Journal of Urban History 49 (2023), 5

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Journal of Urban History 49 (2023), 5
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Public Education and the Carceral State

Thousand Oaks 2023: Sage Publications
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Special Section Introduction

Where Protection Meets Punishment: Public Education and the Carceral State in Urban America Walter C. Stern

Special Section Articles

Growing Up Together: Brooklyn’s Truant School and the Carceral and Educational State, 1857-1924 Judith Kafka

Mapping the Contours of Black Juvenile Delinquency: The Journal of Negro Education, 1945-1975 Deirdre Mayer Dougherty

“Stop Talking and Act”: The Battle between Tough on Crime Policing and Guardianship of Black Juvenile Gangs in Philadelphia, 1958-1969 Menika Dirkson

“If you want police, we will have them”: Anti-Black Student Discipline in Southern Schools and the Rise of a New Carceral Logic, 1961-1975 Jon N. Hale and Candace Livingston

From Segregation to Suspension: The Solidification of the Contemporary School-Prison Nexus in Boston, 1963-1985 Matthew B. Kautz

“The Police State in Franklin K. Lane”: Desegregation, Student Resistance, and the Carceral Turn at a New York City High School Noah Remnick

Disciplining Our Own: Politicizing the Image of the Strict Black Principals, 1970-1985 Mahasan Offutt-Chaney

Arresting the Demand for Drugs: DARE and the School–Police Nexus in Los Angeles Max Felker-Kantor


Gay Pride in the Urban New South: Politics, Neighborhood, and Community in Atlanta and Charlotte La Shonda Mims

Urban Segregation in a Nordic Small Town in the Late-Seventeenth Century: Residential Patterns in Sortavala at the Eastern Borderland of the Swedish Realm Kimmo Katajala and Antti Härkönen

Review Essays

Revising the Newsboy Timothy J. Gilfoyle

The Rules of the Game Thomas Forget

If I Had My Way I’d Tear The Building Down: Political Economy, Regional History, and Landscape Transformations in Greater New Orleans Jordan T. Camp

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