English Historical Review 121 (2006), 490

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English Historical Review 121 (2006), 490
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The English Historical Review
United Kingdom
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Kahlert, Torsten

A new issue of The English Historical Review has been made available:

February 2006; Vol. CXXI, No. 490

URL: http://ehr.oxfordjournals.org/content/volCXXI/issue490/index.dtl?etoc



Plagues, Morality and the Place of Medicine in Early Modern England
Patrick Wallis, pp. 1-24.

Conservatives and the Politics of Land: Lord Winchilsea's National
Agricultural Union, 1893-1901
Paul Readman, pp. 25-69.

'Ever Reliable Friends'?: The Conservative Party and Ulster Unionism in
the Twentieth Century
Jeremy Smith, pp. 70-103.

Notes and Documents

The Prologue to Werboczy's Tripartitum and its Sources
Martyn Rady, pp. 104-145.

Defoe's Distribution Agents and Robert Harley
Pat Rogers, pp. 146-161.

Nelson's Grand National Obsequies
Laurence Brockliss, John Cardwell, and Michael Moss, pp. 162-182.


Living With the Neighbours? The New Cambridge Economic History of Britain
and the Renovation of Economic History
G.S. O'Hara, pp. 183-189.

Book Reviews

Viking Empires
E. Christiansen
pp. 190-191.

Il Tempo dell'Apocalisse: Vita di Gioacchino da Fiore
Robert E. Lerner
pp. 191-193.

Mills in the Medieval Economy: England 1300-1540
James Davis
pp. 193-195.

The Cartulary of St Mary's Collegiate Church, Warwick
M.J. Franklin
pp. 196-197.

The Black Death, 1346-1353: The Complete History
Rosemary Horrox
pp. 197-199.

The Art of Healing: Painting for the Sick and the Sinner in a Medieval
Carole Rawcliffe
pp. 199-201.

Pour en finir avec la Croisade: Mythes et realites de la lutte contre les
Turcs aux XVIe et XVIIe siecles
Norman Housley
pp. 201-203.

Herrschaftsweitergabe, Konfliktregelung und Familienorganisation im
furstlichen Hochadel: Das Beispiel der Wettiner von der Mitte des 13. bis
zum Beginn des 16. Jahrhunderts
Hillay Zmora
pp. 203-205.

Conciliation and Confession: The Struggle for Unity in the Age of Reform,
Andrew Pettegree
pp. 205-207.

Les Pays-Bas Espagnols et les Etats du Saint Empire (1559-1579): Priorites
et enjeux de la diplomatie en temps de troubles
M.J. Rodriguez-Salgado
pp. 207-209.

Church, Religion and Society in Early Modern Italy
Brian Pullan
pp. 209-211.

Sterben und Unsterblichkeit: Zur Kultur des Martyriums in der fruhen
R. Po-Chia Hsia
pp. 211-213.

The Adventure of Religious Pluralism in Early Modern France
Keith P. Luria
pp. 213-216.

The Struggle for the Succession in Late Elizabethan England: Politics,
Polemics and Cultural Representations
Pauline croft
pp. 216-218.

Politics and Reform in Spain and Viceregal Mexico: The Life and Thought of
Juan de Palafox (1600-1659)
Fernando Cervantes
pp. 218-220.

The Atterbury Plot
Edward Gregg
pp. 220-222.

Parliament, Nations and Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1660-1850
Penelope J. Corfield
pp. 222-224.

Methodism: Empire of the Spirit
D.W. Bebbington
pp. 224-226.

The British Transatlantic Slave Trade (4 vols.)
Silke Strickrodt
pp. 226-230.

Re-writing the French Revolutionary Tradition: Liberal Opposition and the
Fall of the Bourbon Monarchy
P. Pilbeam
pp. 230-232.

Bradford Poor Law Union: Papers and Correspondence with the Poor Law
Commission, October 1834 to January 1839
Roger Wells
pp. 233-237.

A History of the University in Europe Vol. III: Universities in the
Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries (1800-1945)
R.D. Anderson
pp. 237-239.

Ireland and the British Empire
David Fitzpatrick
pp. 239-241.

Ireland in Transition, 1867-1921
Keith Jeffery
pp. 242-243.

Inventing the Nation: Germany
Geoff Eley
pp. 243-246.

The Greenian Moment: T.H. Green, Religion and Political Argument in
Victorian Britain
Edmund Neill
pp. 246-248.

Lords of Misrule: Hostility to Aristocracy in Late Nineteenth- and Early
Twentieth-Century Britain
F.M.L. Thompson
pp. 249-250.

