. 1006-1007

Diemut Majer: 'Non-Germans` under the Third Reich: The Nazi Judicial and Administrative System in Germany and Occupied Eastern Europe, with Special Regard to Occupied Poland, 1939-1945
Reviewed by Nikolaus Wachsmann, pp. 1008-1010

Roy Tseng: The Sceptical Idealist: Michael Oakeshott as a Critic of the Enlightenment
Reviewed by Edmund Neill, pp. 1010-1012

Louise Grace Shaw: The British Political Elite and the Soviet Union, 1937-1939
Reviewed by Peter J. Beck, pp. 1012-1014

Richard Toye: The Labour Party and the Planned Economy, 1931-1951
Reviewed by Alan Booth, pp. 1014-1016

Sabine Lee: Victory in Europe: Britain and Germany since 1945
Reviewed by Anthony J. Nicholls, pp. 1017-1018

Jim Tomlinson: The Labour Governments 1964-1970. Volume III: Economic Policy
Reviewed by G. O`Hara, pp. 1018-1020

Vernon Bogdanor, ed. The British Constitution in the Twentieth Century
Reviewed by Nevil Johnson, pp. 1021-1023

Mark Atherton, ed. Celts and Christians: New Approaches to the Religious Traditions of Britain and Ireland
Reviewed by J.R. Davies, pp. 1024-1025

Christina Harrington: Women in a Celtic Church: Ireland, 450-1150
Reviewed by Elva Johnston, pp. 1025-1026

Sean Davies: Welsh Military Institutions, 633-1283
Reviewed by David Stephenson, pp. 1026-1027

David Bates: William the Conqueror
Reviewed by Frank Barlow, pp. 1028-1029

James Muldoon: Identity on the Medieval Irish Frontier: Degenerate Englishmen, Wild Irishmen, Middle Nations
Reviewed by Robin Frame, pp. 1029-1030

Peter Csendes: Philipp von Schwaben: Ein Staufer im Kampf um die Macht
Reviewed by D.J.A. Matthew, pp. 1030-1031

Ralph V. Turner: Magna Carta: Through the Ages
Reviewed by Vincent Moss, pp. 1031-1033

Josefina Mutgé i Vives , ed. Pergamins del monestir benedicti de Sant Pau del Camp de Barcelona, De l`Arxiu de la Corona d`Arago (segles XII-XIV)
Reviewed by Simon Barton, p. 1033

W.A. Sibly and M.D. Sibly: The Chronicle of William of Puylaurens: The Albigensian Crusade and its Aftermath
Reviewed by Jean Dunbabin, pp. 1033-1034

David Crook, ed. Curia Regis Rolls of the Reign of Henry III Preserved in the Public Record Office: Vol. XIX, 33 to 34 Henry III ( 1249-1250)
Reviewed by D.A. Carpenter, pp. 1034-1035

O.F. Robinson, ed. The Register of Walter Bronescombe, Bishop of Exeter, 1258-1280: Vol. III
Reviewed by Roy Martin Haines, pp. 1035-1036

Judi Upton-Ward, ed. The Catalan Rule of the Templars: Edition and Translation of Barcelona, Archivo de la Corona de Aragon, Cartas Reales, MS 3344
Reviewed by A.J. Forey, pp. 1036-1037

Suzanne F. Cawsey: Kingship and Propaganda: Royal Eloquence and the Crown of Aragon, c. 1200-1450
Reviewed by J.N. Hillgarth, pp. 1037-1038

Lisa Jefferson, ed. Wardens` Accounts and Court Minute Books of the Goldsmiths` Mistery of London, 1334-1446
Reviewed by Pamela Nightingale, pp. 1038-1039

Daniel Duran i Duelt: Manual del Viatge fet per Berenguer Benet a Romania, 1341-1342: Estudi i Edicio
Reviewed by Peter Rycraft, pp. 1039-1040

Antony Black: Church, State and Community: Historical and Comparative Perspectives
Reviewed by Joseph Canning, pp. 1040-1041

Ann R. Meyer: Medieval Allegory and the Building of the New Jerusalem
Reviewed by Paul Binski, pp. 1041-1042

Paola Galetti and Pierre Racine, eds. I mulini nell`Europa medievale
Reviewed by Richard Holt, pp. 1042-1043

Daniela Rando: Dai margini la memoria: Johannes Hinderbach ( 1418-1486)
Reviewed by J.H. Burns, pp. 1043-1044

