Journal of Urban History 50 (2024), 1

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Journal of Urban History 50 (2024), 1
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Theorizing the Production of Space in Times of Crisis

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Journal of Urban History
United States
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


50th Anniversary Commemorative Statement

The Journal of Urban History at 50
Blaine A. Brownell

Special Section Introduction

Introduction: Theorizing the Production of Space in Times of Crisis
Assaf Mond Havardi and Inbal Ofer

Special Section Articles

The Housing Project of Well Hall Garden Suburb and the Production of Spaces in First World War Britain
Assaf Mond Havardi

The Geography of Surveillance: Spatial and Temporal Patterning of Police Surveillance Following Arrest in the First Years of the Special Tribunal in Fascist Italy, 1925-1928
Antonio Barocci

“Blonde Provinzen”: National Socialist Territorial and Homogenization Policies and the Murderous Consequences of Their Failure
Ulrike Jureit

Spatial Crisis and the Experimental Production of Urban Space in Franco’s Spain: The History of Madrid’s Poblados Dirigidos
Inbal Ofer

Fragmented Emergency: Sirens, Cellphones, and Sonic Spatialization in Israel
Dotan Halevy


Mobilizing Suburban Stereotypes: The Case of Ville d’Anjou (1956-1973)
Frederic Mercure Jolette, Clarence Hatton-Proulx, and Sophie L. Van Neste

The Cultural Center of the World: Art, Finance, and Globalization in Late Twentieth-Century New York
Sarah Miller-Davenport

A “Most Conscientious and Considerate Method”: Residential Segregation and Integrationist Activism in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, 1960-1970
Emma Maniere

The Politics of Infrastructure in Inner-City Communities in Kingston, Jamaica, From 1962 to 2020
Henrice Altink

Who Killed Granada? From “the Beautiful” to “the Wounded” City of Falla and Lorca
Francisco J. Giménez-Rodríguez

Metabolic Flows of Water in İstanbul in the Nineteenth Century: Tap Water, Waste, and Sanitation
Esra Sert

Review Essays

Black Arts Cities
Mary Rizzo

Cities Made of Cinema
Whitney Strub

Animopolis: Re-Imagining Animals in the City
Jessica Pierce

The New Revisionists: Recent Histories of Inequality and Urban Education
Ruby Oram

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