Journal of Urban History 34 (2008), 2

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Journal of Urban History 34 (2008), 2
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Karl Grünberg

1 January 2008; Vol. 34, No. 2


Why Don't American Cities Burn Very Often?
Michael B. Katz
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 185-208

Introduction: Politics and the American City, 1940 1990
Wendell E. Pritchett and Mark H. Rose
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 209-220

The City Quietly Remade: National Programs and Local Agendas in the
Movement to Clear the Slums, 1942 1952
Joseph Heathcott
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 221-242

Shades of Black and Green: The Making of Racial and Environmental
Liberalism in Nelson Rockefeller's New York
Peter Siskind
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 243-265

Which Urban Crisis?: Regionalism, Race, and Urban Policy, 1960-1974
Wendell E. Pritchett
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 266-286

The Defeat of the Golden Gate Authority: A Special District, a Council of Governments, and the Fate of Regional Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area
Louise Nelson Dyble
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 287-308

From Political Outsider To Power Broker in Two "Great American Cities":
Jane Jacobs and the Fall of the Urban Renewal Order in New York and Toronto
Christopher Klemek
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 309-332

The Privatized City: The Manhattan Institute, the Urban Crisis, and the
Conservative Counterrevolution in New York
Alice O'Connor
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 333-353

Review Essay:
Art Museums, Patronage, and the Transformation of Culture in
the Nineteenth Century: WENDY JEAN KATZ, Regionalism and Reform: Art and Class Formationin Antebellum Cincinnati. Columbus: The Ohio State University Press, 2002, pp. xx, 264, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index, $47.95 cloth. NICK PRIOR, Museums & Modernity: Art Galleries and theMaking of Modern Culture. Oxford: Berg [distributed by NYU Press], 2002, pp. xii, 258, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index, $68.00 cloth, $22.00 paper.
Rachel N. Klein
Journal of Urban History 2008;34 354-360

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