The English Historical Review 137 (2022), 586

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The English Historical Review 137 (2022), 586

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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



‘To settle a governement without somthing of Monarchy in it’: Bulstrode Whitelocke’s Memoirs and the Reinvention of the Interregnum
Jonathan Fitzgibbons

The Grand Tour of Mercantilism: Lord Fauconberg’s Italian Mission (1669–1671)
Maria Fusaro; Andrea Addobbati

The Last Voyage of the Gloucester (1682): The Politics of a Royal Shipwreck
Claire Jowitt

Abolition’s Adolescence: Apprenticeship as ‘Liberation’ in Sierra Leone, 1808–1848
Richard Anderson

Scotland’s Last Blasphemy Trials: Popular Unbelief and its Opponents, 1819–1844
Felicity Loughlin

Sexual Scandal and Catholicism in Victorian England: The Case of Monsignor Thomas John Capel
Timothy Verhoeven

Habitat Protection, Ideology and the British Nature State: The Politics of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
Matthew Kelly


Universities in the Holy Roman Empire
Maximilian Schuh


Medieval Self-Coronations: The History and Symbolism of a Ritual, by Jaume Aurell
Dušan Zupka

The Christianization of Western Baetica: Architecture, Power, and Religion in a Late Antique Landscape, by Jerónimo Sánchez Velasco
Robert Portass

The Dynastic Drama of Beowulf, by Francis Leneghan
Richard Dance

The Most Noble of People: Religious, Ethnic, and Gender Identity in Muslim Spain, by Jessica A. Coope
Nicola Clarke

Military Cultures and Martial Enterprises in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of Richard P. Abels, ed. John D. Hosler and Steven Isaac
Guy Perry

The Normans and the ‘Norman Edge’: Peoples, Polities and Identities on the Frontiers of Medieval Europe, ed. Keith Stringer and Andrew Jotischky
Lindy Grant

Medieval Dublin XVIII, ed. Seán Duffy
Brendan Smith

The Christian Jew and the Unmarked Jewess: The Polemics of Sameness in Medieval English Anti-Judaism, by Adrienne Williams Boyarin
M Lindsay Kaplan

Dawn of a Dynasty: The Life and Times of Infante Manuel of Castile, by Richard P. Kinkade
Janna Bianchini

A Medieval Life: Cecilia Penifader and the World of English Peasants before the Plague, by Judith M. Bennett
Alice Raw

After the Black Death: Economy, Society, and the Law in Fourteenth-Century England, by Mark Bailey
Chris Briggs

Wirtschaft—Reformation—Revolution, I: Vergleichende, soziohistorische Strukturgitteranalysen, and II: Wyclifs Sozialethik, der Aufstand von 1381 und Übergänge zur Moderne. Studien zur historischen Gesellschaftswissenschaft und zur Gesellschaftsgeschichte, by Norbert Fabian
Hiram Kümper

World of Echo: Noise and Knowing in Late Medieval England, by Adin E. Lears
Hannah Skoda

Algunos problemas y retos de la Iglesia castellana en los comienzos del siglo XV (1406–1420), by Santiago González Sánchez
Tiago Viúla de Faria

England’s Northern Frontier: Conflict and Local Society in the Fifteenth-Century Scottish Marches, by Jackson W. Armstrong
Cynthia J Neville

A World at Sea: Maritime Practices and Global History, ed. Lauren Benton and Nathan Perl-Rosenthal
Peregrine Horden

The Matter of Honour: The Leading Urban Elite in Sixteenth Century Transylvania, by Ágnes Flóra
Felicia Roşu

Captain Francisco de Cuéllar: The Armada, Ireland and the Wars of the Spanish Monarchy, 1578–1606, by Francis Kelly
Óscar Recio Morales

Protestant Empires: Globalizing the Reformations, ed. Ulinka Rublack
Nicholas Terpstra

Grace and Conformity: The Reformed Conformist Tradition and the Early Stuart Church of England, by Stephen Hampton
Donald K McKim

The Making of Oliver Cromwell, by Ronald Hutton
David L Smith

Dimensiones del conflicto: resistencia, violencia y policia en el mundo urbano, ed. Tomás A. Mantecón Movellán, Marina Torres Arce and Susana Truchuelo Garcia
Christopher Storrs

The Devil’s Art: Divination and Discipline in Early Modern Germany, by Jason Philip Coy
Alison Rowlands

The Global Indies: British Imperial Culture and the Reshaping of the World, 1756–1815, by Ashley Cohen
P J Marshall

Redcoats to Tommies: The Experience of the British Soldier from the Eighteenth Century, ed. Kevin Linch and Matthew Lord
Matthew McCormack

Economic Thought in Modern China: Market and Consumption, c.1500–1937, by Margherita Zanasi
Elisabeth Kaske

Writers and Revolution: Intellectuals and the French Revolution of 1848, by Jonathan Beecher
Christopher Guyver

Time Travelers: Victorian Encounters with Time and History, ed. Adelene Buckland and Sadiah Qureshi
Efram Sera-Shriar

Environments of Empire: Networks and Agents of Ecological Change, ed. Ulrike Kirchberger and Brett M. Bennet
Martin s Shanguhyia

Warrior Generation, 1865–1885: Militarism and British Working Class Boys, by Richard Fulton
Martin Hewitt

London’s West End: Creating the Pleasure District, 1800–1914, by Rohan McWilliam
Nancy W Ellenberger

British Identity in World War I: The Lost Boys, by Mary K. Laurents
Kathryn E M White

Censorship and Propaganda in World War I: A Comprehensive History, by Eberhard Demm
Propaganda and Conflict: War, Media and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century, ed. Mark Connelly
Emma Hanna

Saving the Nation: Chinese Protestant Elites and the Quest to Build a New China, 1922–1952, by Thomas H. Reilly
Melissa Inouye

Southern Irish Loyalism, 1912–1949, ed. Brian Hughes and Conor Morrissey
Marie Coleman

Mobilizing Memory: The Great War and the Language of Politics in Colonial Algeria, 1918–1939, by Dónal Hassett
Allison Korinek

God Save the USSR: Soviet Muslims and the Second World War, by Jeff Eden
Michael Kemper

Unconditional: The Japanese Surrender in World War II, by Marc Gallicchio
Yukiko Koshiro

Foundations: How the Built Environment Made Twentieth-Century Britain, by Sam Wetherell
James Greenhalgh

Designing One Nation: The Politics of Economic Culture and Trade in Divided Germany, by Katrin Schreiter
Jan Logemann

Thomas Frederick Tout (1855–1929): Refashioning History for the Twentieth Century, ed. Caroline M. Barron and Joel T. Rosenthal
Ciaran Brady

The Lost History of Liberalism: From Ancient Rome to the Twenty-First Century, by Helena Rosenblatt
Alexandra Paulin-Booth

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