Mental Health Care in Modern England: The Norfolk Lunatic Asylum, St
Andrew's Hospital, 1810-1998
Anne Digby
pp. 250-252.

Unmaking Imperial Russia: Mykhailo Hrushevsky and the Writing of Ukrainian
David Saunders
pp. 253-255.

A Biography of No Place: From Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland
David Saunders
pp. 255-256.

Responses to Nazism in Britain, 1933-1939: Before War and Holocaust
R.C. Thurlow
pp. 257-258.

Herbert Butterfield and the Interpretation of History
John Derry
pp. 258-260.

The Official History of the Falklands Campaign
Michael Howard
pp. 260-264.

Reshaping the British Constitution: Essays in Political Interpretation
Butler of Brockwell
pp. 265-266.

Shorter Notices

The Bridges of Medieval England: Transport and Society, 400-1800
N.P. Brooks
pp. 267-268.

Amatus of Montecassino: The History of the Normans
John Howe
pp. 268-269.

Wace: The 'Roman de Rou' * The History of the Norman People: Wace's 'Roman
de Rou'
William M. Aird
pp. 269-270.

Europa endeckt seine Vielfalt, 1050-1250
Hannah Williams
pp. 270-271.

A History of Women in Christian Worship
Elisabeth van Houts
pp. 271-272.

La symbolique royale francaise, Ve-XVIIIe siecles
Elizabeth A.R. Brown
pp. 273-274.

Du monde et des hommes: Essais sur la perception medievale
David d'Avray
pp. 274-275.

Jorg R. Muller
pp. 275-276.

The World of Eleanor of Aquitaine: Literature and Society in Southern
France between the Eleventh and Thirteenth Centuries
Elizabeth A.R. Brown
pp. 277-278.

The Wars of Scotland, 1214-1371
Amanda Beam
pp. 278-279.

Accounts of the Stewards of the Talbot Household at Blakemere, 1392-1425
A.J. Pollard
pp. 279-280.

The Making of Medieval Forgeries: False Documents in Fifteenth-Century
Jens Rohrkasten
pp. 280-281.

Els Esclaus islamics a Barcelona: Blanc, Negres Llors i Turcs: De
l'Esclavitut a la llibertat (s. XIV)
Peter Rycraft
pp. 281-282.

Britain, France and the Empire, 1350-1500
Maurice Keen
pp. 282-283.

War and the Soldier in the Fourteenth Century
Andrew Ayton
pp. 283-284.

The Wars of the Roses: The Soldiers' Experience
C.S.L. Davies
pp. 285.

The Book of Margery Kempe (Annotated Edition)
Jonathan Hughes
pp. 285-286.

Charles le Temeraire
Graeme Small
pp. 286-287.

El medio natural en la Espana medieval (Actas del 1 Congreso sobre
ecohistoria e historia medieval)
Peter Rycraft
pp. 287-288.

'Per co que la vila no vaga a perdicio': La gestio del deute publica en un
municipi catala (Cervera, 1387-1516)
Peter Rycraft
pp. 288-289.

The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley, Dean of St Paul's
Cathedral, 1479-1497
R.N. Swanson
pp. 290.

Preaching During the English Reformation
L.E.C. Wooding
pp. 291-292.

Conferences and Combination Lectures in the Elizabethan Church, 1582-1590
Mark Byford
pp. 292-293.

Between Crown and Community: Politics and Civic Culture in
Sixteenth-Century Poitiers
Joan Davies
pp. 293-295.

Self-Defence and Religious Strife in Early Modern Europe: England and
Germany, 1530-1680
Ronald G. Asch
pp. 295-296.

Confessionalization in Europe, 1555-1700: Essays in Honor and Memory of
Bodo Nischan
Francis Higman
pp. 296-297.

Institutional Culture in Early Modern Society
David J. Sturdy
pp. 298-299.

Women and Politics in Early Modern England, 1450-1700
Alison Wall
pp. 299-300.

Perilous Performances: Gender and Regency in Early Modern France
David Parker
pp. 300-302.

Marriage in Seventeenth-Century Political Thought
Mark Knights
pp. 302-303.

Le juste marche: Le systeme annonaire romain au XVIe et XVIIe siecles
Peter Partner
pp. 303-305.

Franco-Irish Relations, 1500-1610: Politics, Migration and Trade
David Potter
pp. 305-306.

English and Catholic: The Lords Baltimore in the Seventeenth Century
Keith Lindley
pp. 306-307.