Joel T. Rosenthal: Telling Tales: Sources and Narration in Late Medieval England
Reviewed by Peter Coss, pp. 1044-1046

A.D.M.Cox and R.H.Darwall-Smith, eds. Account Rolls of University College, Oxford. Vol. I: 1381/2-1470/1; Vol. II: 1471/2-1596/7
Reviewed by Rosamond Faith, pp. 1046-1047

Peter Ainsworth and Tom Scott, eds. Regions and Landscapes: Reality and Imagination in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Reviewed by Alastair Duke, pp. 1047-1048

Humphrey Llwyd: Cronica Walliae
Reviewed by W.P. Griffith, p. 1049

William Naphy and Andrew Spicer: Plague: Black Death and Pestilence in Europe
Reviewed by Paul Slack, p. 1050

Narasingha P.Sil: Tudor Placemen and Statesmen: Select Case Histories
Reviewed by E.W. Ives, pp. 1050-1051

David Loades: Elizabeth I: The Golden Reign of Gloriana
Reviewed by Lacey Baldwin Smith, pp. 1051-1053

Richard Rex: Elizabeth I, Fortune`s Bastard: A Short Account of the Long Life of Elizabeth I
Reviewed by Lacey Baldwin Smith, pp. 1051-1053

David Loades: Elizabeth I
Reviewed by Lacey Baldwin Smith, pp. 1051-1053

Brett Usher: William Cecil and Episcopacy, 1559-1577
Reviewed by Patrick Collinson, pp. 1053-1054

John Watkins: Representing Elizabeth in Stuart England: Literature, History, Sovereignty
Reviewed by Bernard Capp, pp. 1055-1056

A. Colonnello and A. Del Col, eds. Uno storico, un mugnaio, un libro: Carlo Ginzburg, 'Il formaggio e i vermi`, 1976-2002 Reviewed by A.D. Wright, pp. 1056-1057

David Farr: John Lambert, Parliamentary Soldier and Cromwellian Major-General, 1619-1684
Reviewed by Ivan Roots, p. 1057

A. Lloyd Moote and Dorothy C. Moote: The Great Plague: The Story of London`s Most Deadly Year
Reviewed by Paul Slack, p. 1058

Brian Weiser: Charles II and the Politics of Access
Reviewed by Kevin Sharpe, pp. 1058-1059

Alain Cabantous: Blasphemy: Impious Speech in the West from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century
Reviewed by John Spurr, pp. 1060-1061

Tony Claydon: William III
Reviewed by Lionel K.J. Glassey, pp. 1061-1062

Timothy Morton and Nigel Smith, eds. Radicalism in British Literary Culture, 1650-1830: From Revolution to Revolution
Reviewed by Mark Philp, pp. 1062-1063

Rebecca Wills: The Jacobites and Russia, 1715-1750
Reviewed by Lindsey Hughes, pp. 1063-1064

Sudipta Sen: Distant Sovereignty: National Imperialism and the Origins of British India
Reviewed by Jon E. Wilson, pp. 1064-1066

Anthony Cross, ed. St Petersburg, 1703-1825
Reviewed by Simon Dixon, pp. 1066-1067

James Kelly: Sir Edward Newenham, MP, 1734-1814: Defender of the Protestant Constitution
Reviewed by T.C. Barnard, pp. 1067-1068

Marcus Eder: Crime and Punishment in the Royal Navy of the Seven Years` War, 1755-1763
Reviewed by N.A.M. Rodger, p. 1069

Nigel Aston: Religion and Revolution in France, 1780-1804
Reviewed by Olwen Hufton, pp. 1070-1071

Jean-Philippe Luis: L`Utopie Réactionnaire: Epuration et modernisation de l`Etat dans l`Espagne de la fin de l`Ancien Régime ( 1823-1834)
Reviewed by Charles Esdaile, pp. 1071-1072

Richard A. Gaunt, ed. Unhappy Reactionary: The Diaries of the Fourth Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, 1822-50
Reviewed by Norman Gash, pp. 1072-1073

Diana Burfield: Edward Cresy, 1792-1858: Architect and Civil Engineer
Reviewed by William Whyte, pp. 1073-1074

James H. Mills: Cannabis Britannica: Empire, Trade and Prohibition
Reviewed by Virginia Berridge, pp. 1075-1076

Robin Harris: Dubrovnik: A History
Reviewed by St.K. Pavlowitch, pp. 1076-1077

Claire Hancock: Paris et Londres au XIXe siècle: Représentations dans les guides et récits de voyage
Reviewed by Anthony Sutcliffe, pp. 1077-1078

