Journal of Urban History 34 (2008), 4

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Journal of Urban History 34 (2008), 4
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Praha 2008: Academia
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Karl Grünberg

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A new issue of Journal of Urban History
has been made available:

1 May 2008; Vol. 34, No. 4



Redefining the Axis of Beijing: Revolution and Nostalgia in the Planning of the PRC Capital
Shuishan Yu

Civil Rights Versus "Civic Progress": The St. Louis NAACP and the City Charter Fight, 1956--1957
Clarence Lang

Combating NEED: Urban Conflict and the Transformations of the War on Poverty and the African American Freedom Struggle in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Lisa Gayle Hazirjian

Writing Watts: Budd Schulberg, Black Poetry, and the Cultural War on
Daniel Widener

Review Essay:
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Caroline Bressey

Review Essay:
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Amanda I. Seligman

Review Essay:
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Terry D. Goddard

Review Essay:
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Marci Sortor

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Jennifer A. Jordan

Review Essay:
Collaboration and Conflict: Immigrant Life in Urban America.
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Diane C. Vecchio

Review Essay:
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