Regulating Religion and Morality in the King's Armies, 1639-1646
P.G.I. Gaunt
pp. 307-309.

1659: The Crisis of the Commonwealth
Ivan Roots
pp. 309.

Entre fetes et clochers: Profane et sacre dans l'Europe moderne,
XVIIe-XVIIIe siecle
John Spurr
pp. 310-311.

Sweden in the Seventeenth Century
Robert I. Frost
pp. 311-312.

In Praise of Books: A Cultural History of Cairo's Middle Class, Sixteenth
to the Eighteenth Century
Anthony Gorman
pp. 312-313.

Thomas Coram, Gent, 1668-1751
Gabriel Glickman
pp. 314-315.

Vier Monarchien--Vier Offentlichkeiten: Kommunikation um die Schlacht bei
T.C.W. Blanning
pp. 315-316.

The Enemy Within: Homicide and Control in Eastern Finland in the Final
Years of Swedish Rule, 1748-1808
Randolph Roth
pp. 316-317.

English Common Law in the Age of Mansfield
Michael Lobban
pp. 317-319.

The Commerce of Cartography: Making and Marketing Maps in
Eighteenth-Century France and England
Jeremy Black
pp. 319-320.

Britain and America Go to War: The Impact of War and Warfare in
Anglo-America, 1754-1815
Jeremy Black
pp. 320-321.

Nobility Reimagined: The Patriotic Nation in Eighteenth-Century France
Norman Hampson
pp. 322.

The Birth of Industrial Britain: Social Change, 1750-1850
Roger Wells
pp. 323-324.

Evangelicalism in the Church of England, c.1790-c.1890: A Miscellany
D.W. Bebbington
pp. 324-25.

Revolutionary Dublin, 1795-1801: The Letters of Francis Higgins to Dublin
Marianne Elliott
pp. 325-326.

Popular Resistance in the French Wars: Patriots, Partisans and Land
Stuart Woolf
pp. 326-327.

Napoleon and the British
Andrew Roberts
pp. 327-328.

To and From Ireland: Planned Migration Schemes, c.1600-2000
David Fitzpatrick
pp. 328-329.

Sending out Ireland's Poor: Assisted Emigration to North America in the
Nineteenth Century
David Fitzpatrick
pp. 329-331.

Victorians and the Prehistoric: Tracks to a Lost World
Ralph O'Connor
pp. 331-332.

The Militant Suffrage Movement: Citizenship and Resistance in Britain,
Janet Howarth
pp. 332-333.

Sisterhood Questioned? Race, Class and Internationalism in the American
and British Women's Movements, c.1880s-1970s
Janet Howarth
p. 334.

For Health and Beauty: Physical Culture for Frenchwomen, 1880s-1930s
Christina De Bellaigue
pp. 334-336.

Liberal Languages: Ideological Imaginations and Twentieth-Century
Progressive Thought
Michael Bentley
pp. 336-337.

Guerres, paix et societes 1911-1946
Jay Winter
pp. 337-338.

The Versailles System and Central Europe
Istvan Deak
pp. 338-339.

Reds and the Green: Ireland, Russia and the Communist Internationals,
Stephen White
pp. 339-340.

The Censorship of British Drama, 1900-1968
Ross McKibbin
pp. 340-342.

Industrial Politics and the 1926 Mining Lockout: The Struggle for Dignity
Patrick Renshaw
pp. 342-344.

Rome in America: Transnational Catholic Ideology from the Risorgimento to
J. Pollard
pp. 344-345.

Garlic and Oil: Food and Politics in Italy
Jonathan Morris
pp. 345-346.

'La Province n'est plus la Province': Les relations culturelles
franco-suisses a l'epreuve de la seconde guerre mondiale (1935-1950)
Clive H. Church
pp. 346-347.

'These Strange Criminals': An Anthology of Prison Memoirs by Conscientious
Objectors from the Great War to the Cold War
Martin Ceadel
p. 347.

'Healing Democracy'--Demokratie als Heilmittel: Gesundheit, Krankheit und
Politik in der amerikanischen Besatzungszone 1945-1949
Paul Weindling
pp. 348-349.

The Nuremberg Medical Trial: The Holocaust and the Origin of the Nuremberg
Medical Code
Paul Weindling
pp. 349-350.

Canada and the End of Empire
Ged Martin
pp. 350-351.

The French Economy in the Twentieth Century
Frances Lynch
pp. 351-352.

Islam in Europe
Neal Robinson
pp. 352-353.

Postmodernism for Historians
Alan B. Cobban
pp. 353-355.

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