Journal of Urban History 46 (2020), 4

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Journal of Urban History 46 (2020), 4
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Journal of Urban History
United States
Morawski, Paul

Journal of Urban History (JUH), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, provides scholars and professionals with the latest research, analyses, and discussion on the history of cities and urban societies throughout the world. JUH presents original research by distinguished authors from the variety of fields concerned with urban history. Each insightful issue offers the latest scholarship on such topics as public housing, migration, urban growth, and more.


Table of Contents


“Order as well as Decency”: The Development of Order Maintenance Policing in Black Atlanta
Danielle Wiggins

Imitation, Reference, and Exploration—Development Path to Urban Renewal in China (1985–2017)
Zhou Yao and Chang Jiang

The Strange Career of Urban Homesteading: Low-Income Homeownership and the Transformation of American Housing Policy in the Late Twentieth Century
Marisa Chappell

“Letting in the Light”: Jacob Riis’s Crusade for Breathing Spaces on the Lower East Side
Adrienne deNoyelles

Karl Linn and the Foundations of Community Design: From Progressive Models to the War on Poverty
Anna Goodman

“We’re Walking Proud and Talking Loud Because We’re the New Black Joes!”: Community Leadership and Tenants Rights in Asheville’s 1968 Rent Strike
Sarah Judson

Fire in the Bronx: Austerity, Quality of Life, and Nightlife Regulation in New York City Post-1975
Jess Bird

The Visual Pedagogy of Reform: Picturing White Slavery in America
Amy Lippert

The Casbah of Algiers’s Transformation Between 1833 and 1859: Expropriation, Concession, and Plot Remodeling
Asma Hadjilah and Nabila Chérif

Review Essays

Reviving the Queer Urban Community Study
La Shonda Mims

Commerce and Class: New Approaches to Charleston History
Robert P. Stockton

Changing Perspectives: Suburbia from the Outside
Jay Gitlin

Promises Kept, Promises Broken: New York City and the Jews
John M. Dixon

Following the Flows: New Perspectives on Transnational Urbanism
Harold L. Platt

From the Ground Up: Cities, States, Nation
Robert A. Beauregard

Between Macro and Micro: Historical Perspective on the Urban in Japan
Heide Imai

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