Catriona M. Parratt: 'More than Mere Amusement`: Working-class Women`s Leisure in England, 1750-1914
Reviewed by Elizabeth Roberts, pp. 1078-1079

Dieter Langewiesche: Liberalismus und Sozialismus-Ausgewählte Beiträge: Gesellschaftsbilder, Zukunftsvision, Bildungskonzeptionen
Reviewed by Geoff Eley, pp. 1079-1080

Georges Bensoussan: Une histoire intellectuelle et politique du sionisme, 1860-1940
Reviewed by Steven Beller, pp. 1080-1082

Jeremy Goring: Burn, Holy Fire! Religion in Lewes since the Reformation
Reviewed by Patrick Collinson, pp. 1082-1083

Colin Newbury: Patrons, Clients and Empire: Chieftaincy and Over-rule in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific
Reviewed by Richard Rathbone, pp. 1083-1084

Paul R. Brumpton: Security and Progress: Lord Salisbury at the India Office
Reviewed by Andrew Roberts, pp. 1084-1085

David B. Abernethy: The Dynamics of Global Dominance. European Overseas Empires, 1415-1980
Reviewed by Bernard Porter, pp. 1085-1087

Ian F.W. Beckett: The Great War, 1914-1918
Reviewed by J.M. Bourne, p. 1087

John Pollock: Kitchener: The Road to Omdurman and Saviour of the Nation
Reviewed by J.M. Bourne, pp. 1087-1088

Terence Denman: Ireland's Unknown Soldiers: The 16th (Irish) Division in the Great War
Reviewed by David Fitzpatrick, pp. 1089-1091

Nuala C. Johnson: Ireland, the Great War and the Geography of Remembrance
Reviewed by David Fitzpatrick, pp. 1089-1091

Timothy Bowman: The Irish Regiments in the Great War: Discipline and Morale
Reviewed by David Fitzpatrick, pp. 1089-1091

Richard Schweitzer: The Cross and the Trenches: Religious Faith and Doubt among British and American Great War Soldiers
Reviewed by John McManners, pp. 1091-1092

Peter Hart: The IRA at War ( 1916-1923)
Reviewed by Richard English, p. 1093

Gaynor Johnson: The Berlin Embassy of Lord D`Abernon, 1920-1926
Reviewed by D.J. Dutton, pp. 1093-1094

Greg Walker: The Private Life of Henry VIII
Reviewed by Sarah Street, pp. 1095-1096

Paloma Aguilar: Memory and Amnesia: The Role of the Spanish Civil War in the Transition to Democracy
Reviewed by Michael Richards, pp. 1096-1097

Evan Mawdsley: The Stalin Years: The Soviet Union, 1929-1953
Reviewed by S.P. Morcom, pp. 1097-1098

Mark Clapson: Suburban Century: Social Change and Urban Growth in England and the USA
Reviewed by F.M.L. Thompson, pp. 1098-1100

Michael Salewski: Die Deutschen und die See. Teil II: Studien zur deutschen Marinegeschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts
Reviewed by Paul Kennedy, pp. 1100-1101

Neville Wylie: Britain, Switzerland, and the Second World War
Reviewed by Clive H. Church, pp. 1101-1102

Rhiannon Vickers: The Labour Party and the World. Vol. I: The Evolution of Labour`s Foreign Policy, 1900-51
Reviewed by John W. Young, pp. 1102-1103

Gisela Notz: Frauen in der Mannschaft: Sozialdemokratinnen im Parlamentarischen Rat und im Deutschen Bundestag, 1948/49-1957
Reviewed by Josie McLellan, pp. 1103-1104

Warren Bass: Support Any Friend: Kennedy`s Middle East and the Making of the U.S.-Israel Alliance
Reviewed by Barbara Smith, pp. 1104-1106

Steven Fielding: The Labour Governments, 1964-1970: Labour and Cultural Change
Reviewed by Kenneth O. Morgan, pp. 1106-1107

Serge Berstein, René Rémond and Jean-François Sirinelli, eds. Les années Giscard: Institutions et pratiques politiques, 1974-78
Reviewed by D.S. Bell, pp. 1107-1108

I.G. Simmons: The Moorlands of England and Wales: An Environmental History, 8000 BC-AD 2000
Reviewed by Ian Whyte, pp. 1108-1109

Notices of Periodicals and Occasional Publications mainly of 2003,pp. 1110-1177

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